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[Review] Laneige White Plus Renew Capsule Sleeping Pack


As I age, I have been troubling with pigmentation, discoloration and uneven skin tone. These pigmentation issues actually make me look tired, old and unhealthy. Hence I will always incorporate a whitening product into both day and night skincare regimens.

I’m always on the lookout for good whitening products and I was pleased to find one recently. It is the Laneige White Plus Renew Capsule Sleeping Pack.

Product Profile : Brightening capsules that soften and brighten the skin like an eggshell overnight.

Laneige White Plus Renew Capsule Sleeping Pack

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Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective White Hydrating & Clarifying Treatment Masque


Recently, I was pleased to have a cozy dinner with two beautiful gals from Kiehl’s Singapore to introducing their new first-ever whitening sheet mask! Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective White Hydrating & Clarifying Treatment Masque is the latest addition to its popular Dermatologist Solution® Clearly Corrective White range.

kiehl's clearly corrective white hydrating & clarifying treatment masque

During the event, I was presented with a personalized gift box that contains the full range including a full-size Treatment Masque and a Dark Spot Solution.

The Clearly Corrective White range is comprising of :

  • Step 1 – Purifying Foaming Cleanser / Skin Brightening Exfoliator
  • Step 2 – Clarity-Activating Toner
  • Step 3 – Dark Spot Solution
  • Step 4 – Deep Moisture Clarifying Cream
  • Weekly – Hydrating & Clarifying Treatment Masque

kiehl's clearly corrective dark spot solution

Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution is a relatively new product, launched in 2012, that is developed for Asian consumers to promote a youthful clarity and brighter, luminous complexion. This key product of the range, retailing at S$90 for 30ml and S$120 for 50ml, is infused with a combination of Activated C (the latest-generation Vitamin C derivative on the market) plus White Birch and Peony Extracts.

kiehl's clearly corrective white hydrating & clarifying treatment masque

This latest addition, Clearly Corrective White Hydrating & Clarifying Treatment Masque, specially developed for Asian skin, offers skin brightness improvement results that is equal to 3 weeks of twice a day usage of Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution.

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Review – Shiseido Haku Melanofocus W Whitening Essence


I was first introduced to Shiseido Haku Melanofocus from the popular Taiwanese Beauty Variety Show “Nu Ren Wo Zui Da” (女人我最大) a few years ago. It was highly recommended at least twice separately by Lao Niu (老牛) in the show.

Shiseido Haku Melanofocus is an award winning and the most popular whitening essence in Japan. Unfortunately Shiseido Haku Melanofocus is only available in Japan and nowhere else in the world. Although there’s a copied Taiwanese version with a different product name available in Taiwan, as it is printed in Chinese language, I’m actually skeptical if it is made in Japan.

I have bought this Shiseido Haku Melanofocus W Whitening Essence bundle set during my previous trip to Japan in 2012. This bundle set comes with a piece of Haku Melanofocus EX Mask at 30% discount @ 7350yen (UP 10500yen) which is equivalent to S$116. In fact, this is my second bottle. :D

The packaging was printed in Japanese language which means it’s a genuine product that is made in Japan.


About Shiseido Haku Melanofocus

Shiseido Haku was first created in 2005 as Haku Melanofocus, containing an innovative whitening ingredient m-Tranexamic acid. In 2007, it was revamped again as Haku Melanofocus 2 to include another breakthrough whitening ingredient 4MSK that is said to help prevent the formulation of melanin that caused pigmentation.

In February 2009, its third generation Haku Melanofocus EX was launched in Japan. And after 2 years exactly in February 2011, Shiseido once again launched its fourth and latest generation, Haku Melanofocus W.


Shiseido Haku Melanofocus W Whitening Essence – ¥10500 for 45g / ¥5250 for 20g (tax inclusive)

Shiseido Haku Melanofocus W Whitening Essence contains 2 innovative whitening ingredients, m-Tranexamic acid and 4MSK, to help suppress melanin production, prevent and lighten dark spots, discoloration and uneven skin tone.

This improved version also contains lotus seed ferment filtrate and hyaluronic acid to help moisturize the skin.

This fragrance-free essence also helps to restore damaged skin caused by UVA/UVB, pollution or other environmental factors. Its anti-inflammatory function is critical in the process of whitening as the skin becomes healthier, more transparent and in even complexion, thus, the whitening result is able to last longer.

Shiseido Haku Melanofocus W Whitening Essence that comes in 2 sizes in 45g and 20g, is currently only available in Japan.

