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Review – Can SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Masque Quench My Thirsty Skin?

Keeping my skin well hydrated and lubricated is an essential regimen that I will never miss. To me, skin hydrating is important as it will help to replenish the natural moisture factors in the upper layers of my skin.

SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Masque is yet another extremely ordinary and boring mask that I have tested. Nothing special about this mask other than the claims it have made.

Product profile

SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Masque, inspired by the award-winning Hydrating B5 Gel, this highly concentrated masque infuses dehydrated and stressed skin with optimal amounts of hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5 to replenish depleted moisture levels. Enhanced with a unique complex containing constituents of the skin’s natural moisturizing factor (NMF), this weekly hydration treatment re-establishes the water balance critical for maintaining skin metabolic functions at optimal levels. Hydrating B5 Masque plumps moisture-deprived skin to restore a healthy, youthful appearance.


Overall SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Masque basically contains mainly water, glycerin and pH-adjusting agents. Pretty simple and uninteresting ingredients.

A quick look…. Sodium Hyaluronate and Sodium PCA are considered good water-binding agents that are often used in skin-care products. Calcium Pantothenate, also known as vitamin B5, is effective for hydration and wound healing.


Although SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Masque, for all skin types, is said to contain double the concentration of Sodium Hyaluronate available in SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Gel but there is no scientific prove that it will provide greater hydration than the latter.

After leaving the mask for about 15 minutes, this highly concentrated formula not a bit replenishes moisture to my dehydrated and stressed skin. It faintly allows the complexion to regain a radiant tone and smooth, supple texture. It barely helps to plump and illuminate the complexion, insignificantly resulting in a more youthful appearance.

Although this weekly hydration treatment is said to re-establish the water balance critical for maintaining healthy skin metabolic function but I probably will not bother to invest my time and money on this product.


Will I buy this product? Very unlikely


A Skincare Whitening Revolution : Shiseido Haku – With Tranexamic Acid & 4MSK

Shiseido Haku Melanofocus EX Whitening Essence, an award winning whitening essence, was first created in April 2005 as Haku Melanofocus as a whitening beauty fluid containing an innovative whitening ingredient m-Tranexamic acid. In April 2007, it was revamped again as Haku Melanofocus 2 to include another whitening ingredient 4MSK. This ingredient is said to help prevent the formulation of melanin that caused pigmentation.

Haku Melanofocus 2 is nevertheless the bestseller whitening skincare for Shiseido and has successfully created high topping on various magazine polls. On its first one and a half years, it has achieved a record with more than 2 million products sold.

On February 2009, Shiseido has launched its third generation, Haku Melanofocus EX in Japan. It is an improved version with feel good and lighter weight texture and better absorption onto the skin.

Shiseido Haku Melanofocus EX Whitening Essence combines with 2 innovative whitening ingredients, m-Tranexamic acid and 4MSK, to help prevents the formulation of melanin that causes pigmentation problem and control the size of discoloration area that are enlarged over the time due to the aging process.

Not only does Shiseido Haku Melanofocus EX Whitening Essence prevent and lighten pigmentation, it also minimize dark spot area caused by sun exposure. In addition, it helps to restore damaged skin caused by UVA/UVB, pollution or other environmental factors. This anti-inflammatory function is critical in the process of whitening as the skin becomes healthier, more transparent and in even complexion, thus, the whitening result is able to last longer.


Some studies have shown that m-Tranexemic acid has an excellent de-pigmentation effect and skin care effect comparing with the hydroquinone (another proven whitening ingredient). Tranexamic acid was originally used to prevent excess bleeding in menstrual bleeding and cardiac surgery. Soon after, the scientists discovered the great benefit in using m-Tranexemic acid for treating melasma. Gradually, it becomes popular as an oral supplements among women who are suffering from hyper-pigmentation. Not only m-Tranexemic acid inhibits melanin growth and remove existing pigmentation, but also effectively eliminates discoloration caused by acne and sun damage. Even Lao Niu (牛尔老师) from Nu Ren Wo Zui Da (女人我最大) also highly recommends this ingredient for whitening.

In addition to the 2 innovative whitening ingredients, 4MSK and m-Tranexemic acid, Shiseido Haku Melanofocus EX whitening essence also includes hyaluronic acid for good moisturizing benefits.

