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New FANCL Anti-Aging Food Supplement

Ideally, nutritional supplements should be consumed on a daily basis. In the past, however, high prices were a barrier to daily consumption. FANCL was able to pass on significant price reductions through direct purchasing of materials and development of simple aluminum packaging to deliver quality products produced in their own facilities. Today, as a result, everyone can enjoy the benefits of quality nutritional supplements.

FANCL does not stint on research, using only ingredients and materials scientifically proven effective and safe. It verifies absorbency, ease of consumption, and marketability.

Its beauty and diet products, developed from the unique FANCL perspective of inner and outer beauty, also enjoy a popular following. Its aim is to contribute to the health and well-being of each and every customer, by offering quality products to meet a wide variety of nutritional needs.

Below are three new supplements that are highly recommended for aging prevention.

Fancl Hyaluronic Premium is a premium moisture supplement which boosts the skin’s hyaluronic acid levels that naturally decline with age.

Containing 120mg of highly effective low molecular hyaluronic acid, it helps prevent dryness and provides moisture for supple, healthy skin. Other active ingredients Longan Fruit Extract promotes production of Hyaluronic Acid and Lychee Seed Extract blocks the enzymes which causes breakdown of Hyaluronic Acid. While Ceramide strengthen barrier functions to prevent moisture loss in skin.

It availables exclusively at Takashimaya. 6 tablets in 1 stick. 30 sticks (approx. 30 day supply) costs S$120. Ceramide 1200ug and hyaluronic acid 120mg. Not suitable for pregnant / lactating women and children.


Fancl Bitoki is a premium anti-aging supplement for women who wish to remain looking youthful and slow down the signs of aging.

It improves protein metabolic cycle and prevents old protein to build up in body. Carefully selected ingredients include HTC collagen, hyaluronic acid, royal jelly and coenzyme Q10 for optimum aging care.

Takashimaya exclusive. S$88 approx 30-day supply, 8 tables/4 x 2 times, best taken after breakfast and dinner, 230mg x 240 tablets. Not suitable for pregnant / lactating women and children. Do not consume while on Warfarin therapy without medical advice.


Fancl HTC collagen Jelly is a refreshing anti-aging supplement with just 17 kcal. It targets for women who wish to retain youthful skin and slow down the signs of aging.

No added preservatives and coloring. It contains collagen that comprises of 1000 amino acids and cut into small size for easy absorption into the body. It contains HTC collagen 2,600mg, vitamin C 80mg and coenzyme Q10 1mg.

As of now, Fancl HTC collagen Jelly is only available in Japan and Hong Kong. 1,400 yen for 150g x 6 packs (in a box) supply and 150g x 6 packs x 5= 30 packets for 6,500 yen. Recommended consumption : one pack per day.

Please do not consume if you have food allergies. Ideal storage : to chilled in the refrigerator. Keep away from direct sunlight and freezing temperature.


Thanks LUX For The Great Gift Box!



I am so delighted to receive this HUGE gift box from Lux and am one of the fortunate bloggers to receive it. I love you guys!! 

It contains some Lux soap bars, some Lux liquid bodywash plus a few Lux shower puffs for use with the liquid bodywash. I reckon I do not have to shop for any body soap bars (for me) and bodywash (for my hubby) for probably a year. Hehehee…


LuxBehaveBeautiful Challenge

Btw, has anyone submitted your video for LuxBehaveBeautiful Challenge? If you haven’t, here’s a gentle reminder to do so. 


Express Your Beauty

All you need is to make a video of yourself behaving beautiful. Send the video to and you may be the lucky 5 to receive an exclusive Lux beauty pack.




To know more about

Lux and Priyanka,

please click here.



Once all the videos are received, Priyanka Chopra will be reviewing them and picks her favourite. You can browse to and be inspired by Priyanka’s latest Lux performance.


Here’s my rendition of behaving beautiful. I beg you please do not faint after watching them. (grins)


Video – Superman Finds an Easier Way to Fly

Something interesting to share before the weekend comes.
This ‘super hero’ is actually my ex-colleague, I really admire his guts! SALUTE HIM!!!


