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Review – 3rd Marie France Bodyline Slimming Treatment Session, Importance Of A Healthy Diet


This Tuesday, I have gone for my 3rd slimming treatment session at Marie France Bodyline and this time the focus is on my tummy area again. I was given a new set of customized treatment that is slightly different from the 1st tummy treatment session. The treatment includes a slimming massage plus a special hot mask on the tummy area. This personalized treatment helps to break down fat cells speedily, increase cellular metabolism, reduce water retention and contour the silhouette.

Prior to the treatment, I met up with the nutritionist to help analysis my daily food intake (for the past one week) plus getting my weight measured again. I have lost 0.3kg since the last measure done a week ago. I’m glad that she has shared with me some valuable healthy eating tips that I reckon will help to maintain my weight in a long run, even after I have completed my slimming course later on.

She encouraged me to go for a healthy breakfast as this will help to set my taste bug and choose healthy food for the rest of the day. Due to the stress at work most of the time, I tend to snack quite a bit during meals. I need to change this unhealthy habit by substituting the biscuits and pastries with fruits or healthy low-fat snacks. I have learned to cut down my supper intake and if I’m still craving for food late at night, I will go for protein food such as milk or yoghurt.

Unconsciously, I have also learned to do more walking, for example : walking up the stairs instead of taking the lifts.

I can feel the differences after these healthy changes. I feel more energetic, mentally alert and my skin is more radiant too. So far, after 2 rounds of tummy treatments, my tummy appears less bloated and flatter too. I will not be featuring any photos yet as the result may not be obvious on the picture.

I will be heading down to Marie France Bodyline for my 4th treatment session today and I will post a review soon after.

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Review – 2nd Marie France Bodyline Slimming Treatment On Love Handles


Yes here I am again to review my second slimming treatment session at Marie France Bodyline on last Thursday. This round the focus is on my love handles!

For the past few years, stubborn pads of fat began to develop around my abdomen and waist areas. These stubborn fat deposits that hang from the sides of the waist and lower back are actually called love handles.

Lately, I’m actually feeling a little miserable and troubled with the increased waist size and the love handles. The love handles make my waistline appears so thick that I refrain from wearing anything tight fitting that will reveal my waist shape.

For this second session, the consultant has customized a set of treatments that are specially tailored to tackle the love handles that are situated at the sides and back of my waist. I believe love handles do not necessary occur on people who are fat or older. I have seen young people with slim figure having love handles too. I reckon love handles are something hard to get ride of. I definitely wouldn’t want to risk my life going under the knife for liposuction to remove those love handles. I’m actually glad to find out that Marie France Bodyline, a one-stop professional slimming centre, provides a range of personalized treatments that help to eliminate stubborn love handles that cater to different body types.



Prior to the slimming treatment, I have my weight measured. I was delighted to find out that I have lost some weight from 119.6 pounds during my first treatment and now at 118.42 pounds. It was barely a week only and I have lost 1.18 pounds! ;-) I couldn’t ask for more cos I’m naturally not that fat and by losing 1.18 pounds does make a big difference for me. Look forward to a slimmer me moving forward! <grinnnnn>

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Review – First Slimming Treatment At Marie France Bodyline


Last Thursday, I have finally gone for my first slimming treatment session at Marie France Bodyline. Click here to read my earlier post on “My First Briefing Session” at Marie France Bodyline.

Upon reaching the place, Fiona (the consultant) led me to a room for a one-to-one consultation. After a thorough analysis on my body problems and concern, she then recommended a set of slimming treatments that are specially tailored to my body needs. The set of treatments that I will be having are Cryocelle Phased Therapy (CPT) and Fat Mobilization System (FMS).

Cryocelle Phased Therapy (CPF) works by the principle of “Thermolysis”, meaning temperature variance. It is a process whereby the body is encouraged to convert stubborn stored fats into energy, resulting in inch loss. At the same time, the therapy enhances lymphatic drainage and microcirculation of the dermis and fat deposits, instilling a deep tissue detoxification. This forms an important foundation for the reduction of fat and cellulite deposits as well as provides relief for water retention. The treatment essentially promotes a trim, smooth and toned silhouette with improved skin texture.