Shiseido has applied a patent for use of m-Tranexemic acid in its skin care product.

Shiseido Haku Melanofocus EX Whitening Essence comes in 2 sizes, 20g (5250 yen) and 45g (10,500 yen). Shiseido Haku Melanofocus EX Whitening Essence is not available in Singapore.


Move On Baby!


Many of my followers may realize that I have not been updating my blog as frequent as I used to be. Not because I’m lazy but is just that I’m going through an important cycle of my life – IVF!

I’m 41 this year and doctor has warned me that my chance of having a baby will only be 5%. But even though with this tiny percentage, my husband and I decided to go ahead with the program.

Taking this treatment is like taking a roller coaster ride, mentally and physically. Due to this treatment, I have taken many medical and urgent leaves and that have annoyed my boss quite a bit. I felt like a sick chicken every afternoon due to the pre-scripted drug. I will encounter serious dizzy spell, which is similar to sedation and I need to lay down either on bed (at home) or sofa (in the office) for 15 minutes or up to 1 hour.

Finally everything is over now and the result was negative. I was disheartening and disappointed. But I know I need to face the truth. Life still need to go on.

I have a good cry on the first 2 days after the result. My eyes were badly swollen and puffy. My skin was dehydrated and loss of radiance. I lost my appetite and interest in any other things (including blogging).

Any alternative options? Till now, I’m not too sure if I want to go through that (IVF) again. How about adoption? That will be my last option. Well, lets the nature take its course I believe!

But I know one thing I really need now is a break to recuperate my mind and body. We’re going to Taiwan on 5th to 9th Aug. It was a hush-hush planning for us.

At the bottom of my heart, I really hope my dream will come true one day.


Video – Mineral Powder Makeup

I like this video, wanna to share with you all. Now I’m so tempted to try out the Laura Mercier Mineral Powder SPF 15. Laura Mercier here I come!


Review – My Beauty Diary Face Mask (我的美麗日記)

My Beauty Diary Face Mask also known as 我的美麗日記 (Wo De Mei Li Ri Ji), is Taiwan’s hottest selling facial mask and its popularity has remarkablely increased within Asian markets, such as China, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore. This brand was introduced by one of my colleague and there are 11 different masks in this box. Each with its own benefits to suit consumer’s need.

My Beauty Diary Face Mask is designed to suit different users according to varies skin conditions. Allows women from all age range, to keep their own facial diary and see the result of a healthier glow skin every day.

These mask essences contain natural ingredients specially formulated for different uses such as Anti Aging, Anti Oxidant, Brightening, Calming, Clarifying, Cooling, Firming, Moisturising, Nourishing, Tighten Pores, Regenerating, Soothing and Oil Control.

In addition, with Nanospheres Technology, it is said to help for easy absorption of the essence and the effects will be seen with 1 use.

I bought this box at S$18 (from my colleague who happened to travel to Taiwan) which I think is pretty expensive if you compare to some local sites that are selling this product too. Selling each mask at S$1.30 or RM$3.00.

The 11 Benefits

1. Aloe Vera Mask

All skin types, especially dry, damaged skin

Product Profile
Removes dead skin cells and lighten pigmentation spots. Hydrating and repairing. Retains & replenish moisture and soothe sensitive skin.

Side notes
Good for moisturizing. Very little benefit for lightening result. Aloe Vera Mask contains good ingredients like hyaluronic acid, milk protein, squalane, aloe extract, collagen, L-ascorbic acid and vitamin E acetate. But it contains tiny amount of skin irritant ingredients like lemon and kiwi.

2. Apple Mask

All skin types, especially for skin with enlarged pores

Product profile
Reduces size of enlarged pores, regulates sebum secretion and helps to firm and moisturise the skin. Skin becomes clearer with more even complexion.

Side notes
Ideal for moisturizing. Little benefit for pores tightening and skin clarity. No benefit for firming. Apple Mask contains good ingredients like hyaluronic acid, bladder wrack and aloe extract. But it contains tiny amount of skin irritant ingredients like albumin, fragrance, lemon and arnica extract.
3. Black Pearl Mask

All skin types, especially for dull-looking skin and lack of firmness.

Product Profile
Firming, regenerating, moisturising, whitening and brightening the overall complexion.

