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[Review] SK-II Facial Treatment Cleansing Oil


Cleansing is an important part of my daily beauty routine. To achieve a healthy-looking skin, I always ensure my face is thoroughly cleanse every night. When it comes to makeup cleanser, I actually prefers cleansing oil than milk. I find that cleansing milk is milder and it doesn’t really clean off makeup as well as cleansing oil do.

SK-II Facial Treatment Cleansing Oil

I’ve recently obtained the SK-II Facial Treatment Cleansing Oil and after a few weeks of usage, I decided to review the product.

Product Profile

SK-II Facial Treatment Cleansing Oil contains a rich formula of Pitera and Apple Seed extract that deeply cleanses pores and effectively eliminates even the most stubborn makeup, mascara and sunscreen. This 2-in-1 cleanser and makeup remover leaves skin clear and radiant. Recommended for combination to oily skin types.


Based on the ingredient list, this Facial Treatment Cleansing Oil contains a high concentration of mineral oil. This clear odorless oil cannot become a solid and it doesn’t clog pores or cause acne. :D Though it’s somewhat greasy but it doesn’t suffocate my skin. Hence, this Facial Treatment Cleansing Oil is also suitable for combination to oily skin types too.

It also contains a rich formula of Pitera, the fifth ingredient on the list. I spotted Citric Acid in the list, the small amounts of this ingredient helps adjust the pH of the the product to prevent it from being too alkaline.

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Reviews – 5 Great Cosmetic Products That I’m Finishing Soon


Hi hi to all my lovely readers, how’s your day today? Hope you are feeling great! :D

clarins white plus pearl-to-cream brightening cleanser, estee lauder advanced night repair, leaders clinic medieu spf 50+ PA+++ mild sunscreen, clarins double serum, clinique clarifying moisture lotion 1

Today, I will like to review 5 of the great skincare products that I’m finishing soon. (from left) Clinique Clarifying Moisture Lotion 1, Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair, Clarins Double Serum, Clarins White Plus Pearl-to-Cream Brightening Cleanser and Leaders Clinic Medieu SPF 50+ PA+++ Mild Sunscreen & Waterproof Make-up Base Combination.


Clinique Clarifying Moisture Lotion 1

Clinique Clarifying Moisture Lotion 1

I’ve bought this large size (in 400ml) Clinique Clarifying Moisture Lotion 1 at Changi Airport. Clarifying Moisture Lotion 1 (ONE) is ideal for very dry to dry skin. Clinique 3-Step Skincare Care System, comprising of 3-steps – cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize; and Clarifying Lotion is used as the STEP 2 routine. Lotion (also known as toner), is one of my must-have products for my night regimen. Formulated with mostly water and miniscule active ingredients, this lotion acts as a double cleansing process to help cleanse away the residue and dirt that my cleanser has missed. It also helps to exfoliate my skin whenever I rub the soaked cotton pad with lotion on my face. This mild Clarifying Lotion is allergy tested and is 100% fragrance free. What I like about this mild lotion is that it doesn’t contain any alcohol and it’s super suitable for sensitive skin like mine. I will definitely buy it again!

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Comparison Review – DHC Mild Touch Cleansing Oil, Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil, Shu Uemura Balancing Cleansing Oil & Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Cleansing Oil


This post was done quite some time ago but I didn’t get to publish it until today. My bad for taking so long! Last year, while I was doing my mini spring cleaning, I accidentally found out that I actually have 4 cleansing oils sitting or hiding out in different corner of my house and some of them were barely used. These 4 cleansing oils I’ve received in 2011 are DHC Mild Touch Cleansing Oil, Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil, Shu Uemura High Performance Balancing Cleansing Oil advanced formula and Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Cleansing Oil. I decided to do a comparison review between these 4 cleansing oil and I will remove the same makeup products that comprise of highly-pigmented red lipstick, waterproof mascara, waterproof liquid eyeliner, foundation and pigmented eyeshadow colors.

I like all of them and it’s pretty hard to decide on which is better. All of them have their own plus points.