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Review – For Beloved One 20% Mandelic Acid Renewal Serum


Do you know skin exfoliation is actually one of my beauty secrets to healthy looking skin? Exfoliation helps eliminate dead skin cells on the surface and speed up the skin renewal process for a brighter, even-toned and clearer skin. Exfoliation also helps to improve the penetration of my other skin products. In fact, most of the anti-aging, acne or whitening products usually contain a superficial amount of exfoliating agents however the amount used is miniscule to even see dramatic result. If you are having dark spots, dullness, acne, or acne scars, I believe exfoliation may help to improve these skin problems in a way.

for beloved one 20% mandelic acid renewal serum

Recently, I was introduced to a new exfoliator by For Beloved One. It is the new For Beloved One 20% Mandelic Acid Renewal Serum, a convenient, gentle and safe way to exfoliate skin. It works as a home-use chemical peel treatment for a brighter and clearer skin. I was delighted to receive a complimentary bottle recently.

For Beloved One is a leading cosmeceutical skincare brand founded by Margaret Wu from Taiwan. According to Margaret Wu, “A healthy skin renewal cycle is 28 days. However, because our skin is exposed to many factors in our environment and lifestyle such as pollution, changes in climate, stress, insufficient sleep, imbalanced diet, etc., our cell metabolism becomes slower, dead skin cells on skin surface starts to build up, causing our skin to become dull, lifeless, rough, formation of acne and reduce the absorption of nutrients from skincare products”.

Hence, cell metabolism is crucial to maintaining healthy and beautiful skin.

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Review – Lancôme Blanc Expert Melanolyser™ Integral Whiteness Spot Eraser (New Packaging)


lancome blanc expert melanolyser spot eraser

Early this year in 2013, Lancome Singapore has relaunched the iconic Blanc Expert Melanolyser™ Spot Eraser that is specially designed for Asian women to help erase dark spots with a long-lasting effect. It has renamed as Blanc Expert Melanolyser™ Integral Whiteness Spot Eraser.

Blanc Expert Melanolyser™ was first launched in 2011 and it combines two actions : the improvement of the elimination of installed melanin by targeting a newly identified biological mechanism (melanolysis) and the moderation of the melanin production. Today, an upgraded efficacy data has shown that this iconic Blanc Expert Melanolyser™ provides a long-lasting effect on dark spots which result is said to last 3 weeks even after women stopped using the product.

lancome blanc expert melanolyser spot eraser

The iconic blue tube has been luxuriously redesigned with a deeper, metallic shade of midnight blue. The three silver bands around the tube symbolize the formula’s 3 weeks long-lasting effect. I’m pleased to receive a complimentary tube of this new packaging and to review it again.

In Oct 2012, I’ve actually reviewed the first launched (old packaging) Spot Eraser, click here if you are keen to read the previous review. I’ve long finished up the first tube and have not been using any spot eraser since then. And because of that, the stubborn dark spots on my upper right cheek has became bigger and darker. :-(


Product Profile

Dark spots dissolved: reduces surface spots, inhibits melanin production and dissolves melanin trapped in skin cells. Clinically proven: even after weeks without usage*, dark spots are fewer and smaller and their skin tone more even, brighter and freed from dullness.

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Review – Hada Labo Whitening Lotion (New Nano Formula)


hada labo whitening lotion nano formula


Recently, I was invited to review the new Hada Labo Whitening Lotion with Nano formulation. I accepted it without much hesitation as I personally adore this drugstore brand pretty much. Many thanks to Elfaine from EK Media for extending this invitation to me.

I have already tested a couple of the Super HA Hydrating range products including the Hydrating Lotion which I find relatively good. That is why I’m really excited to try out this new whitening lotion as to see if it’s able to boost hydration and brighten up my skin at the same time.

Hada Labo Arbutin Whitening Lotion, so well loved by Japanese women that it was the ‘Number 1″ in sales for whitening products in Japan. It is claimed to combat and prevent dark spots caused by UV exposure for a smooth and clear skin.


One Drop Reveals Natural Fairness

Hada Labo Arbutin Whitening range consists of four products that include Whitening Lotion, Whitening Essence, Whitening Milk and Whitening Mask. This Arbutin Whitening line is claimed to provide three benefits in just one step.

Formulated with Arbutin, Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid, skin gets fairer, more hydrated and brighter.

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Review – Lancome Blanc Expert Gn-White Generating New Whiteness Spot Eraser


I started to notice pigmentation and discoloration on my face when I was in my early 30s. Pigmentation is one of my first signs of aging and I didn’t get it treated earlier until much later before realizing it was too too late. Hiaz!