Side notes
Good for moisturizing. Little or no benefit for firming, regenerating, whitening and brightening. Black Pearl Mask contains tiny amount of royal pearl extract which has no effect on the result at all. It contains good ingredients like hyaluronic acid, aloe, pineapple and vegetable collagen. But it contains perfume and lime tree which may irritate skin.

4. Bulgarian White Rose Mask

All skin types, especially for dull-looking skin.

Product profile
Brightens and whitens the overall complexion. Skin becomes well hydrated and soothed.

Side notes
Suitable for moisturizing. No visible result on skin brightening. Bulgarian White Rose Mask contains good ingredients like hyaluronic acid, collagen, aloe and pineapple. But it contains skin irritant ingredients like arnica, kiwi and perfume.
5. Cooling Mask

All skin types, especially for skin overly exposed to the sun and tired-looking skin. Not ideal for very sensitive skin.

Product profile
Cooling and refreshing sensation, moisturizing the skin at the same time. Skin feels soothed, softened and hydrated. Refresh tired skin and improves skin metabolism.

Side notes
This Cooling Mask helps to refresh the skin effectively. Skin feels fresh and hydrate. My favourite mask of all. It contains good ingredients like hyaluronic acid, witch hazel, aloe and pineapple. Although it contains handful of skin irritant ingredients like arnica, peppermint extract, rosemary extract, menthol, ethanol and perfume, but my sensitive skin doesn’t get irritated at all.
6. Lavender Mask

All skin types, especially sensitive skin

Product profile
Helps to calm the nerves and relieves stress, prevents skin sensitivity. Skin becomes soothed and hydrated.

Side notes
Although lavender aroma is known to help calms and relax the tension of mind and body but I do not agree to use lavender to calm the skin at all. Theoretically, lavender is a fragrance ingredient with no proven benefit for skin. It can be a skin irritant which may not be suitable for very sensitive skin. Other skin irritant ingredients include peppermint and arnica.
7. Natto Mask

All skin types, especially dehydrated, dull & lack of elasticity skin

Product profile
Anti aging and firming effect with supplementary moisturizing element. Skin elasticity improved and very well hydrated.

Side notes
Good for moisturizing. Very little benefit on firming and skin elasticity. Natto gum, its key ingredient, is a fermentation of soy protein which may be a potent antioxidant. It contains lemon, arnica extract, grapefruit and fragrance which may irritate skin.

8. Q10 Mask

All skin types, especially loss of elasticity skin

Product profile
Moisturising, anti-aging and anti-oxidant, restores skin structure. Skin elasticity improved and complexion looks younger, firmer, hydrate and softer.

Side notes
Ideal for moisturizing. Little or no benefit for anti-aging, anti-oxidant or firming. Although Q10 Mask contains collagen, but scientifically collagen is only a good water-binding agent with no benefit on building collagen in skin. In addition, although coenzyme Q10, its key ingredient, has been well received as an anti-aging topical solutions, but many scientists have found no evidence to be useful as a topical agent.
9. Red Wine Mask

All skin types, especially for dull looking skin and lack of firmness

Product profile
Firms and brightens skin complexion with the addition of anti-oxidant content. Improves blood circulation and skin becomes glowing and radiant.

Side notes
Minimal benefit on skin radiant and brightening. No visible result on firming. Red Wine Mask contains antioxidants like vitis vinifera (grape seed), green tea, chamomile and vitamin E acetate which help for reduction the effects of oxidation on skin. Other good ingredients include hyaluronic acid, mucopolysaccharides and yeast complex.

10. Sake Yeast Mask

Ideal for dull-looking skin, may not suitable for sensitive skin

Product profile
Whitening, moisturising and improving elasticity of skin.

Side notes
Ideal for hydrating. Little benefit on whitening and no benefit on skin elasticity. Sake Yeast Mask contains some skin irritant ingredients like fragrance and lemon extract which may not be suitable for sensitive skin.

11. Pearl Powder Mask

All skin types, especially dull & damaged skin

Product profile
Hydrating, nourishing and brightening effects.

Side notes
Ideal for moisturizing. Superficial result on brightening. Traditionally, although pearl powder is known to help maintain a beautiful skin when taken orally. But there is no scientific prove that it will improve the skin condition for topical use.

Common ingredients

All these masks contain purified water which is filtered water used in cosmetics. Other common ingredients found in these masks are parabens (preservatives), sodium hydroxide, xanthan gum, citric acid, carbomer, triethanolamine and 1,3-butylene glycol.


