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Review – Prevent Aging With Elizabeth Arden PREVAGE® Face Advanced Anti-Aging Serum



Everyday, our skin is assaulted by the environmental pollution, stress, smoke and sun. In fact, they have one thing in common, they create free radicals and therefore accelerate skin aging. So what’s the best way to disarm the free radicals? Simple, the answer is with Antioxidants!

Free radical damage is one aging factor that we can do something about. There are many antioxidants in the market and how do we know which is more potent.

Idebenone, proven as the most powerful antioxidant*, is the only antioxidant to receive the highest EPF® (Environmental Protection Factor) rating of 95 out of 100. Elizabeth Arden’s bestselling anti-aging formula with acclaimed antioxidant Idebenone takes anti-aging skincare to a new level of performance and innovation with PREVAGE® Face Advanced Anti-Aging Serum.

During the recent Elizabeth Arden PREVAGE® Face Serum Bloggers Preview, I was fortunate to receive 2X 5ml NEW PREVAGE® Face Advanced Anti-Aging Serum (three weeks usage) for review and to experience this innovation breakthrough.

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Review – SK-II Facial Treatment Essence


sk-ii facial treatment essence

For the longest time, I have always wanted to try SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. I have been receiving good reviews on how wonderful this ‘Pitera’ product is. But I was a bit skeptical and hence choose to hold back due to a ‘stupid’ myth I’ve heard from different friends since many years ago.

“It is a miracle product that can help you to achieve a crystal clear skin BUT if you start using it, you can’t stop. You need to keep on using it and if you don’t, your skin will start to get even worse than what it was before.” Hahaha!!! Stupid right?!

Ironically, before I even start using SK-II product, a few of my friends and colleagues who admire my skin, will all ask if I’m using SK-II. It is amazing to see people perceive SK-II as a ‘miracle’ skincare for good-looking skin.

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Review – Elizabeth Arden Prevage Anti-Aging Night Cream & NEW Prevage Day Ultra Protection Anti-Aging Moisturizer SPF 30 PA++



As I’m one of the lucky few to be invited for the recent PREVAGE Bloggers and Forumers Workshop, each of us were given the miniature set (approx a month supply) of Elizabeth Arden Prevage® Anti-Aging Night Cream (7ml) & the NEW Prevage® Day Ultra Protection Anti-Aging Moisturizer SPF 30 PA++ (5ml). We are fortunate to be able to test both day and night cream, select our favourite between both and a COMPLIMENTARY FULL SIZE PRODUCT of our choice (each worth S$239) will be given to us.

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Review – SkinCeuticals Daily Moisture Lightweight Pore-Minimizing Moisturizer, Keeps My Skin Hydrate

SkinCeuticals Daily Moisture Lightweight Pore-Minimizing Moisturizer is one of the great feel-good moisturizer I’ve tested so far. In fact, I will classify it as a no-frill lightweight moisturizer with above average result.

SkinCeuticals Daily Moisture Lightweight Pore-Minimizing Moisturizer, ideal for normal or oily skin, is claimed to hydrate, nourish and reduce the appearance of pore size with an exclusive combination of natural extracts. High levels of pure vitamin E heal and protect while Brazilian sea algae deliver proteins, amino acids and essential minerials to the skin.

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Review – Paula’s Choice Super Antioxidant Concentrate, My Anti-Aging Preventer


Paula’s Choice Super Antioxidant Concentrate is another ‘must-have’ product for my daily skin care regimen. In fact, I’m having my third serum tube now.

What is antioxidant?

As you should know the importance on combating free radicals with antioxidants by now. If you don’t, I shall give you a brief description on this potent ingredient. Studies have shown that antioxidants have the ability to reduce or prevent some amount of the oxidative damage that destroys and depletes the skin’s function and structure, while also preventing some amount of the degeneration of skin and its support structure caused by sunlight.