The Fat Mobilization System (FMS) is Marie France Bodyline’s pioneer slimming therapy which helps individuals lose weight naturally by making use of the body’s own ability to burn excess fats. This treatment breaks down fat cells speedily, increases cellular metabolism, improves skin tone, contours and enhances the silhouette.

These treatments will help to tackle my problems like abdominal bulge, love handles, flabby upper arms and inner thighs. I realized the excess fat is mainly situated around my abdomen area and I actually couldn’t wait to loss those stubborn fat on the area. My present weight is now at 53.5kg and I’m aiming to reduce my weight to 50kg ideally. Wish me luck! ;-)


A Guide To A Good Nutrition

Before I proceeded with the treatment session, I got to meet up with the nutritionist again and this time I got to spend a little more time with her as she went into depth on the nutrition and my eating habits. She patiently explained and shared with me some valuable tips on nutrition. In fact, I was glad to know that there is no dieting required and all I need is to make some minor adjustments such as by reducing the rice (carbo) portion daily. Thankfully, I do not really take much rice or noodle normally and I especially do not fancy fried stuff either. I love eating soupy food instead. At the end of the session, I was given a set of valuable nutrition charts plus a daily food intake form to be filled up daily.




I started my treatment session with Cryocelle Phased Therapy (CPT) treatment. The therapist first applied a layer of gel onto my abdomen and upper thighs areas, she then rolled over the areas with an applicator that helps penetrate the nutrient into the dermis and fat deposit area. The treatment also includes a 20-minute slimming massage that is different from the normal massage. This unique slimming massage technique, stronger in pressure than normal massage, helps to get rid of the unwanted inches, improve circulation and enhance lymphatic drainage, as it warm and relax the muscles. I really enjoyed this special slimming massage and it’s highly recommended!

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Embark My First Slimming Program With Marie France Bodyline – First Briefing Session


A few weeks ago, I was approached by OMY ( to extend an advertorial invitation on a slimming program from an established beauty brand – Marie France Bodyline. I was extremely delighted and without hesitation I took up the advertorial offer right away.

OMY is the Singapore’s first bilingual-friendly (Mandarin and English) news and entertainment interactive web portal by leading media group Singapore Press Holdings Ltd (SPH), primarily targeting at online users from 18 to 35 years old. The portal provides the latest news and infotainment for web-savvy users.

There are altogether 6 bloggers, including myself, are invited for this slimming program. Last Friday, 5 of us (1 blogger was out of town) have visited the Marie France Bodyline at International Building for our first consultation session. The OMY crews were there for a video shoot and interview too.

Fiona from Marie France was sitting on the extreme left. One of the bloggers was late actually.


About Marie France Bodyline

Marie France Bodyline is established in Switzerland with more than 25 years of experience in helping individuals to lose weight naturally. Marie France Bodyline offers weight-loss and inch-loss solutions without strict dieting, strenuous exercise or pills.

The key to Maria France Bodyline‘s advanced weight management treatments is the intensive research and development carried out at their laboratories worldwide where innovative formulas using powerful active compounds are created, and innovative technologies are developed to address the many common body compliants of today’s women, including excess fat tissue, cellulite woes and lack of skin elasticity.

As the leading provider of slimming services in Asia, Marie France Bodyline operates a network of over 200 centers in Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, Macau, Brunei, Vietnam and Dubai.


My first consultation

The session began with the GM of Marie France Bodyline giving us a short introduction of the company. This was followed by a presentation on the slimming program by one of their staff named Fiona.

I’m glad to find out that Marie France Bodyline provides more than 100 body treatments specially cater to individual needs and preferences such as cellulite reduction, fat or weight loss, firming, muscle toning, slimming, sculpting, lymphatic drainage, contouring and many more. There are more than 20 treatments exclusively created for abdominal area alone.

