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Food Sampling at Nana’s Green Tea


nana's green tea

nana's green tea

Recently, I was invited to a food tasting at Nana’s Green Tea located in the Atrium at Plaza Singapura #03-80/82. I’ve brought along three blogger friends with me. I’ve never done any food sampling blog post before and this will be my first.

About Nana’s Green Tea

Established ten years ago in Tokyo, ʻʻNanaʼs Green Teaʼʼ is a pioneer of Japanese cafe dealing with ʻʻMatchaʼʼ, green powdered tea.

nana's green tea

“Nana’s Green Tea” gained popularity and became known as the ʻJapanese Starbucksʼ where tea drinking is a culture. Nanaʼs Green Tea Cafe was also awarded the No.1 brand among Japanese cafe. All green tea leaves served in the Café are imported from Kyoto only, which is the most famous production center of ʻʻMatchaʼʼ, aiming at delivering genuine Japanese taste and health to modern people. Our aim is to introduce the finest Japanese food culture and tradition to the world and enrich people’s life.

Do you know about the health benefits of matcha green tea?

Aside from being super yummy, it is known to be a powerful antioxidant that helps to such as burn fat, protect against heart disease and diabetes, lower blood pressure, improve immunity and prevent cancer.

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