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Can I Achieve A More Youthful Look With Non-Invasive Procedures?


Looking young or younger is a challenging task I’ve been constantly trying to achieve. Although many peers may think that I’m still in my 30s (I’m actually 43 this year in 2010), to upkeep my youthful look never comes easy and cheap. Apart from my meticulous night regimen (about an hour nightly), non-invasive procedures such as IPL and microdermabrasion actually help to maintain my youthfulness in a way. Though they are mostly used to improve skin texture, they do help to increase collagen production in a superficial way. I’ve done both treatments more than 9 months ago (early 2010).

As age is catching up on me as quickly as I write this post (hahaha!!), I’ve began to notice my face is actually aging tremendously this year. It is fairly common for women above 40s. Hiaz! :-(

Although I wanted so much to turn back the clock, plastic surgery is definitely not an option for me. Cosmetic surgery may go wrong and I’m extremely fear of that. What’s done cannot be undone! And it’s permanent! I will not go under the knife unless there is no better solution than surgery, for example my eyebag removal surgery a year ago. Till now, I’m still not pleased with the results. Too much fats have been removed by Dr Woffles Wu that cause small indentation on both lower eyelids.

All I want now is to look slightly younger and I believe non-invasive procedures will be a better option for me.

Thankfully, due to the latest technology, shaving 10 years off of my age can be done without the help of a plastic surgeon. The areas that may require non-invasive treatments are :

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November 11 –
Beauty tip of the month


Inflammation is important for another reason : It is a major cause of free radical formation. Free radicals lead the attack on lipids in the cell walls, which leads to water loss. So with sunburn, for instance, you have destruction from the free radicals that are created in the process. Free radicals are both a by-product of inflammation and a source of inflammation.

Countering inflammation is most important when you’re young, because this is when the inflammatory response is most active. Not only are your cells most vigilant at this time, but there are many years ahead of you during which the damage will accumulate. So when you read that most of the sun damage that will cause you wrinkles after fifty occurred when you were in your twenties, it’s not just that you might have spent more days on the beach, but that in your twenties your skin was more reactive.

Protecting yourself from the sun is the most obvious step in reducing inflammation.


Dr. Howard Murad, M.D.
Wrinkle-Free Forever


November 11 –
To believe or not to believe


Hyaluronic Acid (HA)

Hyaluronic acid is a crucial moisturizing and nutrition-providing substance found throughout the skin. By age 50, we have lost much of this valuable skin component. Hyaluronic acid has recently been in the news as filler to inject into the skin to correct wrinkles. What I am discussing here is the use of HA in skin creams. Widely used as a humectant or moisturizer in skin creams, HA is an excellent moisturizer.

Whether or not topically applied HA is actually taken up by the dermis and contributes to the total skin content of HA is unknown. In my opinion, it is unlikely, in view of the fact that the very pure forms of HA that we inject into the skin as fillers are biodegraded in a matter of 6 to 9 months and injections have to be repeated to maintain the correction of wrinkles and deep facial lines. If we could restore the HA content of our skin, improvement in moisture content, firmness and suppleness would result.

I think it is unlikely that any cream, gel, or other topical agent can restore the HA lost by aging. Estrogen has bee reported to increase HA synthesis in the skin, but the dangers of estrogen replacement outweigh this potential benefit. Creams containing HA are wonderful moisturizers but do not pay a premium expecting the cream to reverse aging by regenerating the HA content of your skin.


Dr. Brooke Rutledge Seckel, M.D.
Save Your Face

“Eat Your Water” For A Healthy Looking Skin


Do you know water is our body’s most essential nutrient and more than 70% of our body weight is water? Without water, every organ system including the skin (the biggest organ) won’t function properly. Hence drinking water is vital not only for our body but also for our skin too.

Drinking water is essential to keep skin hydrated and it is in fact one of my beauty and anti-aging secrets for my youthful looking skin.

Keeping skin well hydrated and lubricated from the inside is as important as from the outside too. Although a well-formulated moisturizer can replenish the natural moisture factors in the upper layers of the skin but in order to achieve an optimal skin hydration, hydrating the skin from the inside out can help to boost our skin’s natural ability to retain moisture for a long-lasting benefit.