In fact, if you realize there are many cosmetic companies emphasis a lot on antioxidants when marketing their anti-aging skin care products. Usually, they will try to incorporate the antioxidants as the key ingredients and claim them as the ‘innovative breakthrough’ ingredients to reverse signs of aging. But the true fact is the key ingredients present in minuscule quantities which most of the time do nothing good to the skin at all. So not to be surprised, even you finish that whole miracle jar, you will probably may not be able to see any results at all.

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Review – Clarins HydraQuench Cream Keeps My Skin Moisture


Lately I am troubled with my dry skin due to the new sitting arrangement with air-conditioning just directly above my working desk. The air-conditioning has dehydrated my skin a lot. I can see my skin getting dryer day by day. As the skin moisture starts to decrease, I’ve noticed my skin getting duller, feeling tighter and losing radiance. Fine lines are also extremely visible around the eye areas.

Clarins HydraQuench Cream, for normal to dry skin, is an ideal moisturizer for day and night. I have gotten the sample of Clarins HydraQuench Cream after purchasing a Clarins sunscreen few weeks ago.

Product claims

The ultra-moisturizing skincare with a fine, penetrating texture that satisfies all of the needs of normal to dry skin regardless of variations in temperature of climate.


Clarins HydraQuench Cream contains caprylic/capric triglyceride, helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil, cetearyl alcohol, cetyl alcohol and stearyl alcohol which are considered good emollients. In addition, it also contains sodium hyaluronate (a component of skin tissue) and sodium pca that are considered good water-binding agents.

It also contains good antioxidant ingredients like camellia sinensis leaf extract, also known as green tea, tocopheryl acetate and tocopherol, both are known as vitamin E. Sodium lauryl sulfate and fragrance are skin irritant ingredients which also can be found in Clarins HydraQuench Cream.


Clarins HydraQuench Cream provides sufficient moisture I need regardless of variations in temperature or climate. I extremely like the lightweight, non-oily and silky texture which penetrates well onto my skin. My skin doesn’t feel oily even few hours after the application. Clarins HydraQuench Cream helps to hydrate and softer my skin effectively.

One of the setback is the jar packaging. Studies have shown that some ingredients for example plant extracts, vitamins and antioxidant, break down and deteriorate in the presence of air and light. Hence, if the product is in jar packaging which is not airtight, it will allow air and light penetration. Some air and light sensitive ingredients will become ineffective within a short period of time after the container is opened.


 packaging is a problem!

Will I buy it? Maybe


Review – Can RoC Retin-Ox Wrinkle Filler Cream Eliminate Wrinkles?


I have heard and read numerous good reviews on this brand RoC, a Johnson & Johnson brand, and have always wanted to try this brand for the longest time. One thing that hold me back is their potent ingredient – Retinol.

Retinol, the mildest form of vitamin A, may cause birth defects and it should not be used by women who are pregnant. As you guys should know by now that I was before desperately trying for a baby hence I do not want to risk my chance for that.

RoC, the french anti-aging skin care experts, has been at the forefront of skin care innovation. It has developed the first hypoallergenic skincare products in 1957 and Retinol Actif Pur, the first pure and stabilized form of vitamin A, a pioneer treatment in the visible reduction of wrinkles in 1995.

RoC was the first to formulate stabilized Retinol, a scientific proven anti-aging ingredient and RoC products are primarily sold in the skin care sections of drug stores nationwide. 

A colleague of mine has given me this RoC Retin-Ox Wrinkle Filler Cream sample and I was looking forward to try my first RoC product actually.

Product profile

RoC Wrinkle Filler combines the anti-wrinkle properties of Retinol with the immediate filling properties of hyaluronic acid in a rich moisturising formula. Your skin looks visibly smoother, the appearance of wrinkles is reduced. 


The key ingredient, Retinol, is the mildest and non-prescription form of vitamin A. Studies have shown that vitamin A stimulates the production of new skin cells, increases cell turnover and build collagen. Unlike Retin-A and Renova – the more potent and prescription form of vitamin A which can cause irritation, Retinol is less likely to get irritated and therefore is ideal for people who are starting out on vitamin A.