1. Cleanse face thoroughly before applying mask.
2. Excess essence from the packaging may be applied on the neck by massage.
3. After 20 minutes, remove mask and gently massage face to assist absorption.
4. Rinsing is not required.
5. You may apply toner, moisturizer etc. after application
6. Use daily for maximum effect.


In my opinion, other than having different scents, these masks create similar results overall. All provide good moisturizing results after application. But sadly these results are temporary.

The only one which I can feel the different is the Cooling Mask. It gives me this nice cooling effect.

I like the essence in the mask which is concentrated and easily absorbed onto the skin.

My skin feels hydrated and smooth and fine lines are significantly soften. Overall, no visible result on brightening and firming.


Will I buy it again? Yes I will.


Home Care Tips For The Aging Skin


When a woman hits a certain age, it’s only natural to feel pressure to resist aging that they begin to look for anything possible to make them look and feel younger. Before looking around for the best cosmetic procedures, why not get start with the correct skin care regimen at home.

Home care should be adapted to help each own aging signs, whatever their severity. Begin by thoroughly analyzing the skin. Treatment conditioners for aging skin will not be useful if they are for the wrong skin type. Aging skin will still be predominantly dry or oily. For oily skin, stick to noncomedogenic fluids, lotions or gels. For more normal-dry skin, you can use heavier emollients.

Stick to very gentle cleansers with little or no detergents. Remember, the aging skin already has fewer intercellular lipids. You do not want to strip these essential lipids by using too aggressive a cleanser. Low-foaming washes and cleansing milks are best to use for the aging skin.

Toners should be alcohol-free and should contain a humectant such as propylene glycol or glycerin. Toners should not have a strong astringent action.

Specialty products for aging skin may include alphahydroxy gels or creams, antioxidant serums and lipid-based serums. These are special functional products that help protect the skin from free-radical damage, and help to exfoliate or hydrate the skin. 

Day creams should contain a broad-spectrum sunscreen and a sealant agent such as dimethicone, mineral oil or cyclomethicone. These agents will help the skin retain water better in the surface layers. 

Special treatment products for the eye and neck areas are very helpful to the aging skin. The skin of the eyes and the neck is much thinner than the rest of the facial skin, and is therefore very likely to show signs of aging. Heavier emollients are often used for these areas, with the exception of some of the newer liposome gels.

Mild exfoliation is good for aging skin. It gently stimulates the skin and removes dead, dry cells on the surface, helping the skin look and feel smoother and softer, and also helping to minimize the appearance of rough textures and wrinkles.


Review – No Radiance From Sisley Radiant Glow Express Mask


Sisley Radiant Glow Express Mask, with red clay, is yet another disappointed Sisley product I have tested so far. It is claimed to provide deep cleansing and instantly eliminates impurities and dullness. Help smooth and soften your complexion. Promote a matte, luminous and healthy skin.

Product claims

A more even, shine-free, luminous complexion and spectacular radiance, all in just 5 minutes. The extraordinary absorption capacity of a special blend of Clays, combined with plant extracts (Licorice, Matricaria and Rose hips) and essential oils, gives this mask gentle deep-cleansing benefits to eliminate the impurities which dull the complexion.


Sisley Radiant Glow Express Mask contains mainly water, wax, emollient, clay and thickeners. It contains rosa canina fruit extract which is good emollient that has antioxidant properties. 

But it contains chlorhexidine (a topical antiseptic), rosemary extract and linalool which can cause irritation.


After 5 minutes with Sisley Radiant Glow Express Mask - The first thing I’ve noticed is my skin feels matte, dull and dehydrated. I guess it is probably due to the clay potion and I reckon it may not be suitable for dry skin type. I’m just wondering how would Sisley creates a product with main focus is to create radiance skin and yet result with a matte and dry looking finish. I just don’t get it.

The biggest disappointment with Sisley Radiant Glow Express Mask is that it doesn’t help to eliminates impurities, dullness or anything to achieve a spectacular radiance (on what it has claimed). There is no different between before and after the mask application. 

Sisley Radiant Glow Express Mask, for all skin types, is just another ordinary mask with an extravagant price tag. So my advise is don’t bother to spend your money on a product which basically contains water, wax, emollient, clay, thickeners, and with not even one ingredient that can make your skin radiance.

