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My 10 Most Must-Have Beauty Products At The Moment!


After much persuasion from some lovely readers, yes yes yes I heard you <grin>, I decided to unveil my “10 Most Must-Have Beauty Products At The Moment!” This is something I wanted to share with my readers for the longest time too! ;-)

Frankly, to pick 10 beauty products from the loads of beauty products I’m currently using seems pretty easy for me. These 10 beauty products are not only my most favorites but also my most essential beauty products that I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT AT THE MOMENT!

Nothing to be surprised about, there isn’t any makeup product among the 10. The makeup trends are changing rapidly and hence it’s kind of difficult to select a must-have makeup product. But how about essential makeup product such as foundation? Well actually, foundation is something I can live without as I hardly use it anyway unless I have an event to attend on the very day. Usually I will just lightly dust a thin amount of loose powder on my face and complete the look with a tinge of creamy blusher on the cheek areas and lip gloss…. and I’m ready to go!

But if you wanna me to name 1 must-have makeup product at the moment, it will be Clarins Colour Quench Lip Balm in 04 Raspberry Smoothie! :-)

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Guest Blogger Dr. Irwin Talks About Clarisonic Cleansing System


We talk a lot about good skincare, but there are also important complimentary products which can help enhance overall results. You may have heard of one of these, called the Clarisonic Cleansing System.

The Clarisonic is a facial sonic cleansing brush that exfoliates, stimulates circulation, and deep cleans pores. It may help your skincare products penetrate and work more effectively. If you have ever heard of the sonic toothbrush, then this is the same technology, just designed for skin instead of teeth.

Regular cleansing can often leave behind dirt and oil, and this build up can make your skin appear dull and hinder the absorption of skincare products. The Clarisonic company claims their system removes 6x more makeup and 2x more dirt and oil than regular cleansing with your hands alone. The exact improvement is debatable but I do know many of my patients like the way the Clarisonic makes their skin feel cleaner and smoother.

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Watsons Introducing Life Nutrition Core Essentials Range


Watsons, Asia’s #1 beauty and health retailer, is proud to launch a new health supplement brand from the USA – Life Nutrition.

Life Nutrition, since 1996, brings to you the most up-to-date and scientifically proven formulations that is designed to develop the most effective ‘all-in-one’ supplements to cater to the core essentials for men, women and children.

Life Nutrition sources around the globe in search of potent and often rare ingredients to create powerful nutritional supplements like its signature Core Essentials Range to promote a more fulfilling and vibrant lifestyle.

In addition, Life Nutrition has recently abandoned PET bottles which leave a large carbon footprint on the world and switched to using only recycled and recyclable materials for their bottles which are lighter and easier to carry around.

The range will be available at selected Watsons stores (see below) from October 2011 at affordable prices from $29.90 to $49.90!


1. Life Nutrition Organic Acai Berry with Pomegranate – S$49.90 / 60 vegicaps

This vitamin-rich supplement contains high antioxidants Acai Berry and Pomegranate that effectively boosts your health and overall well-being. Acai Berry, loaded with high ORAC antioxidant power, is equivalent to 56 times of red grapes and 22 times of blueberries. This supplement also enriched with Vitamin C, Folic Acid and Pomegranate.

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Review – Paula’s Choice Resist Weekly Resurfacing Treatment With 10% Alpha Hydroxy Acid


A few weeks ago, I have gladly received 4 complimentary anti-aging products from Paula’s Choice Singapore and I’ve actually done a review on the first product – Paula’s Choice Resist Daily Smoothing Treatment with 5% Alpha Hydroxy Acid. And now as promised, I’m here to review the second product Resist Weekly Resurfacing Treatment with 10% Alpha Hydroxy Acid, a powerful weekly anti-aging treatment product.