RoC Retin-Ox Wrinkle Filler Cream also contains hyaluronic acid, a good water-binding agent, which helps to plump the skin and visibly smoothing wrinkles.

Other beneficial ingredients are …. ascorbic acid (a form of vitamin C) and tocopheryl acetate (also known as vitamin E) which are good antioxidants.

Allantoin is an effective anti irritant and dihydroxy methyl chromone is claimed to boost the anti-aging performance of hyaluronic acid and retinol, and helps to balance skin.


Although RoC Retin-Ox Wrinkle Filler Cream is claimed to help rapidly smoothes the appearance of wrinkles, plumps and smoothes skin but some reports have shown that the amount of retinol on RoC Retin-Ox Wrinkle Filler Cream is barely a dusting and therefore the skin won’t receive much or benefit from it.

So after a close up examining, I have noticed very slight and faintly visible improvement on fine lines at the forehead and areas below crows feet. But there is no visible improvement on deeper lines and wrinkles like crows feet and nasalabial folds. There is also no effect on skin moisture and texture though.

I like the smooth and slight creamy texture and it does not leave my skin feeling greasy at all.

RoC Retin-Ox Wrinkle Filler Cream, a 30ml day and night moisturizer, is Quality Standards Formulated to minimise the risk of allergy and Non-comedogenic that would not clog pores. It can be applied in the morning as a base for make-up, and/or at night to your face and neck.


Will I buy it? Maybe


Review – Chanel Restructuring Anti-Wrinkle Firming Night Cream


Personally, when it comes to shopping for cosmetics, Chanel naturally becomes one of the brands to consider on my shopping list. But when it comes to Chanel’s skin care products, I just find it hard to relate or entrust them to take good care of my skin. Somehow the skin care counterpart never really capture my attention or cross my mind of their existence.

Chanel Restructuring Anti-Wrinkle Firming Night Cream so far is the first Chanel skin care product I have tested. I have obtained the sample from a cosmetic purchase lately.

Product claims

Adhesioderm firms and resculpts; it’s as if surface skin is ‘bonded to its support system. Exclusive Life Cycle Regenerator dramatically reduces the appearance of wrinkles. The look of youth is restored.


Chanel Restructuring Anti-Wrinkle Firming Night Cream basically contains humectant, emollient and thickening agent. It contains tiny amount of vitamin E, which is close to nothing. 

Phenoxyethanol and fragrance are skin irritant ingredients that are found in the product.


I like the ‘strawberry’ scent very much. Non-heavy texture is a plus point. As it is called ‘anti-wrinkle’, don’t expect to see miracle from this cream. It’s probably just a preventive cream rather than a treatment cream. Although there is no visible result so far but it does help my skin feels smooth and hydrate.

The conclusion : Sad to say, there’s nothing special about this product, in terms of ingredients and long-term benefits. The ‘Exclusive Life Cycle Regenerator’ is basically just another marketing fictitious claim, as there is no ingredient to support it at all.

But if you adore ‘feel good’ product, you may want to give this product a try. For me, I will give it a miss!


Will I buy this product? No way


Review – SkinCeuticals Serum 10 AOX+



I have managed to obtain SkinCeuticals Serum 10 AOX+ sample in a generous size, which actually last me for more than a month. 

Product claims

Formulated with 10% L-ascorbic acid, this antioxidant treatment helps protect against damaging UVA/UVB rays, prevent premature signs of aging and stimulate collagen production. Serum 10 is lightweight, fast-absorbing and optimal for sensitive and acneic skin.

My experiment with the product

Before trying SkinCeuticals Serum 10 AOX+, I was a bit skeptical whether my skin will get allergy with 10% L-ascorbic acid. Although scientifically, L-ascorbic acid is claimed as a potent form of vitamin C but it is known to be very unstable. Having a sensitive skin, I have to be extremely cautious on any acidic ingredient. The highest I have tried so far is 5% and it was fine on my skin. In fact, many studies have shown that 10% is the correct and minimal concentration of vitamin C, to see proven results.

