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Video – Paula Begoun : Strategy For Great Skin


If you are crazy about Creme de La Mer products, you may find this video useful as it gives you an insight about the skin care ingredients and the products. The true fact is there is no ONE miracle product!


Reader’s Review On Dr Jart’s All Out Black Head – My Battles With Blackheads


This review ‘My Battles With Blackheads’ is written by one of my reader Sparkle. Hi Sparkle, really thanks for your generous contribution!

Hi gals, if you like to review a product and post it here @womenlovebeauty, please feel free to drop me a mail at

Hope to hear from you soon!


My Battles With Blackheads

I’ve been plagued by blackheads on my nose and chin areas god knows for don’t know how long. I’ve tried all sorts of products & methods. From nose strips, thefaceshop clay mask for blackheads, some sasa Japanese products, the made-famous-by-a-flamboyant-blogger, b’liv gel to having undergone a mild non-ablative medlite laser, just to blast these irritants off on my nose & chin areas. Not to mention, the torturous facial extraction sessions I have to bear every month; and it does not help when my gentle & girlish beautician seems to transform to a xena whenever she starts to squeeze my black & white heads. Ouch!

Sadly, all of the above products and methods do not keep the blackheads at bay beyond 2 weeks! The most effective I had experienced was the medlite laser. I could see that my blackheads were reduced significantly but all of them came back with a vengeance after a month & with that, $500 flew out from my wallet! sad.gif

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Video – Face Lifting Massage (Without Going Under The Knife)



Review – PUPA Daily Bon Ton Kit (Multi-Purpose Eyeshadow Palette)


One thing good being a beauty blogger is that I get to receive free cosmetics products and PUPA Daily Bon Ton Kit (Multi-Purpose Eyeshadow Palette) is one of them. Well, this is the first eyeshadow product I’m reviewing. Though not too sure how I should review it and moreover I hardly put on makeup (except blusher, loose powder and lipstick), therefore I find it a challenge to review this product.


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Special Invitation To FREE FreshKon® Mosaic Beauty Workshop at Sephora Ion Orchard



Are you a woman who lead a beautiful live? If yes, you are invited to a FREE Mosaic Beauty Workshop at Sephora worth $300.

In conjunction with International Women’s Day 2010, FreshKon® Mosaic is launching its FreshKon® Mosaic Beauty Campaign in search for Singapore’s FreshKon® Mosaic Muse – a woman who embodies beauty through her lifestyle and personality.


Be The Lucky Winner

Take part in FreshKon® Mosaic Beauty Campaign and be the selected Mosaic Muse to receive a S$1000 cash prize and one year’s free supply of FreshKon® Mosaic cosmetic contact lenses.


Women who have inspiring lifestyles are invited to participate in FreshKon® Mosaic Beauty Workshop @ Sephora Ion Orchard.

Date : 25th March 2010, Thursday
Time : 10am to 12pm OR 3pm to 5pm (2 sessions x 20 participants each)
Venue : Sephora @ Ion Orchard

Sponsored by FreshKon®, the FreshKon® Mosaic Beauty Workshop is valued at S$300 per person and includes a S$60 shopping voucher redeemable for Sephora products.

Additionally, participants will receive complimentary goodie bags sponsored by FreshKon® and Sephora.

During the workshop, participants will learn how to :

- Pick the most suitable cosmetic contact lens for one’s personality and lifestyle
- Maintain a proper cosmetic contact lens wear, good lens care and eye hygiene
- Match makeup with cosmetic contact lens
- Achieve chic styles with the natural colours range offered by FreshKon® Mosaic
- Be familiar with eye makeup tools to enhance one’s eyes with FreshKon® Mosaic
- Apply eye makeup techniques for daily use and special occasions

The range of FreshKon® Mosaic colours allows contact lenses wearers to achieve various looks, from an inspiring impression with Velvet Blue or a stylish touch with Urban Grey to an attracting look with Luscious Green and an enchanting aura with Charming Brown.