When skin is lack of hydration, all sorts of skin problems will surface such as dryness, tightness, flakiness, sensitivity and wrinkling. However when skin is properly hydrated, skin will become soft, tone and plump up. And it also becomes more receptive to skincare products.


Hydrating our skin from the inside

Human body is comprised of more than 70 percent water and it is commonly recommended to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day to replace the water we lose naturally. In fact a percentage of your water intake actually comes from the food you eat.

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Preview Fun & Chic Beauty Products Under Watsons ‘My Vanity Box’


In October 2011, Watsons is proud to bring you a whole new shopping experience with their new addition ‘My Vanity Box’, a chic beauty shelf which offers a dramatic array of Watsons’ latest beauty products.

Two weeks ago, I’ve gotten to attend a private intimate party to preview an unique selection of the new and interesting beauty products exclusively available only at Watsons‘ ‘My Vanity Box’.

It was held in one of the cozy rooms at The Sultan Hotel. The bed is actually placed on the roof attic area. Nice!

‘My Vanity Box’ is something that you wouldn’t want to miss if you happen to step inside any of these 5 exclusive Watsons storesNgee Ann City, Bugis Junction, Jurong Point, IMM Building and Holland Village. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised by these exciting and fun beauty products from bizarre lip tattoos, dainty paper lashes, dramatic flirty falsies to fun colored nail polishes, all from around the world!

I actually have a fun time trying these cool products! These beauty products are definitely a great gift for our loved ones this coming Christmas!


Star Lash Eyelashes – S$8.90 to S$26.90

You can now create a dramatic look with these flirty, sexy lashes from Star Lash. These premium hand-made eyelashes are made from the best synthetic for maximum comfort and ultimate durability!

Each Star Lash set is actually re-usable for more than 10 times! Prices range from S$4.90 to S$9.90 for accessories and from S$8.90 to S$26.90 for Star Lash Eye Lashes.

These falsies are soft and light to feel like your natural lashes! Even the bands are soft and comfortable to wear.

Here’s the first product I’ve tried, white feathers falsies on my right eye. It doesn’t look good on me and my upper eyelid looks heavier. I guess I need to wear a heavier makeup with this falsies.

Decided to try the classic black feather falsies instead…

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Re-review – New Formulation Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil


I was first introduced to Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil about 10 years ago and it was one of my favorite cleansing products at the time. And I’ve been faithfully using it for a couple of years before switching to different brand later. During the period, there have not been many cleansing oils in the market to choose from and it was quite new in the market too.

FANCL, a leading preservative-free beauty brand in Japan, is considered the first brand I’ve known that contains no potentially harmful preservatives and other additives.

And for that reason, most Fancl products are packed for a 30-day supply; so the product stays fresh to the last drop. To ensure further assurance, the products always carry the manufacturing date together with a freshness sticker and the FANCL Safety Standard (FSS) mark. It is attached to products that meet the standards for safety, trust and gentleness.

Recently, I have received an invitation to review Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil again though I have actually reviewed it before more than 2 years ago. Many thanks to The Sample Store for extending this invitation to me.

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Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil

S$19 for 60ml / S$33 for 120ml

Product Profile

Makeup removal is now blissfully easy with FANCL Mild Cleansing Oil. This powerful formulation now comes enriched with Meadow Foam Oil which aids the removal of keratin plugs over time for a clearer, smoother complexion.

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Shiseido Private Sale Is Here Again!
16 & 17 November


Yes, the sale you’ve been waiting for is here again! Shiseido Private Sale is back on 16th and 17th November from 10am to 8pm at 1 Grange Road #12-01 Orchard Building.

Come along with your friends and family and grab the best deals on Shiseido, Cle De Peau Beaute, Ettusais, Za-Cosmetics, Majolica Majorca and Shiseido Professional products.

What a great time to stock up all your beauty products just in time for the holiday season!

Please note :

Payment can be made in cash, NETS or Credit Card (Visa / Master). All sales are final. There will be no exchange and / or refund. Each customer is limited to a max purchase of 6 pieces per item / per color (applicable to Cle de Peau Beaute, Shiseido & Ettusais only). A bag deposit area will be provided as no handbags / bags will be allowed into the event. No children below the age of 12 are allowed.