Review – Kose Sekkisei Supreme Cleansing Cream



For the last 30 years, Kose from Japan, has always been my mum’s trusted skin care brand. I remembered the first Kose product I have tested was my mum’s favourite Kose facial soap bar. This pinkish soap bar has in fact effectively help to control the oiliness and outbreak on my puberty oily and acne-prone skin.

As I grew older, I have tried on many occasions convince her to switch her skin care products to other brands like Clarins, Estee Lauder or Lancome. But she refuses to give up on Kose. I really salute her for being so faithful to this brand up till now. Thanks goodness, she still has a very good skin.

Kose Sekkisei Supreme Cleansing Cream, a cream based makeup remover, is the first Kose product I’ve bought for my own use.

Product profile

This cleanser comprehensively removes stubborn makeup. Dissolves oily build-up to refresh dullness. Contains Melothria extract, Chinese Indigo extract & Chinese Soapberry extract. Prevents skin oxidation & increases metabolism rate. Leaves skin clean, soft, supple & luminous. Suitable for all skin types.


Kose Sekkisei Supreme Cleansing Cream contains mainly emollient, emulsifier, thickener and humectant. 

Although it contains numerous herbal extracts but there is no research showing these have any benefit for skin.


Kose Sekkisei Supreme Cleansing Cream effortlessly removes heavy foundation and light eye makeup although more effort is needed to thoroughly remove waterproof eye makeup. This cleansing cream deeply cleanses pores to sweep away dirt & impurities. 

Although Kose Sekkisei Supreme Cleansing Cream is designed for all skin types but I find it too creamy even for my dry skin. What I feel uncomfortable about this product is that it tends to leave a layer of oily finish even after I have followed up with a facial wash.

Well, I have concluded that Kose Sekkisei Supreme Cleansing Cream is just another ordinary cleansing cream which I can easily find similar products on other brands.


Will I buy it again? May not.


Lux Invites You To Express Yourself On Its New YouTube Channel


Behaving Beautiful

Lux wants you to play a starring role on its new YouTube channel. Together with Bollywood superstar Priyanka Chopra, Lux is calling on knowing women from around the globe to show off their most glamorous expression of beauty.  

About the initiative

Lux challenges women to capture that moment, expressing their unique interpretations of beauty on video and sharing them with others. A special channel on YouTube will be hosted by Lux for all women to share their ‘Behave Beautiful’ videos, and seek inspiration by viewing the most recent Lux films.

The women with the most compelling entries will have their moments celebrated and ‘talked about’ on YouTube by former Miss World and Bollywood actress, Priyanka Chopra. The captivating Priyanka is the new international face of Lux and the exclusive celebrity host of the ‘Behave Beautiful’ initiative.



LuxBehaveBeautiful Challenge

If you know you have what it takes and you enjoy expressing your beauty, take up the challenge. Here is how to do it:

1.     Point your browser to and be inspired by Priyanka’s latest Lux performance

2.     Film yourself enjoying and expressing your beauty

3.     Submit your video to Lux and Priyanka at

4.     Celebrate as your video becomes part of the channel

With the Lux ‘Behave Beautiful’ initiative, women everywhere will have a platform to celebrate and express their beauty to an international audience

Be the first five readers to make a video of yourselves behaving beautiful and send it in to us on will get an exclusive Lux beauty packs to say thanks.

Once the videos are received, Lux will be uploading them onto their YouTube channel. Priyanka Chopra will be reviewing the videos to pick her favourite.



Priyanka Chopra says, ‘I have always believed that you are as beautiful as you think you are!  With this new initiative from Lux, we hope to encourage women from across the globe to celebrate and use this platform to enjoy and express their beauty! I‘m truly looking forward to viewing all the entries.’



What is ‘expressing your beauty’ and how do you do it?

‘Expressing your beauty is a term we use for women having that moment.’ Says Sze Tian-Poh, Global Vice President of Lux skin. ‘The moment when she feels on top of her game — she looks great, she’s attracting the right kind of attention and she’s reveling in her beauty.’