Below : 1 tick = worst and 5 ticks = best


DHC Mild Touch Cleansing Oil – S$37.50 / 150ml

DHC Mild Touch Cleansing Oil is formulated with natural Lavender Essential Oil, Plural Amino Acid and Moringa Seed. It is coloring, surfactant, mineral oil, paraben and alcohol-FREE.

Skin feels moisturizing and smooth √√√√

Dissolve and remove stubborn makeup effectively √√√√

Skin thoroughly cleansed √√√√√

Leaving behind no greasy residue √√√√√

Doesn’t clog pores √√√√√

Oil consistency : Thin & light

Verdict :

After tested all four cleansing oils numerous times concurrently, I have to conclude that this DHC Cleansing Mild Touch Oil is my least favorite among the 4. It is because I do not like its oil consistency, it’s too watery for me. But all-in-all, it’s a pretty satisfactory product.

Click here to read my full review on DHC Mild Touch Cleansing Oil.

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Review – Dr. CiLabo Enrich-Lift Cleansing & Massage


During my recent trip to Japan in April this year, I happened to come across a lifting cleansing product by Dr CiLabo that comes with an unique texture.

I believe most of you may not have heard of Dr CiLabo. Surprisingly it is pretty popular in Japan as I can find it at almost all the beauty stores I have patronized. Fortunately, Dr CiLabo is now available in Singapore and you can find it at Isetan Orchard, Parco Marina Bay and Centrepoint the Robinsons.

Dr CiLabo, a leading medical cosmetic brand in Japan, was founded by Yoshinori Shirono who is one of the few doctors in Japan specializing in dermatological laser surgery with over 50,000 cases under his name.

Its signature product Aqua Collagen Gel, is FREE of surfactants, mineral oils, artificial colorings or fragrances, has sold more than 10 millions jars so far.

Dr. CiLabo Enrich-Lift Cleansing & Massage, price at S$53.00 for a 110g, is one of the few amazing Dr CiLabo products I’ve tested. It is the love at first use! It is probably one of the best makeup cleansers I’ve use so far. Continue reading to find out more….

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Re-review – New Formulation Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil


I was first introduced to Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil about 10 years ago and it was one of my favorite cleansing products at the time. And I’ve been faithfully using it for a couple of years before switching to different brand later. During the period, there have not been many cleansing oils in the market to choose from and it was quite new in the market too.

FANCL, a leading preservative-free beauty brand in Japan, is considered the first brand I’ve known that contains no potentially harmful preservatives and other additives.

And for that reason, most Fancl products are packed for a 30-day supply; so the product stays fresh to the last drop. To ensure further assurance, the products always carry the manufacturing date together with a freshness sticker and the FANCL Safety Standard (FSS) mark. It is attached to products that meet the standards for safety, trust and gentleness.

Recently, I have received an invitation to review Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil again though I have actually reviewed it before more than 2 years ago. Many thanks to The Sample Store for extending this invitation to me.

Do continue reading as there’s something interesting for you!


Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil

S$19 for 60ml / S$33 for 120ml

Product Profile

Makeup removal is now blissfully easy with FANCL Mild Cleansing Oil. This powerful formulation now comes enriched with Meadow Foam Oil which aids the removal of keratin plugs over time for a clearer, smoother complexion.

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NEW Hada Labo Cleansing Oil with High Purity Olive Oil


Hada Labo, one of the popular skincare brands in Japan, has recently launched their latest makeup remover product in Singapore and it is the Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Cleansing Oil with High Purity Olive Oil.

This new cleansing oil is formulated with 2 key ingredients – high purity Olive Oil and Super Hyaluronic Acid. The ultra pure Olive Oil gently remove dirt, oil and heavy makeup effortlessly and it is a 1-step makeup remover that can also remove tough, waterproof mascara and eye liner. Super Hyaluronic Acid gives 2X more moisture than normal hyaluronic acid, where 1g can retain litres of water, giving you refreshing smoothness after cleansing.

Committing to Hada Labo’s ‘PERFECT X SIMPLE’ philosophy, it does not contain mineral oil which is harmful to the skin and clogs pores, unlike other Cleansing Oils in the market. It is FREE of fragrance, color, mineral oil and alcohol.