Watsons’ Latest Collagen Skincare Range


Last week, I’ve received a range of latest Watsons skincare products which key ingredient is Collagen. The collection is plentiful that ranges from Intensive Renewal Facial Treatment, Sleeping Mask, Peeling Cleanser to Body Lotion. This new Watsons Collagen Skincare Range is now exclusively available at all Watsons Personal Care stores from an affordable S$3.90 to S$21.90.

Watsons, Asia’s #1 health and beauty retailer, is proud to announce that 24 year old Hong Kong starlet Tse Ting Ting, sister of award winning actor Nicholas Tse, as the brand ambassador of this new Collagen skincare range.


The Importance of Collagen

Collagen is a structural protein that provides both support and elasticity for your skin. Approximately 80% of our skin is made of collagen and it is one of the most important features that contribute to a youthful appearance. As we age, the body’s ability to produce that vital support structure slows down and our skin begins to sag, forming lines and wrinkles. Therefore, collagen in skincare formulation plays a crucial role in skin health as it maintains skin’s firmness.


Watsons Collagen Skincare Range – S$3.90 to S$21.90

Watsons Collagen Skincare Range is specially formulated to ensure that your skin receives the maximum care it needs for a rejuvenated and healthier appearance. Its main ingredient, deep sea fish collagen imported from Germany, together with other ingredients provide all-round nourishing treatment and help supplement skin with moisture to offer skin renewal.

This new improved formula contains 10% more collagen for better skin absorption and elasticity. It is claimed that the collagen has been broken down to bioactive molecules by advanced technology that reaches deep within the skin to increase skin’s resilience and flexibility.

Here’s a peek at the range of products I’ve received…

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Moisturizer Should Not Contain Alcohol!


Many new moisturizers have been launched recently and some are specially created for Asian market that are suitable to be worn under hot and humid weather here. Well these moisturizers have common benefits – to hydrate the skin while providing an oil- and shine-free result. But unfortunately, in order to provide a long-lasting shine-free matte finish, some cosmetics companies have actually formulated these moisturizers with a harmful drying ingredient that can be bad for the skin.

Not to be surprise, many moisturizers contain similar ingredients. The first few ingredients on the ingredient list are somewhat identical for most brands. Water/Aqua is almost always appeared as the first ingredient and Glycerin as the second ingredient.

Lately I was actually disappointed to find out that a handful of “non-oily” moisturizers have contain a particular harmful and drying ingredient. What makes it worse is that it is often found to be listed among the top five ingredients on the list. It goes to say the amount used can be plentiful. The higher it appears on the list, the higher the amount will be. This is one of the worst ingredients I personally hate and avoid at all cost.

It is nevertheless the ALCOHOL!

What puzzled me is that why must these cosmetics companies include this harmful ingredient in their product formulation. They knew very well that alcohol is capable of drying up the skin in a long run, cause irritation for some people and generate free-radical damages too. Why why why!?

I believe these companies must be thinking in order to create a long-lasting oil- and shine-free result, alcohol is the best candidate! They probably do not bother the damage it will cause to the consumers’ skin, all they care is to provide the non-shiny result the consumers want and make them happy.

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Kiehl’s Introducing The New Midnight Recovery Eye


A few weeks ago, I was delighted to receive a surprise gift bag from Kiehl’s. It contains a bottle of Midnight Recovery Concentrate, the new Midnight Recovery Eye and a Midnight Rhapsody Music CD.

I was actually introduced to Kiehl’s first night repair product Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate (S$90) in July 2010. It is specifically formulated to reinforce the skin during the peak recovery at night. This potent elixir is 99.8% natural and is FREE of paraben, fragrance and mineral oil.

A complex blend of naturally replenishing botanical oils including moisturizing Squalene and Evening Primrose (rich in Omega-3 fatty acids) and a blend of essential with known for their therapeutic, balancing and antioxidant effects, work with the skin’s natural nocturnal activity to instantly penetrate deep down and dramatically restore skin overnight.

Click here to read my previous on Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate.

And now in Oct 2011, Kiehl’s has proudly introduced a new addition to Midnight Recovery range and it is the Midnight Recovery Eye.


Midnight Recovery Eye – S$72 / 15ml

One Night. Two Drops. Younger Looking Eyes By Morning.

Midnight Recovery Eye, a 99% naturally derived botanical elixir, helps achieve fresher, younger looking eyes by morning by diminishing puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles. It is paraben-free, fragrance-free and mineral-free.

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