Click here to read my previous review post on Resist Daily Smoothing Treatment with 5% Alpha Hydroxy Acid


Resist Weekly Resurfacing & Smoothing System

Both Resist Weekly Resurfacing Treatment and Resist Daily Smoothing Treatment are a 2-part AHA anti-aging exfoliating system. Formulated with 10% and 5% glycolic acid respectively that help to resurface your skin for significantly improved tone and texture. They are claimed to stimulate healthy collagen production, reduce wrinkles and signs of sun damage, even up skin tone and improve skin texture.

Usage Frequency :

Apply Resist Daily Smoothing Treatment daily after cleansing and toning (a non-AHA/BHA toner preferred).

Apply Resist Weekly Resurfacing Treatment only at night once to three times per week after cleansing and toning (a non-AHA/BHA toner preferred).


NEW Resist Weekly Resurfacing Treatment

Product Profile

  • Reveals dramatically younger skin
  • Increases firmness and repairs damage
  • Brightens dull, uneven skin tone
  • Unique delivery system for impressive results without irritation
  • Antioxidants and glycolic acid repair damage and stimulate collagen production
  • Liquid, toner-like consistency is easy to apply
  • 100% fragrance-free and contains no dyes or coloring agents

Resist Weekly Resurfacing Treatment with 10% Alpha Hydroxy Acid is quite similar to Resist Daily Smoothing Treatment with 5% Alpha Hydroxy Acid but with a higher percentage of AHA (10%). Hence you will only need to use either one on each regimen. Resist Weekly Resurfacing Treatment is considered as one of the few high potency AHA products in the market.

Resist Weekly Resurfacing Treatment with 10% Alpha Hydroxy Acid, suitable for all skin types except probably darker-skinned (black skin) tone, is formulated to help reveal radiant and youthful looking skin. It is claimed in less than two weeks your skin will experience improved texture, color, tone, and a noticeable reduction in the appearance of wrinkles. With ongoing use, skin becomes firmer and is better able to further resist the signs of aging.

This excellent high-potency resurfacing treatment contains age-fighting antioxidants with 10% AHA (glycolic acid) that are proven to stimulate healthy collagen production, combat free radicals and reduce wrinkles.

It is also formulated with a couple of soothing anti-inflammatory ingredients that help provide impressive results without irritation at all.



WOW! I have been using this Resist Weekly Resurfacing Treatment with 10% Alpha Hydroxy Acid for a month now and I have to admit that this high-potency AHA treatment is truly one of the most effective anti-aging products I have tested so far. And what makes this product so amazing is that its strong formulation (with high percentage of AHA) actually shows significant visible results without causing redness and irritation on my sensitive skin at all!

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Introducing A New Hair Removal Treatment By Dr David Loh


David Loh Surgery, a leading aesthetic brand, offers a quick and painless way to remove unwanted and unsightly hair using the Super Hair Removal (SHR) technology.

Suitable for the face and body, SHR removes unwanted hair permanently and painlessly giving you the confidence to flaunt your body. Smooth fuzz-free skin, without the need to shave and wax, is now within everybody’s reach.

SHR is not quite an Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and it is definitely not a laser. It is built upon the technological breakthrough where broad-spectrum light is used to warm up and destroy the hair follicles. Because it is not an IPL treatment, it can be used on darker skin. Because it is not a laser, the treatment is not painful.

SHR has been safely used in more than 20 countries for the last 5 years. And now, Dr David Loh who is more commonly associated with bringing in cutting edge technology in Aesthetic Medicine introduces the Super Hair Removal (SHR) to his clinics in Singapore.


About Permanent Hair Removal

Hair removal whether it is by laser, IPL or the SHR technology will typically need several sessions. The reason for this lies in the hair’s growth cycle. About one third of all the hairs in the skin are in the growing phase. The other two thirds are either “sleeping” or in between growing and sleeping. Lasers, IPLs or SHR, can zap only hairs in the growing phase. So each time when we do a hair removal treatment, we are only able to zap the one-third of the hairs that are growing.