Pigment spots are mostly situated around the cheekbone areas (directly below my eye sockets) and I’m also having discoloration around my cheek areas too. What has been troubling me the most is the stubborn sun spots on my right cheekbone area.

I was first introduced to Lancome Blanc Expert Gn-White Generating New Whiteness Spot Eraser during a Lanc´me blogger event in early 2010 (just before it was officially launched in Singapore). I was presented with a trial size during the event and without hesitation I immediately tested the product on the following day. After tested the product for almost 2 weeks, I started to notice a superficial improvement on the stubborn sun spots and decided to make a purchase on the full size product at Perfumes & Cosmetics outlet @ Changi Airport where I can enjoy fabulous duty-free savings.

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Review – StriVectin-WH Photo-White Booster Serum & Day Lotion SPF 30 (20 Readers To Win A FREE Trial Pack Worth $50)


Many weeks ago, I’ve actually attended my first StriVectin event to preview their latest and first whitening range – WH Photo-White. Click here to read my previous post on the launch event.

I was presented with a full size StriVectin-WH Photo-White Booster Serum and Photo-White Day Lotion SPF 30 during the event. So here’s my review on both products after testing them for almost 8 weeks.

Do read on to find out how to win a FREE trial pack of StriVectin products worth S$50.


WH Photo-White Brief Introduction

Presently, WH Photo-White range actually comprises of StriVectin WH Photo-White Booster Serum, Spot Repair and Day Lotion SPF 30. A fourth product, Hydrating Night Cream, will probably be launched in later part of the year.

WH Photo-White, formulated with vitamin C complex® and NIA-114, help diminish the appearance of excess pigmentation (such as dark spots and skin discoloration) and skin becomes more even toned, brighter and radiant.

Its patented formula NIA-114 is claimed to be clinically proven to be 6x more effective than brightening actives alone in just 4 weeks.

StriVectin-WH Photo-White treatments works on three levels to:

  • Slow down the production of melanin
  • Normalize the transfer of pigment and improve the overall quality of the cell
  • Increase cell turnover to reveal those higher quality cells and get rid of dark spots
    and discolorations quicker!



StriVectin WH Photo-White Booster Serum ingredient list.

StriVectin WH Photo-White Day Lotion SPF 30 ingredient list.

Proprietary NIA-114 (niacin, in the form of Nicotinic Acid) targets the triggers that cause hyperpigmentation by normalizing the transfer of pigments, and rebuilding skin health so you can hold onto new radiance.

Natural Tyrosinase Inhibitors, Vitamin C and Synovea® Skin Brightener (hexylresorcinol), help to regulate melanin formation, which is the source of dark spots, sun spots and age spots.

Vitamin C (stable ascorbyl glucoside) diminishes melanin production, reduces existing melanin, stimulates collagen and acts as a strong antioxidant.

Willowbark Extract, a natural form of salicylic acid, generates cell turnover to shed pigmented cells and improve skin texture.

Betaine, from Sugar Beet, a natural skin softener, minimizes transepidermal water loss (TEWL) for an overall smoother, healthier-looking complexion.

Pomegranate Extract, a powerful antioxidant, aids in enhancing cell turnover.


Reviews! Reviews! Reviews!

I have been suffering from stubborn dark spots around cheek areas and a slight discolorations and uneven skin tone for the longest time. So when I was being invited to test the newly launched StriVectin-WH Photo-White Booster Serum and Photo-White Day Lotion SPF 30 for 8 weeks, I accepted it without any hesitation. ;-)

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Review – Luminaze Catalytic Skin Tone Illuminator & Dark Spot Corrector


Late last year in 2011, I’ve received a new skin lightening product – Luminaze Catalytic Skin Tone Illuminator & Dark Spot Corrector from Clariancy Singapore.

Clariancy Singapore, partnering with Syneron Beauty, has obtained the exclusive distributorship for the Luminaze Catalytic Skin Tone Illuminator & Dark Spot Corrector (retailing at S$175) in Singapore and Malaysia.

What make me curious to try this product is that it said to contain a natural occurring biological enzyme, LIP, that is more effective than prescription 2% hydroquinone.

Hydroquinone, often known as skin bleach, is a ingredient that is commonly used for skin lightening. It can be found in lightening serums and creams at both over-the-counter or in higher concentrations, prescribed dermatologist and plastic surgeons. Unfortunately this melanin cell blocking chemical is actually banned in parts of Europe and all throughout Asia due to the studies that prolonged use of hydroquinone can cause a condition where skin develops thick, dark patches or even blue-black skin and it is believed to cause cancer.