Marie France Bodyline introduces most updated and advanced equipment for customers to lose weight naturally without strict dieting, strenuous exercise or pills. As Marie France Bodyline believes that each of our body shape is unique, it is therefore essential to have treatments especially customize for individual needs. This is to ensure the best slimming result will be obtained. Unlike most slimming centres which only provide a couple of standard treatments that cater for all body types and having that the results will usually be compromised.

After the presentation was done, we were given a short tour around the centre with the camera crew following us around. During the tour, we got to preview the newly launched equipment – V’PRO System.


Introducing the latest V’PRO System

The V’PRO System is the first clinically proven, non-invasive, class II device to receive the FDA clearance for circuferential reduction and cellulite reduction. The V’PRO is CE marked for the treatment of cellulite and body contouring.

It uses infrared light that heats the tissue up to 2mm depth, radio frequency up to 20mm depth, vacuum that improves circulation and mechanical tissue manipulation that provide lymphatic drainage. It synergies of 4 technologies in 1 system (RF, IR, Vacuum, Massage). The synergistic combination of IR and conducted RF energies increases the oxygen transcellular diffusion by heating the skin. Vacuum and rollers manipulate and smooth out the skin to facilitate safe and effective energy delivery.

The therapist was demonstrating V’PRO on the volunteer model.


BMI Screening

After the tour, each of us was given a BMI (Body Mass Index) screening which was performed by the nutritionist. After analyzing the BMI results, the nutritionist gave a quick run-through and highlighted the areas that are exceeding the normal range.

Overall, everything seems normal except my waist and hip areas, excess fat is situated around the areas hence I need to shed the extra fat (approx. 2kg) from the areas.

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Review – Cool Sculpting Treatment, A New Non-Invasive Way To Loss Fat


During my 20s and early 30s, many peers will always admire my flat tummy and slim waistline. All thanks to my active lifestyle and high metabolism rate.

Fat began to store around on tummy when I reached my late 30s even though I was having the same lifestyle and eating habits as before. The truth is as I age, my basal metabolic rate decreases and with the loss of lean body mass too. And now at 40s, I can’t afford to eat the way as I used to, I have to cut down on fatty and sugary food. I hate those lumps, bumps and bulges. Hence, I refrain from wearing tight fitting clothing and I prefer to wear something loose fitting now.

Of course the best way to eliminate the flabby tummy is to undergo liposuction. Even if this is the best and only solution, I will never go for it because of many bad reports on liposuction that have “gone wrong”. In early Jan 2010, a 44 year-old man died after undergone liposuction treatment at a general practitioner’s clinic.

And recently, I have met up with Dr Chee, the founder of Wen and Weng Medical Group, a reliable and trustworthy doctor whom I have known for more than 10 years. What I like about him is that he never once hard sells or pushes me on signing up any package or treatment. I always feel comfortable whenever I go for a consultation or treatment at his clinic. He gives honest advice and on some occasions he even discourages me from taking up some treatments that he reckon do not work on me. And best of all, he never overcharges me! ;-)

And after sharing my concern on my abdominal bulge, he suggested that I may give CoolSculpting a try.

CoolSculpting is considered the newest non-invasive treatment to reduce fat. This treatment may not be suitable for everyone though. Dr Chee analyzed my tummy and concluded that I’m actually a right candidate for this new treatment. This treatment is ideal for people who are not fat but the little bulge is just enough to show through a snug-fitting t-shirt or blouse. And these small areas of fat don’t seem to warrant a surgical procedure.


What is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting, developed by ZELTIQ, is a new non-invasive procedure for fat layer reduction. This revolutionary procedure, developed by a team of scientists and physicians, uses a precisely controlled cooling method called Cryolipolysis to target, cool, and eliminate fat cells without damage to neighboring tissue.

After a one-to-three hour CoolSculpting procedure with your doctor, your body goes to work. Over the next two to four months, the crystallized fat cells break down and they are naturally flushed from your body.

On average, each CoolSculpting procedure will result in a 20% reduction of fat in the treated area. After the initial treatment cycle is completed, you can attain further reductions with additional procedures although some patients may find that one treatment is sufficient for them to achieve their goals.