In theory, once the hair follicle is destroyed, it will never grow again. In real life some of the cells in the skin can regenerate hair follicles that have been destroyed by Laser, IPL or SHR. So, over time, even after the best hair removal treatment, some fine hairs regenerate. But we are talking about months or years later. So some doctors have preferred to call hair removal – hair reduction — in order not to give the patients too unrealistic an expectation. But whether it is reduction or removal, we are talking about the same thing – 80%-90% reduction that may need touch-ups yearly.


David Loh Surgery’s SHR service is available at #11-01 Liat Towers.

Charges? Well an estimation of S$200 per session for both armpits.


Beauty Questions? Ask Dr. Irwin
- Oil Seed Problems


Reader’s Question

Hey Dr Irwin! I have had severe oil seed problems on my face and was wondering if there are any products or to take any special care or attention while cleansing? or exfoliating? I have a combination face and and i have large pores around my inner cheeks and nose. Hope you can give me some advice ! I am deprived of help!


Dr. Irwin’s Answer

Yes – excess oil is a problem for many women. Our oil production is controlled mostly by our hormones so it’s a tough problem to fix! Here are some hints. Try some of the products for teens that are drying and contain salicylic acid like the washes and light lotions with 2% sal acid. (Risa – can you add product links?) Also, the vitamin a gels like Retin A/tretinoin gel will help keep the pores clean and be somewhat drying. Be sure you’re not putting any oil back onto your face with products. Try the SkinCeuticals Vitamin B5 gel if you need moisture. Check all your products – they should say noncomedogenic on them. Also, stick with the powder makeups and blotting papers (Shiseido makes a good one). Link to my favorite oil control products:

Dr. Irwin

Do you have a beauty question for Dr. Irwin too?
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My Beauty Diary Premium Masks Giveaway, Congratulations To 3 Lucky Winners!


Thanks to all lovely readers for participating in the My Beauty Diary Premium Masks Giveaway which ends two days ago. Three lucky winners will each win My Beauty Diary Premium Mask that comes in a box of 6 pieces.

All participants have already made their selection on which mask they prefer to win – White Truffle Fantastic Whitening Mask, Platinum Nanocolloid Mask or Camellia Mask.


And the 3 lucky winners are………..

Congratulations to Yong Aun Meng,

Cindy Tan & Ernie Abdul Aziz!


Yong Aun Meng, Cindy Tan and Ernie Abdul Aziz, you three are the lucky winners for the My Beauty Diary Premium Mask Giveaway.

Yong Aun Meng has won the White Truffle Fantastic Whitening Mask!

Cindy Tan has won the Platinum Nanocolloid Mask!

Ernie Abdul Aziz has won the Camellia Mask!

Please send an email to me at with your full name, contact number and mailing address by latest 21st October 2011 and I will correspond with you shortly. If I do not hear from you by 11.59pm (SG time) on 21st October, your prize will be forfeited to the next winner.

For the rest, please do not feel disheartening, there will be more exciting gifts coming your way! :-)


Review – Watsons Bamboo Vinegar & Milk Exfoliating Foot Mask


Do you know many men are attracted to beautiful feet? They especially feel impressed when a woman simply move and flaunt their beautiful feet in front of them. Many men may feel embarrassed by having a female companion with cracked skin or blisters, and worst with odor!

Hence, having a well-maintained feet is essential, not only for yourself but also for people around you. And if your feet are suffering from blisters, corns and severely cracked heels, it is a telltale sign that your feet are desperate need of attention.

Here is something home-use all-in-1 exfoliating and moisturizing foot treatment for your neglected feet. Isn’t it great to pamper your feet at the comfort at your home?

Watsons Bamboo Vinegar & Milk Exfoliating Foot Mask, a Watsons House Brand product, is designed to help soften dry and cracked skin, relieve calluses and eliminate odor. It also helps to moisturize, nourish and repair skin.

This convenient and easy to use Watsons Bamboo Vinegar & Milk Exfoliating Foot Mask is formulated with Bamboo Extract, Salicylic Acid, Milk Protein, Ginger Root and Aloe Vera Extracts.