Luminaze contains no hydroquinone and its patented Active Luminaze Enzyme LIP is claimed to break down melanin for a visible improvement in the appearance of dark spots, acne scars and overall evenness of skin tone in only 7 days. It’s clinically proven to work better and faster than the leading prescription ingredient, and it’s gentle enough to use every day with limited potential for skin irritation.

Luminaze is claimed to help provide a fairer and radiance skin in just 28 days that is scientifically proven with clinical trials conducted worldwide.

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Review – Clarins White Plus HP Sea Lily Enriched Whitening Night Cream, Renewing Gentle Exfoliator & Gentle Renewing Brightening Peel


You probably have read my earlier post on the launch of three new additions to Clarins White Plus HP Sea Lily Enriched Series which are Whitening Night Cream, Renewing Gentle Exfoliator and Gentle Renewing Brightening Peel.

Click here to read my previous introduction post on White Plus HP Sea Lily Enriched.

And after a month of usage, I’m now ready for a full review. Do read on to find out if these products work for me.


Do you know pigmentation does not stop at night?

The interesting thing I have learned during the preview event is that pigmentation does not actually stop at night. It was really an eye opening. I didn’t realize it until I was explained on the cause and how pigmentation is developed.

Do you know that melanocytes (melanin-producing cells located in the bottom layer of the skin’s epidermis) will continue producing more melanin even while you sleep? So can we do anything to prevent it? Well, I guess we can, do read on to find the answer.


Other Major Cause For Hyperpigmentation

Clarins believe that sun is not the only major cause for hyperpigmentation.

In fact, the other major cause for pigmentation is due to stress factors. Yes, I totally agree with Clarins. Whenever I’m under extreme stress, pigmentation will seem to appear darker and more obvious. And worst, more new pigment spots will start to surface out of nowhere. To make things worst :

stress >> more pigmentation >> more stress >> even more pigmentation! ArHHH!!

So in order to keep pigmentation at bay, I guess I need to manage my stress level and be happy as much as possible. Of course, not forgetting the Clarins White Plus HP skin care range too.


White Plus HP Sea Lily Enriched – Brightening Powers Of Two White Flowers

For these three latest additions, Clarins Research has incorporated two innovative high performance brightening ingredients into its White Plus HP skin care range. These white flowers, Sea Lily Extract and Daisy Extract, provide dual action to combat against the direct and indirect causes of skin hyperpigmentation.

Sea Lily Extract

Sea Lily extract, an exceptional brightening plant active ingredient, has been used for the first time in White Plus HP skin care range. Clarins Research has demonstrated the capacity of Sea Lily extract to control the extension of melanocyte dendrites, the “arms” of melanocytes which deliver melanin to cells in the epidermis.

While direct pigmentation is linked to daytime UV rays, the production of melanin it triggers during the day will continue at night. Sea Lily extract has the capacity to help control the extension of melanocytes dendrites for producing more melanin.

Daisy Extract

As mentioned earlier, stress factors are the indirect cause of pigmentation. Stress will cause skin to weaken and thereby speed up melanin synthesis. Daisy extract, an anti-stress ingredient, helps to calm and soothe the skin, to leave it soft, fresh and bright again in the morning.



Whitening Repairing Night Cream – S$110

This essential anti-dark spots night cream has became my must-have night product. It is the first night cream with white flower extracts which controls hyperpigmentation due to daytime UV rays, and also stress accumulated from morning to night.

I especially like the soft lightweight creamy texture and the flowery scent. It absorbs onto the skin pretty well.

Whitening Repairing Night Cream contains pretty good ingredients except minuscule amount of fragrance which thankfully doesn’t cause any skin irritation on my skin.

All-in-all, I’m pretty pleased with this Whitening Repairing Night Cream. It has became my night regimen must-have skin care product. As I sleep an average of 6 hours in an air-conditioning room daily, I definitely need a slightly more richer cream for the night. Therefore this creamy yet lightweight texture is definitely ideal for my slightly dehydrated skin.

As you know that the direct pigmentation that is linked by UV rays has triggered more production of melanin during the day and unfortunately does not STOP at night! Therefore Whitening Repairing Night Cream is definitely a perfect night product to help control further production of melanin while I sleep. All thanks to the powerful brightening white flower, Sea lily extract.

And also due to the numerous daytime stress factors, more melanin production are triggered too. And again thanks to the presence of soothing, anti-stress ingredient Daisy extract that helps to calm, soothe my skin and it leaves my skin feeling refreshed in the morning. And most importantly, the pigmentation is under control too.

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