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A Follow-Up Consultation With Dr Woffles Wu On My Surgical Eyebag Removal Procedure


Woof! Time really flies! Didn’t realize I have my surgical eye bag removal procedure done more than three years ago. It has been a long while since I’ve met Dr Woffles Wu. I have recently visited him again for my third follow-up consultation.

To be true, I was a little unhappy with the result few months upon the procedure. As the swelling started to subside, I began to notice an indention at tear trough area (right below the ‘love roll’ muscle at the lower eyelids). The indention became more obvious especially between 6th to 12th months upon the procedure and prior the swelling was fully subsided.

Above image : An illustration by Dr Wu while explaining about the cause of my depression.

After checking with Dr Wu, I got to understand what are the causes of the depression. The depressions are not due to the amount of fat being removed but it is part of the aging process and for my case, it is due to swelling too. As we age, the lower eyelid above the cheek and below begin to sag however the tear trough cannot sag with the rest of the facial skin due to its ligaments attachment to the bone of the eye socket.

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