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Treatment Review : TOUCHE Elite Clinical Radio Frequency (RF) Skin Treatment


Recently, Pearlin, our darling Social Media Connector, has cordially invited me for a complimentary Spa Treatment at TOUCHE Elite @ Orchard Hotel Shopping Arcade. I’m glad to be invited for this exclusive treatment. :-)

Upon reaching the spa, I was warmly welcomed by 3 beautiful ladies at the counter. The Spa Manager briskly showed me around and also briefly introduced the varies treatments available at TOUCHE Elite.



There are total of 4 TOUCHE outlets in Singapore. TOUCHE Elite, an exclusive spa, provides 2 great top-notch beauty treatments which are only exclusively available at TOUCHE Elite. And they are DNA-RNA Platinum NanoPLUS Treatment and Grape Wine AntioxidantPLUS Treatment.



TOUCHE Elite not only provides rejuvenation for face and body but also pampering the customers from head to toe with mani- and pedicure services.



TOUCHE Elite has 9 single treatment rooms and 3 couple treatment rooms for the lovely birds to enjoy the rejuvenation treatments at the same time. What a great idea!



As I have no idea on what spa treatment will they be offering me in the first place. I was extremely delighted when the manager offered their popular Elite Clinical Radio Frequency (RF) Skin Treatment as my complimentary treatment. Seems like they can read my mind……….hee hee………..I love anything that can do skin lifting task!

Elite Clinical Radio Frequency (RF) Skin Treatment, using the FDA-approved medical RF-type energy, is the latest breakthrough Technology using radio frequency wave to activate skin, fats and muscle tissues at cellular level for optimal correction, rejuvenation and improvement to restore our youth and vitality.

It is a non-invasive and safe treatment that uses a hand held wand to apply radio frequency energy deep into skin. RF waves causes a raise in temperature to shrink existing collagen to result in tightening of the overlying skin.

Key benefits

  • Regenerate collagen
  • Diminish wrinkles & double chin
  • Defining facial contour lines
  • Uplifts & firms sagging skin
  • Even out skin tone
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Reduce pore sizes & adult acne
  • Suitable for sensitive skin, especially eczema


A skin analysis is done by Melissa and the result shows that my skin is dehydrated. Oh no! :-(


This picture is taken before the Elite Clinical Radio Frequency (RF) Skin Treatment.

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Treatment Review – Dermal Fillers For Nasiolabial Folds & Marionette Lines, And Botox For Face Slimming & Forehead


Three months ago, I have written an article on Facial Remodeling Workshop conducted by Dr Z and I’m glad I have been chosen as the winner blogger to win a FREE one-vial Juvederm (hyaluronic acid) filler facial contouring treatment.

During the earlier workshop, Dr Z performed on two patients to demonstrate the faster and convenient way to achieve a sharper nose, higher cheekbones and slim down the face using fillers and botox without going under the knife.

I’m always troubled with my nasiolabial folds and marionette lines, these aging signs have made me look 5 years older than I should. So after seeing the result of the two patients, I was somewhat convinced that he (Dr Z) can probably help to treat my aging problems and hence I decided to make a visit to his clinic two weeks ago.

After analysing my problems, Dr Z suggested I require 2 vials of fillers for my nasiolabial folds and marionette lines, and botox for my flabby jawline and forehead fine lines.

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Treatment Review – Having Pixel Laser & Titan FaceLift At The Same Time


I’m always troubled with nasalabial fold (lines that run from corner of nostril to corner of mouth) and marionette lines (lines below corner of the mouth). I have tried numerous non-invasive treatments to treat these aging lines but to no avail. I’m also troubled with age spots, fine lines on forehead and below eye areas.

Therefore one and a half month ago, being a natural born vainpot, I decided to brave myself to do both Pixel Laser and Titan Facelift at the same time, hoping to boost better results. I’m not afraid of pain and both procedures treated by Dr Chee from Wen & Weng Medical Group, took me almost a hour. Nasalabial fold and marionette lines are treated with Titan Facelift while age spots and fine lines are mainly treated with Pixel Laser. Both treatments also help to boost collagen production – my all-time favourite skin benefit. *GRINS*

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Treatment Review – IPL – My Ultimate Skin Rejuvenator & Pigments Remover


IPL, also known as Intense Pulsed Light, is said to rejuvenate the skin.