Each box comes with 2 pieces of masks and adhesive tapes.

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Womenlovebeauty Giveaway – My Beauty Diary Premium Masks


It’s time for a giveaway again! It’s been a while since the last giveaway early this year. Apologize for keeping you waiting for so long. <grin>

For this giveaway, I will be giving away 3 boxes of superb My Beauty Diary premium masks to 3 lovely Womenlovebeauty readers. Each box comes with 6 pieces of masks.


White Truffle Fantastic Whitening Mask – 6 pieces

The innovative integration of precious white truffle from France and two whitening superstars – transamin and Vitamin C derivatives – Triple-action Ultra Whitening Complex Essence, provides premium luxurious skin care treatments for dull, yellowish skin and uneven skin colors. It also reduce dark spots, smooth and moisturize your skin.


Platinum Nanocolloid Mask – 6 pieces

The highly-adhesive fabric of this platinum mask is made of raw platinum material imported from Japan. It has an anti-oxidizing effect that is capable of protecting or ameliorating condition of dry, dull and wrinkled skin. Platinum can be absorbed to the moisture inside your skin so the moisture will stay. In this way, skin moisture retention is enhanced and the moisturizing effect will stay longer. It is free of alcohol and fragrance.


Camellia Mask – 6 pieces

Contains ultra moisturizing ingredients from Japan – camellia and camellia seed extract essence. They are ultra moisturizing, anti-oxidizing and capable of keeping your skin hydrated and youthful. Coupled with a high-concentration of translucent emulsion-type essence, your skin’s moisturizing capability will be greatly enhanced after use. It is free of colors, fragrance, preservatives and alcohol.


How To Win

All you need is to tell us “which of the 3 masks do you wish to win?. Please only select one. If you are a fan of Womenlovebeauty Facebook Page, please leave your facebook name after your answer.

Each reader will only be able to submit one entry*. The closing date for this giveaway contest is on 17th October 2011 11.59pm. The result will be generated by and it will be announced on 19th October 2011.

* Anyone who has submitted more than one entry will be blacklisted by me.

Good luck! ;-)


NEW Clarins Skin Illusion SPF 10 Natural Radiance Foundation – My New Fav Foundation


How do you select the right makeup foundation? And what do you look out for?

Personally, the beauty task of a good foundation is not so much of concealing my flaws but more of enhancing my skin’s natural radiance glow. A good foundation should also contains beneficial skincare ingredients that help hydrate my skin while having the makeup on and also to protect my skin from dirt, debris, harsh chemicals and harmful ultraviolet ray. My ideal finish has to be naturally translucent, dewy and long-lasting without appearing heavy.

2 weeks ago, I’ve received a new cosmetic product from Clarins Singapore and this round it is the latest Clarins Skin Illusion SPF 10 Natural Radiance Foundation (in 2 different shades). My great first impression of this newest foundation is the natural fragrance scent which is pretty refreshing.


Clarins Skin Illusion SPF 10 Natural Radiance Foundation – S$60 / 30ml

Clarins Skin Illusion SPF 10 Natural Radiance Foundation, a mineral and botanically based foundation, is formulated with skin care benefits that are taken directly from nature. Its innovative formula which is rich in trace elements, helps provide skin a long-lasting hydration. It has this unique fine texture that provides a lightweight, barely-there finish.

Our skin is subjected to pollution and other environmental effects every day which harm its balance and well-being. To stay beautiful, it must be protected from these damaging effects, which can cause dehydration and speed up skin aging.

Clarins Laboratories created an anti-pollution and antioxidant complex which is comprised of such as white tea extract, flavonoids and succory dock-cress extract to help support skin’s natural defenses. This unique complex reinforces the skin care action while neutralizing free radicals.

Exposure to UVA and UVA, even for short periods, is another major cause of premature skin aging. This botanical -based foundation, formulated with 100% SPF 10 sun filters, ensures daily protection to the skin.

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