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Review – DHC Mild Touch Cleansing Oil & DHC Pore Essence


Just a while ago, I was delighted to receive a hand delivery from Watsons Singapore and it contains a couple of beauty products that I’m actually quite curious to try out.

Here’s a peek of what I have received – DHC Mild Touch Cleansing Oil, DHC Pore Essence, SuperDrug Swiss Apple Overnight Skin Renewal Serum, Watsons Bamboo Vinegar & Milk Exfoliating Foot Mask, Avalon Organics Biotin B-Complex Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner. These products are exclusively available at selected Watsons stores in Singapore. (read below for store locators)

So let me start with the ones that interest me most, the newly launched DHC Mild Touch Cleansing Oil and DHC Pore Essence.


DHC Mild Touch Cleansing Oil – S$37.50 / 150ml

Due to the popular demand of the bestselling botanical DHC Deep Cleansing Oil, DHC has specially created a milder version DHC Mild Touch Cleansing Oil that helps to effectively remove dirt and impurities while maintaining skin’s moisture levels.

It is formulated with natural Lavender Essential Oil, Plural Amino Acid and Moringa Seed.

It is believed that skin problems such as clogged pores and skin irritation can occur if makeup and impurities are not properly removed, which I fully agree with it! DHC Deep Cleansing Oil solves this problem without stripping off your natural moisture.

This new mild cleansing oil actually contains 2 types of cleansing contents – regular cleansing ingredients and gemini amphiphilic cleansing ingredients. While regular cleansing ingredients contain water and oil dissolvable contents, gemini cleansing ingredients are oil in water emulsions. This helps the latter fulfill both “powerful cleansing” and moisture effect” simultaneously by enabling both oil and water contents to merge together.

In addition, this revolutionary formula disperses oil into ultra fine emulsion, causing makeup and impurities to rise to the surface while preventing re-absorption.

Hence, it is claimed that even the thickest makeup can be removed easily. I decided to do a test to see if the claim is true. Yes, this mild cleansing oil actually removes the permanent makeup effortlessly.

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Review – NEW Bior© Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash


To me proper cleansing is one of the most important basic regimen for my healthy-looking skin. My cleansing process comprises of two steps. Step 1 : using a makeup cleanser to remove makeup, dirt and pollution; and step 2 using a facial wash to cleanse away the residue on my face.

Facial wash is usually available in different texture such as gel, cream, foam or scrub; and I preferably like the gel (no soap) and the foamy texture.

As Japanese women believe that pulling and putting pressure on the skin while washing will lead to loss of firmness on the skin, hence the foam-based texture facial wash is especially popular among the Japanese women.

Recently, I have received a complimentary NEW Bior© Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash to test and review. Kao Bior©, a popular drugstore brand from Japan, offers a selection of products that include facial wash, makeup remover, sunblock, pore pack and body powder.

The collagen enriched (moisturising benefit) and ultra fine fluffy foam (effective cleansing) are the 2 key selling points of this recently launched NEW Bior© Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash.

This ultra fine, soft and dense foamy texture acts as a cushion to your skin that is gentle and prevent cleansing pressure on the skin. So I believe that is why this facial wash is called “Marshmallow Whip” because of the texture similarity – bouncy, soft and cushion feel.

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Review – Japan SANA’s Natural Resource Range


A few months ago, I have received a full range of Japan SANA’s Natural Resource products and I was supposed to review them one month after usage. Yes I know it was way overdue. But due to other commitments lately, I have no choice but to defer this review. Excuses excuses excuses hee hee…………..

Thankfully, Carra from SANA has never chased me on this. Thanks Carra and Elfaine from TheSampleStore for their patience and understanding! :-)

Click here to read my earlier preview on SANA’s Natural Resource.