The main benefit of these treatments is removal of pigment, blood vessels or pink flush from the face and to restore the old, damaged collagen and elastin which have caused the skin to lose its elasticity and wrinkle.

A phenomenal characteristic of IPL is that the machine can be manufactured to produce a very powerful beam of light that will only attack or destroy a specifically-colored target. 

The reason for IPL

I have in fact started on IPL treatments many years ago to eliminate sun damaged spots on my cheek bone area. The biggest spot was equivalent to size of a soya bean. 

I have tried at many places like beauty salons and dermatologist’s office. So far, the treatment done at doctor’s office achieves the best result. 



Super lousy! No result at all. I have signed up for 6 sessions and it costed $200+ per treatment. 

My third IPL treatment with them was a disappointment. There were actually 4 girls attending to me on that particular day. Girl A – cleanse my face, Girl B (a manager) – proceed on IPL, Girl C – remove the IPL gel and apply the cooling mask and Girl D – remove the mask. It was so disorganized, it puzzled me on why they can’t simply stick to one beautician to one customer instead? What a mess!!! Therefore immediately after the third treatment, I voiced out my unhappiness on the service and the result. Eventually I have to change the remanding 3 sessions to other treatments.

The treatment was painless and I believed the range they chose was too low. And the result was super disappointing after 3 sessions of IPL with them. No result at all! No improvement on texture or pigment spots.



Bella Skin Care

Extremely expensive. I have signed up for 9 sessions. It costed almost $500 per treatment. It consists of a microdermabrasion treatment, an IPL treatment (done by freelance doctor) and an oxygen therapy treatment. The IPL treatment was very painful, almost unbearable.

After the full course completion, the sun damaged spots were still very much visible. There was no lightening on the spots too.

My skin texture improved significantly. I especially liked the oxygen therapy treatment, it gave me this pinkish radiance skin immediately after every treatment. I don’t even need to put on any blusher or foundation at all. My skin is smooth, radiance and even toned.



Signature Beauty

The cheapest package of all. I have signed up for 6 sessions which costed about $100 per treatment. 

The IPL treatment was done by the beautician. The treatment was painless even though the machine was tuned to the highest range. The result was disappointing too! No visible result on pigmentation spots and skin texture.

After I have completed all the 6 sessions, as expected the beautician was trying very hard to convince me that I should go for more sessions to see result. Why bother, I don’t buy this crap.



Wen and Weng

Reasonably priced with good results! To start, I have signed up for 9 sessions. Dr Chee is very friendly and patient. He will listen to my concern and find the best solutions to treat my skin. His clinic offers the most affordable prices compare with other clinics. One thing I like about him is that he’s not pushy and he wouldn’t force me to sign up something that I’m not comfortable with.

After the first few sessions, I realized my face is fairer than my neck. This is because the treatment was done only on the face. Then Dr Chee was kind enough to give me a special ‘top-up’ rate to treat both face and neck. He’s very diligent in his work. He even gave me a compliment laser treatment on the pigment areas.

Marvelous results : Dr Chee has effectively removed the pigmentation spots and I was so delighted the spots are finally gone! Wow!!! My skin are much fairer than before. I even have to change my foundation to a tone lighter. The pores are significantly reduce and my skin is more radiant, smoother and pinkish even without any foundation at all. 



Side notes

My advice to those who are tempted to sign up on some cheap IPL packages which costs as low as $38 per treatment. You probably will be wondering why these packages are so cheap whilst doctors are charging in hundreds. Well, firstly some of these cheap packages do not include gel which is a necessity for IPL treatment and you need to top up for it. And secondly, there are many ‘made-in-China’ IPL machines which are fairly popular among the neighborhood beauty spas. 

Just like cars, you can’t possibly compare BMW (a premier brand) to Geely which are made in China. Both are cars which are able to do their basic function, is to drive you around. But in terms of performances, needless to say, Geely will never be able to match with BMW. 