For me if I want to achieve a radiance skin, I will probably go for a non-invasive treatment like microdermabrasion, IPL or laser treatment. These treatments have proven to show marvelous results at least.


Will I buy it? Absolutely a NO-NO!


Dry Skin – A Step-by-step Skin Care Tips For Dry Skin


Dry skin is the most fragile of all the skin types. The lack of oil and structural lipids allows the moisture to escape into the environment. And the dryness and the compromised barrier function have made your skin vulnerable to irritants and inflammation. The emphasis of every step in every regimen is hydration, but delivering water-attracting and water-holding molecules to the skin is especially important to you. Avoiding anything that might irritate is crucial. In some cases where some mild irritation is unavoidable – such as with exfoliation – you need even more skin soothers in everything you use.

Cleanser and toner

Your cleanser must be very gentle and look for one with more hydrating ingredients than anything else. Some doctors even suggest that if your skin is very dry, at least one of the two times a day that you cleanse your face, you don’t rinse with water but tissue off the cleanser.

The toner you choose should not contain a drying type of alcohol but must be rich in hydrating and skin-soothing ingredients. 


Then, while the skin is still moist from the toner, give it a boost of antioxidants to combat the free radicals in the environment. Give the antioxidant treatment a few minutes to seep into your skin, and then seal in all those powerful free radical-fighting ingredients with a light, vitamin-enriched moisturizer.

Sun protection

If you need extra sun protection, choose a sunscreen with chemicals that absorb light as well as micronized titanium to block ultraviolet radiation. You also want your sunscreen to contain soothing botanicals and structural lipids. An oil-free sunblock may be too drying for your skin.

Day and night

If your skin begins to feel dry and tight during the day, try a moisturizing serum that is primarily structural lipids. You can use one that contains only structural lipids or one that also includes skin-soothing botanical extracts. Or you can use both and alternate between them.

In the morning you’ll take your multivitamin, calcium, fatty acids, and antioxidant and collagen-building supplements. To boost the power of your sunblock, take a pomegranate supplement as well.

In the evening, after cleansing and toning, you’ll treat your skin with an exfoliating product that also contains the least irritating collagen builder, retinyl palmitate. Follow the treat-and-repair step with a very emollient moisturizer.

In the evening, take fatty acids and antioxidant and collagen-building supplements.

Special treatments

You may want to vary your program with a bit more exfoliation if your skin can tolerate it. You may want to use a higher concentration of hydroxy acids for your evening treatment or alternate the usual cleanser with one that contains hydroxy acids every two or three days.

Every week, give yourself a special vitamin C infusion treatment to saturate your skin with antioxidants. And if you can, have a professional vitamin C infusion at least once every 2 months.

Howard Murad, M.D. – Wrinkle-Free Forever


Review – I Use Sisley Phyto-Blanc Clearing Essence With Vitamin C To Brighten Up My Skin


Sisley Phyto-Blanc Clearing Essence With Vitamin C is the first Sisley product I have tested and also one of my favourite product that I’m still consistently using.

Although, there are many highly concentrated form of vitamin C serums available in the market but to source for a good one is not that easy after all when topical preparations of vitamin C is greatly important. 

The truly good vitamin C serum must comprise of :

  • The correct percentage and type of vitamin C used and the pH of the product.
  • Highly concentrated, pure and stable vitamin C product that people can easily use at home. 

Vitamin C and its stability

Vitamin C is actually quite delicate and it is water soluble, but when mixed with water and exposed to oxygen it isn’t able to maintain its antioxidant activity. In addition, vitamin C rapidly disintegrates when exposed to light. 

Although, there are many cosmetic companies have painstaking researched and developed a highly concentrated form of vitamin C in a water-free lotion or cream. But Sisley has successfully created a ‘mix and use’ products that involve mixing vitamin C into a base and applying it immediately while the vitamn C is still active and Sisley Phyto-Blanc Clearing Essence With Vitamin C is the one. I think this way of topical preparations of vitamin C is quite effective, especially for higher concentrations of vitamin C. The irritation potential of such high concentrations of vitamin C is eliminated by including skin soothers and an emollient in the formula.