He continues ‘It is a positive, empowering moment for women. We know it is acted out in different ways for women in different parts of the world. Priyanka embodies that moment, her confidence, her grace, the sheer pleasure she derives from truly enjoying her beauty. The latest Lux film is a great example of thatmoment captured.’

Lux films as your muse

In film clips, movies and on TV: the Lux woman is confident, beautiful, her movements sensual and she absolutely adores pampering her skin. 

While we all play this role in the privacy of our own homes, few get to play this glamorous role publicly like Lux stars of the past have.  These stars include Judy Garland, Joan Crawford, Jennifer Lopez, Demi Moore, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Sarah Jessica Parker. 

The latest Lux star, Priyanka, says of her involvement in the ‘Behave Beautiful initiative, ‘I’m thrilled that the latest Lux commercial has had such an overwhelming response and we hope that the ‘Behave Beautiful’ initiative will be equally well received!’

There is also a great interview with Priyanka. Find out more.


Some interesting videos for inspiration :


Treatment Review – IPL – My Ultimate Skin Rejuvenator & Pigments Remover


IPL, also known as Intense Pulsed Light, is said to rejuvenate the skin.

The main benefit of these treatments is removal of pigment, blood vessels or pink flush from the face and to restore the old, damaged collagen and elastin which have caused the skin to lose its elasticity and wrinkle.

A phenomenal characteristic of IPL is that the machine can be manufactured to produce a very powerful beam of light that will only attack or destroy a specifically-colored target. 

The reason for IPL

I have in fact started on IPL treatments many years ago to eliminate sun damaged spots on my cheek bone area. The biggest spot was equivalent to size of a soya bean. 

I have tried at many places like beauty salons and dermatologist’s office. So far, the treatment done at doctor’s office achieves the best result. 



Super lousy! No result at all. I have signed up for 6 sessions and it costed $200+ per treatment. 

My third IPL treatment with them was a disappointment. There were actually 4 girls attending to me on that particular day. Girl A – cleanse my face, Girl B (a manager) – proceed on IPL, Girl C – remove the IPL gel and apply the cooling mask and Girl D – remove the mask. It was so disorganized, it puzzled me on why they can’t simply stick to one beautician to one customer instead? What a mess!!! Therefore immediately after the third treatment, I voiced out my unhappiness on the service and the result. Eventually I have to change the remanding 3 sessions to other treatments.

The treatment was painless and I believed the range they chose was too low. And the result was super disappointing after 3 sessions of IPL with them. No result at all! No improvement on texture or pigment spots.



Bella Skin Care

Extremely expensive. I have signed up for 9 sessions. It costed almost $500 per treatment. It consists of a microdermabrasion treatment, an IPL treatment (done by freelance doctor) and an oxygen therapy treatment. The IPL treatment was very painful, almost unbearable.

After the full course completion, the sun damaged spots were still very much visible. There was no lightening on the spots too.

My skin texture improved significantly. I especially liked the oxygen therapy treatment, it gave me this pinkish radiance skin immediately after every treatment. I don’t even need to put on any blusher or foundation at all. My skin is smooth, radiance and even toned.



Signature Beauty

The cheapest package of all. I have signed up for 6 sessions which costed about $100 per treatment. 

The IPL treatment was done by the beautician. The treatment was painless even though the machine was tuned to the highest range. The result was disappointing too! No visible result on pigmentation spots and skin texture.

After I have completed all the 6 sessions, as expected the beautician was trying very hard to convince me that I should go for more sessions to see result. Why bother, I don’t buy this crap.



Wen and Weng

Reasonably priced with good results! To start, I have signed up for 9 sessions. Dr Chee is very friendly and patient. He will listen to my concern and find the best solutions to treat my skin. His clinic offers the most affordable prices compare with other clinics. One thing I like about him is that he’s not pushy and he wouldn’t force me to sign up something that I’m not comfortable with.

After the first few sessions, I realized my face is fairer than my neck. This is because the treatment was done only on the face. Then Dr Chee was kind enough to give me a special ‘top-up’ rate to treat both face and neck. He’s very diligent in his work. He even gave me a compliment laser treatment on the pigment areas.