Not to be surprised, you may NOT able to see result even you have completed the ten $38 sessions that’s total up to $380. Why not spend a good $200 for an IPL treatment by doctor and you may probably see minimal result even on the first treatment. 


Treatment Review – My Painful Experience With 1st Generation Thermage

I have always troubled with my nasolabial folds and marionette lines for many years. These signs of aging are due to insufficient protection against the sun in my 20s, extreme stress and severe insomnia which I’ve suffered for a year.

These facial aging, nasolabial folds (the fold of skin hanging down around the mouth) and marionette lines (the skin that fall down over the corner of the mouth and chin), make me look much older than I should. So early last year, I began to do some research on the best remedy through internet, press and feedback from my dermatologist.

At first I couldn’t decide between Titan and Thermage for skin tightening. I have in fact tried Titan treatment once many years ago when it was considered a fairly new machine at that time but no tightening result was shown.

So after analyzing the pros and cons on both treatments, I finally decided on Thermage as the most ideal choice to treat my problems.

Why I choose Thermage from Titan

Based on the research : Only 1 treatment is required for Thermage, whilst Titan requires at least 3 treatments in order to see results.

Thermage is able to burn fats, therefore able to contour my chubby face and reduce the double chin.

The cost factor : As most doctors are charging Thermage @$5k to $6k, and Titan @$1.5k to $2.5k. So after calculation, if 3 treatments are required for Titan, in total I will have to spend more on Titan to see result.

Dr Valentin Low Aesthetic and Laser Clinic

I’ve gotten to know Dr Valentin Low Aesthetic and Laser Clinic at Paragon through Beauty Shines Through – a website created by Allergan, where you can find a list of well-known doctors in Singapore.

My first encounter

What I remembered most on my first consultation session with Dr Valentin Low is that he gave me a feeling of confidence and assurance. His consultation was pretty convincing I must say. He painted a beautiful picture and told me not to worry too much and leave everything to him as he can achieve miracle for me. And he was very confident that these lines will be disappeared effortlessly.

My bad experience

It was a painful experience for me, in term of monetary and physically.

In fact, the first generation Thermage is considered the most painful non-invasive treatment I have tried so far. It was unbearable!It was so painful, I almost surrendered half way through the treatment. I couldn’t see any results unfortunately! Those who have tried the first generation Thermage will agree that it is really painful.

A month later….

I went back to the clinic for a review appointment a month after the treatment. Skin is overall firmer; eyelids are tightened, less puffy and sagging. But the major disappointments are the nasolabial folds and marionette lines, no visible improvement on these worried lines at all. He assured me that I will be able to see better results in the next couple of months time. In order to cheer me up further, he offered to give me ‘little’ complimentary treatments to tighten up my skin – ‘his trademark’ Gold-Threading (only on my cheek area) plus fillers injections (on my cheek bones), all FOC.

Immediately, I was able to see some superficial improvement with the Gold-Threading treatment. But sad to say, this ‘happiness’ was short-lived, the result barely lasted even 3 months.

3 to 6 months down the road….

Subsequently, I’ve visited him twice again, once on 3rd month and 6th month after the first treatment. Still no improvement at all. As expected, he convinced me that he can see the differences between before and after. He turned down my request when I asked for a ‘touch-up’ thermage session again. He advised it is risky for repeated thermage treatment within a year.


Research has shown that the result for first generation thermage treatment could only last for a year.

So for me, as expected, I still see no result after a year. I really felt so painful to spend my $6k hard-earned savings in this way. :-(


Will I try again? Probably for eyelid rejuvenation only

[Update @ 14 Dec 2014] Fortunately, Thermage has gone through a few generations and the latest Thermage is Total Tip. In fact, I’ve tested all the generations including the newest Total Tip. It’s definitely less painful and I could see the results instantly. Just a few weeks ago, I’ve my second Total Tip treatment at another clinic! :D Can’t wait to review it soon! By the way, Dr Valentin Low’s clinic also provides the latest Thermage Total Tip. The first generation Thermage is long gone!