How To Apply

To apply to FreshKon® Mosaic Beauty Workshop, please visit

All entries need to be submitted by 4th March 2010.

Out of the 40 workshop participants, FreshKon® will then select a winner to be the FreshKon Mosaic Muse – a woman who embodies beauty through her lifestyle and personality.

The selected FreshKon® Mosaic Muse will receive a S$1000 cash prize and one year’s free supply of FreshKon® Mosaic cosmetic contact lenses.


The Pros & Cons Of Having Darker Skin



If you have dark skin, you can be thankful because:

1. You will wrinkle less as a result of the inherent sun protection you receive from skin pigment (unless, of course, you are reckless in the sun)

2. Darker skins tend to be thicker, another reason why you will wrinkle less and age better, in general.


1. Darker skins are more sensitive to potentially irritating ingredients such as prescription-strength tretinoins (Retin A, Renova) and high percentage AHA/BHA acids. If you overirritate dark skin, it will hyperpigment (turn darker) in places of irritation. Thankfully, in most cases, the darkening is temporary.

2. Dark skin is less tolerant of professional resurfacing procedures. For instance, a doctor has to be much more careful in performing an acid peel or aggressive microdermabrasion on dark skin because the patient may develop temporary (or possibly permanent) hyperpigmentation.


For darker skins, hyperpigmentary changes is the most important factor that distinguishes a young face from an older one. Dark skin becomes darker in certain parts over the years. Around the mouth area – an area of a lot of movement – the skin becomes invariably darker. The forehead becomes darker, sometimes not evenly, but in blotches. The eye area stays relatively light. The cheek become darker in blotches, especially if the person suffered from acne.


One of the most important things you can do if you have dark skin is avoid the sun, use significant sunblock every day of the year, and avoid acne outbreaks as much as possible, because the dark aftermath of acne outbreaks is very long-lasting in dark skin. Seek a doctor’s help for acne as soon as possible.


Review – Kiehl’s Eye Alert


Recently, I have managed to obtain a 5ml sampling size of Kiehl’s Eye Alert when I was doing some window shopping. What tempted me to try this product is the claim – ‘Energy Booster to Combat Puffiness and Dark Circles’ on the packaging.

Although I have only slight dark eye circles and puffiness, I’m still curious to see if this eye gel can actually reduce or eliminate them.

Product claims

Our ultimate solution for eye-area fatigue after a long flight or a long night, our formula is made with cooling Cucumber and Alfalfa Extracts to energize and hydrate the thinner skin of the eye area. Its potent blend of Vitamin E and Caffeine fights fatigue as it helps combat dark circles and puffiness. With regular use, skin appears strengthened and the look of fine dehydration lines is reduced.

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February 10 –
Beauty tip of the month

At night, whilst we sleep, the cells divide twice as quickly and it is then that the skin performs most of its recovery. Regular use of a night cream maximizes the benefits.

During the night. Your skin is subject to a lot of wear during the day, so it is essential you take good care of it at night to help the process of cell regeneration. This is when the cells at the deeper layers come through and transform into surface cells, rich in keratin.

Night creams. Opt for a night cream that is more nourishing and hydrating than your day cream. The day cream works as a defence against the environment and the night cream acts as a regenerator. Go for the formulas rich in essential fatty acids that nourish the hydro-lypidic film. Creams containing vitamins A, C and E combat free radicals.


Catherine Maillard
Healthy Skin

February 10
To believe or not to believe

I’ve come across some websites that sell hyaluronic acid supplements that are taken orally. Will they improve my skin like injectable hyaluronic acid can?

Not likely. When taken internally, hyaluronic acid purportedly penetrates down to the deep inner layers of the skin where topical applications can’t reach. One problem with taking hyaluronic acid orally is that the molecules are too large for the body to properly absorb unless they’ve been re-engineered to make them smaller and more available to the body. In addition, taking a supplement internally doesn’t assure that it will get to the ‘right’ spots; the only way to do that is to inject or apply them directly to the areas in question.


Dr. Alan M. Engler, M.D.