Sisley Phyto-Blanc Clearing Essence With Vitamin C

Like all other products from the Sisley line, Phyto-Blanc Clearing Essence is the result of Sisley’s world-renowned scientific and technological expertise. Phyto-Blanc Clearing Essence contains maximum concentration of ingredients, well known for their clearing effects. The formula is based on Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), works to lighten the complexion for a visibly improved radiant complexion. Extracts of white mulberry and scutellaria, both known for their extremely effective clearing properties, are combined with extracts of Licorice which help soothe and soften skin. Phyto-Blanc Clearing Essence works very evenly and uniformly on the skin to clarify without dehydrating the skin.

Product claims

Bring luminosity and a unique glow to dull skin. After approximately 28 days, the skin begins to lighten significantly. Each vial contains applications for 7 days.

Method of use

Remove the protective film and twist the upper part (the cap) to break the seal. Press firmly on the cap to pierce the reservoir and release the vitamin C. Shake well for 20 seconds to mix the powder and gel, then tap on the cap to empty out the mixture. Remove the cap. Replace with the dropper. Once the vial is opened, start using it the same day and use for a maximum of 7 consecutive days. Keep in a cool place, away from light.

One application every night. Each vial contains the exact amount needed for 7 applications – one week’s supply. Each box of 8 vials represents 2 months of treatment.

It is designed to keep the vitamin C pure and stable. 


Sisley Phyto-Blanc Clearing Essence With Vitamin C contains 5% of ascorbic acid which is a good form of vitamin C that has antioxidant properties.

Morus alba root extract, as known as mulberry extract, some studies have shown that it can help to prevent melanin production. Scutellaria baicalensis root extract, a herbal extract, has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties for skin. 


Firstly, I will have to give a thumb up on the packaging for Sisley Phyto-Blanc Clearing Essence With Vitamin C. Well done Sisley! It has effectively helped to maintain the high concentrated vitamin C in a stable and pure form. It is so stable even my sensitive skin doesn’t get irritated at all.

Another plus plus point is that Sisley Phyto-Blanc Clearing Essence With Vitamin C contains enough anti-inflammatory agents which can reduce and control inflammation, since inflammation creates free radicals.

As each box of 8 vials represents 2 months of treatment, I will make it a point to use 3 boxes per year. 

The result is brilliant. Sisley Phyto-Blanc Clearing Essence With Vitamin C has effectively brightened up my skin and skin becomes more radiant then before. It has also softened the fine lines and wrinkles significantly. It has also helped to boost up the collagen production and leaves a smooth, clear and luminous complexion.

Although it is expensive, but I believe it’s definitely worth it. Nevertheless, I vote Sisley Phyto-Blanc Clearing Essence With Vitamin C as my favourite product of all time, a fantastic product indeed!


  Love it so much!

Will I buy it again? Definitely YES YES YES!!!


City Life – Do You Know Pollution Accelerates Skin Aging?


Are you staying in urban area? If you do, then your skin will probably need more extra care than those staying in rural area.

It is inevitable that your skin will suffer as a result of pollution, particularly if you live or work in an urban area. You can, however, incorporate specially formulated anti-pollution products, which strengthen the skin’s defences, into your beauty programme.

The effects of pollution

If you live in an urban environment, your skin’s outer layer changes. This is because the micro-particles of pollution in the air work as oxidants. Exposed to various kinds of smoke and gases, your cells become sluggish and produce collagen of inferior quality, your skin loses its vitality, starts to sag and ages prematurely. Hence the importance of anti-pollution care.

Minimize the effects of pollution 

Shield yourself from pollution. The key is to find and use antioxidant substances. Vitamins A and C are the best-known sources to contain properties that strengthen the skin’s defences. Green tea, white tea and grapeseed extract are chockfull of anti-oxidants too. It is best to choose creams which claim to offer a ‘shield’ against pollution and stimulate the production of collagen.

And probably your best friend of all is your regular night time cleansing ritual. There are also many supplements that will help you fight free-radical damage from the inside out.

Free radicals unleashed by air pollution

Free radicals not only be generated during sun exposure but as well as by cigarette smoke, environmental pollutants, chemicals, and other toxins. The way to combat free-radical damage is with anti-oxidants. They have the ability to prevent the free radicals’ chemical reactions from occurring in and harming the skin. The way they work on the skin is to interfere with these chemical reactions thereby stopping them from taking place.