Marvelous results : Dr Chee has effectively removed the pigmentation spots and I was so delighted the spots are finally gone! Wow!!! My skin are much fairer than before. I even have to change my foundation to a tone lighter. The pores are significantly reduce and my skin is more radiant, smoother and pinkish even without any foundation at all. 



Side notes

My advice to those who are tempted to sign up on some cheap IPL packages which costs as low as $38 per treatment. You probably will be wondering why these packages are so cheap whilst doctors are charging in hundreds. Well, firstly some of these cheap packages do not include gel which is a necessity for IPL treatment and you need to top up for it. And secondly, there are many ‘made-in-China’ IPL machines which are fairly popular among the neighborhood beauty spas. 

Just like cars, you can’t possibly compare BMW (a premier brand) to Geely which are made in China. Both are cars which are able to do their basic function, is to drive you around. But in terms of performances, needless to say, Geely will never be able to match with BMW. 

Not to be surprised, you may NOT able to see result even you have completed the ten $38 sessions that’s total up to $380. Why not spend a good $200 for an IPL treatment by doctor and you may probably see minimal result even on the first treatment. 


Intrinsic Aging & Extrinsic Aging, Which Ages Faster?


There are two types of aging, intrinsic and extrinsic.

Intrinsic Aging

Intrinsic (internal) aging is the rate of aging that occurs with the passage of time. It is genetically determined, but influenced to some extent, by diet and lifestyle.

Extrinsic Aging

Extrinsic aging is caused primarily by sun-damage and hence, also called photo-aging. Extrinsic (external) aging is also intrinsic aging compounded by external causes such as air pollution and inflammation caused by harsh detergents, rough treatment, cosmetics and disease processes.

Intrinsic Aging v.s. Extrinsic Aging

To understand the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic aging, you need only look at the skin on you face versus, say, the skin on your hips or your upper thighs. The prime culprit of extrinsic aging? Sun exposure. Most 50 years olds, for example, can easily see the difference in skin that’s been exposed to sunlight for years (such as the skin on their faces, necks, arms, chests and lower legs) and skin that’s been protected by clothing (such as the skin on their buttocks and torsos). The exposed skin is generally more wrinkled and discolored and less taut than the unexposed skin.

As skin aging is divided into intrinsic aging and extrinsic aging. Intrinsic aging accounts for 15% of the changes associated with skin aging whereas extrinsic aging accounts for 85% of the changes.

The damaging effect

Extrinsic aging or photo-aging, was until quite recently believed to be a fast-forwarding of intrinsic aging. But differences between the damaging effect of the sun, air pollution and inflammation caused by harsh detergents and rough treatment have emphasized the fact that external elements play a large part in the aging process. Hence, a staggering 85% of skin aging is attributed to sun damage.

UV rays and pollution (including smoking) speed up the aging process because they promote the production of free radicals on the surface of exposed skin, damaging collagen and elastin fibres. The result is a rough, dry skin texture, deep wrinkles, uneven pigmentation and broken veins.

Photo-aging is entirely preventable and since it accounts for 85% of skin aging. The best protection against skin aging is therefore sun-protection.


Watch Out Fatty! Lack of sleep will make you fat!


Studies have shown that in order to maintain a slim figure, it is important to get sufficient quality sleep. If you don’t, you will find it extremely hard to lose those weight. Here are some of the links to support the claims : 


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Well, don’t get panic if you are fat and not getting enough quality sleep, below are some good links for a good night’s sleep :


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Review – Can Sisley Eye Contour Mask Refresh My Tired-Looking Eyes?



Due to aging, I have noticed there are more fine lines around my eye areas. And also crow’s feet begins to appear and dark eye circles seem to get even darker. 

Therefore, I’ve been consistently and painstakingly finding ways to eliminate or reverse the signs of eye aging as much as possible. 

Treatment for eye contour is in fact one of the most difficult area to remedy. It is mainly due to the epidermis on the eye contour is fine, fragile and thinner than on the rest of the face. And also subject to constant movements, making it particularly delicate and sensitive. 