The range of SANA’s Natural Resource products that I have received and to review are :

  • Natural Resource Medicated Cleansing Oil
  • Natural Resource Medicated Foamed Wash
  • Natural Resource Medicated Skin Lotion (Toner)
  • Natural Resource Medicated Milk Lotion
  • Natural Resource Medicated Cream
  • Natural Resource Medicated Essence Lotion (Serum)
  • Natural Resource Medicated UV Milk SPF19 PA+++ (sunblock)
  • Natural Resource Liquid Foundation UV SPF22 PA+++
  • Natural Resource Loose Powder UV SPF19 PA+++
  • Natural Resource Medicated Compact Pressed Powder
  • Natural Resource Moist Skincare Powder 24h (night powder)


SANA’s Natural Resource Profile

SANA’s Natural Resource products, from Japan, contain natural ingredients such as balsam, wild rose, magwort, white birch, brown sugar and adlay extracts. They also contain refreshing fruits and fragrant flowers such as geranium, lavender, rosewood, bergamot (orange) and grapefuit. These natural aromas allows skin and mind to relax with the refreshing fragrance of herbal aroma and to heal tired spirit. Frankly, I was a little skeptical to review these products at first. Reason because it contains natural lavender ingredient which (I always have this perception) will cause skin irritation especially on sensitive skin like mine. But I brave myself to try out the products and to my surprise, most of the products do not cause any irritation except the Essence Lotion.

All SANA’s Natural Resource products are FREE of colorants, mineral oil, alcohol (except Skin Lotion AC), paraben, ultraviolet ray absorbent agent and artificial fragrances.

All SANA’s Natural Resource is suitable for sensitive skin except Lotion AC.


SANA’s Natural Resource Cleansing Oil

180ml / S$34.90

SANA’s Natural Resource Cleansing Oil is my favourite SANA Natural Resource product. I like the transparent lightweight, dilute and non-oily texture. It is less oilier than other cleansing oils I have tested before such as Shu Uemura and Fancl. I like the light lavender scent too.

Although SANA Cleansing Oil is very gentle but it effectively removes stubborn waterproof makeup pretty well. This oil-based makeup remover effortlessly remove all traces of makeup and it doesn’t make my skin feeling greasy/oily after use. It doesn’t make my skin feeling dry nor tight. And most importantly, it doesn’t cause any irritation on my sensitive skin. Great! It is definitely suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin too.


Will I buy it myself? Yes definitely!


SANA’s Natural Resource Foamed Wash

160ml / S$28.90

SANA’s Natural Resource Foamed Wash is my second step cleansing product. It helps to remove impurities, dead skin cells and residue on my skin. The lather is thick and supple. It feels gentle on my skin and it doesn’t cause any skin irritation. My skin feels clean and fresh after usage. Although my skin doesn’t feel tight which most cleansing foams do but SANA NR Foam Wash tends to leave a slight friction on my skin. I reckon it is due to the drying agent such as detergent in it.


Will I buy it myself? Maybe


SANA’s Natural Resource Skin Lotion M (Toner)

180ml / S$38.90

What I like about SANA’s Natural Resource Skin Lotion is that it provides the third step of cleansing : it further helps to remove the dirt and residue that the cleansing oil and foamed wash missed.

SANA’s Natural Resource Skin Lotion provides this lavender scent which is very refreshing. It is not sticky and it is quite watery. It doesn’t contain alcohol or fragrance which is good.

For night regimen, I will soak a cotton pad in SANA’s Natural Resource Skin lotion and rub my face with it. I will see makeup, residue, dirt and grime on the cotton pad. This mechanical rubbing with the toner-soaked cotton pad also helps to exfoliate the dead skin cells on the surface at the same time.


Will I buy it myself? Very likely!

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Review – Estee Lauder Soft Clean Silky Hydrating Lotion


I have came across Estee Lauder Soft Clean Silky Hydrating Lotion at one of the beauty review site and it is reviewed as one of the “BEST TONER” in the market. So to give it a benefit of the doubt, I decided to give it a try and to see if it is what it has claimed to be.

For the last couple of years, I have never stopped searching for a good toner. I have tried and tested numerous toners but I finally realized that it is so hard to find a suitable toner for my skin type – rosacea and sensitive skin.

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