Generally, it is not easy to find a good eye mask in the market. Before I bought Sisley Contour Mask, I will normally apply the face hydrating mask onto my face and also on the eye area (although most of the face masks may not be suitable to apply around the eyes).

In fact, Sisley is one brand I used to trust very much, so whenever there is a new product launch, I will usually rush down and grab it. And Sisley Contour Mask is one of them.

Product profile

Within 10 minutes it helps re-hydrate the skin and reduce all signs of fatigue, thanks to active ingredients that:

  • locally improve microcirculation
  • help reinforce skin’s natural defenses
  • smoothe and optimize radiance on this very fine and fragile area


Sisley Contour Mask contains numerous antioxidant ingredients which help to revitalize the skin.

  • Ginkgo biloba is a potent antioxidant that helps improve blood flow.
  • Vitamin E acetate, malachite extract and linden extract are considered as potent antioxidants that can protect against free radicals.

As usual, Sisley has tried very hard to over-inflate some of the ingredient claims and below are some examples :

  • Sisley has claimed that arnica extract helps boost surface micro-circulation but sad to say there’s no scientific benefit to the skin and worst it is a skin irritant.
  • Horse chestnut extract is said to have a decongesting and softening action but it only have anti-inflammatory properties for skin. 
  • Chorella Extract, also known as algae, is claimed to have effects on wrinkling and revitalizes the skin but the claims are unsubstantiated.

For hydrating benefits, Sisley Contour Mask contains Pro-Vitamin B5 and glycerin that help maintain hydration and skin smoothness.

How to use

Use morning or night before applying a cream. Apply a thick layer of product over the eyelids and the eye contour and leave on for 10 minutes. Remove the excess without rinsing off.


Whenever I have tired-looking eyes, Sisley Contour Mask will come as a ‘occasional’ temporary rescue. This transparent gel mask faintly helps refresh, hydrate and rejuvenate the eye contour. Why I emphasis the word ‘occasional’ because sometimes I do see some improvements but sometimes I don’t, hence the results are no consistent.

If there is a result, Sisley Contour Mask is able to re-hydrate skin or smooth away visible signs of fatigue. The appearance of fine lines, puffiness and dark circles are less visible. But all these results are only TEMPORARY and as for crow’s feet no result though!


Will I buy it again? I doubt so!


Forget The $500 Wrinkle Cream. Happiness Is Good For My Skin.


As I grow older, I’ll feel moody and pessimistic easily. I know I need to be cheerful more often. So whenever I encounter mood swings, I will remind myself not to get too emotional on things and be more positive. Life is too short, you won’t know what will happen tomorrow.

I have gone through many obstacles lately and many times, I will ask myself ‘WHY ME?’. But I guess that’s life, I will have to except what it comes.

One thing I realize is, whenever I’m happy, my skin is happy too. My skin will feel hydrate, supple and radiance. Wrinkles, lines and dark eye circles are also less visible.

But when I’m stress or depressed, my skin will look dull, haggard and dark eye circles will look so bad even though I have sufficient sleep the day before. Wrinkles and lines will appear more obviously and new ones seem to form rapidly. I will look ‘aged’ as though I’ve added 10 years to my skin! 

It is because when a person feels depressed or stress, the body will create more cortisol – a stress hormone. Cortisol is very damaging to the cells that make up the facial skin and other important organs in the body. Prolonged, excessively high cortisol levels worsen intrinsic facial aging changes by damaging collagen.

So even that $500 wrinkle cream will not able to diminish that aging look!

So I have learned the quick and more effective way to maintain my youthful skin – is to be happy.

More laughters, more jokes!

Although many people will think that laughter will create more lines but I do not agree with that. 

That is why woman will look at her ‘best’ when she has JUST fallen in love or married! She’s at her most happiest moment. 

Studies have shown that happiness is not only good for the skin but also for the body. People who are easily depressed or stress will get more illness than a happy person. 

Are you a happy or depressed person? How do you make yourself happy, can share?