I have encountered some minor temporarily irritation with tingling sensation that last about 10 minutes or so during my first few rounds of applications. In fact, some dermatologists believe that these are the signs that the product is working. But occasionally, I do encounter some irritation which I get itchy on some small spots on the skin. I reckon it is due to my sensitive skin.

Different strengths to suit your need

SkinCeuticals Serum 10 AOX+, ideal for sensitive skin types or acne conditions, combines 10% L-ascorbic acid with ferulic acid to provide antioxidant and anti-aging benefits. 

So if you want to try something stronger, you may consider SkinCeuticals Serum 15 AOX+(15% L-ascorbic acid) and Serum 20 AOX+(20% L-ascorbic acid), both combine with ferulic acid.

Ingredients & Benefits

L-ascorbic acid, also known as vitamin C, is a powerful antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals, defends against environmental damage and helps prevent premature signs of aging. It reduces the appearance of the lines and wrinkles, provides photo-protection and stimulates collagen synthesis.

SkinCeuticals has discovered a way to get vitamin C into the skin when applying it on the surface is to combine it with ferulic acid. Ferulic acid, occurs naturally in plants and is a source of ultra-violet (UV) protection, increases the stability of vitamin C.


After a month of usage : SkinCeuticals Serum 10 AOX+ has helped to improve my skin texture and skin elasticity. Skin is firmer and healthier. I have also noticed the fine lines on the forehead have reduced significantly.

But there is no visible improvement on the pigmentation.


Will I buy it? …… Most likely!


Review – Olay Total Effects 7-In-1 Anti-Aging Cream

Previously, I used to shun off drugstore “anti-aging” products, but after reading some good reviews on products under Olay Total Effects 7-In-1 Anti-Aging range, so for the benefit of doubt, I intended to give a try on one of them.

Product claims

Olay Total Effects 7-In-1 Anti-Aging Cream works to fight against 7 of the major signs of aging. The 7 anti-aging benefits in 1 moisturizer are :

  1. Line Minimization : Reduces appearance of fine lines
  2. Nourishing Moisturization : Soothes dry skin
  3. Tone Enhancement : Evens skin tone
  4. Gentle exfoliation : Smoothes and evens skin texture
  5. Pore Refinement : Minimizes the appearance of pores
  6. Anti-oxidants : Helps protect skin’s moisture barrier
  7. Subtle Lifting : Hydrates for firmer skin appearance

My Opinion

One thing that puzzled me is that although Olay Total Effects 7-In-1 Anti-Aging Creams, which available in Singapore are manufactured in Thailand, imported in India but I don’t understand on why the ingredients are slightly different as compared to other parts of the world. Couldn’t they (P&G) make them consistent?

Having 7 anti-aging benefits are in fact very ‘attractive’ to the potential consumers. But frankly, most of the benefits are interlink, for example : gentle exfoliation not only helps to smooth and even skin texture but also help to minimize the appearance of pores. Nourishing moisturization not only soothes dry skin but also hydrates, protect skin’s moisture barrier and reduces the appearance of fine lines.


One of the plus points for this Olay Total Effects 7-In-1 Anti-Aging Cream is that it contains a handful of antioxidants like tocopheryl acetate, BHT, tocopherol and camellia sinensis leaf extract, which help to combat the free radicals, the major cause of skin aging.

Another good ingredient is niacinamide, water-soluble ingredient, that has been shown to increase ceramide and free fatty acid levels in skin, prevent skin from losing water content and stimulate micro-circulation in the dermis.

But it contains skin-irritants ingredients like benzyl alcohol and fragrance.

Although there is no SPF indication on the product, but it does contain some sunscreen ingredients like titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.


I like the texture as it doesn’t feel oily on my skin. Although my skin is more hydrated and tone, but there is no visible improvement on fine lines and firming.

I will consider Olay Total Effects 7-In-1 Anti-Aging Cream, for normal to dry skin, as a good moisturizer instead of a anti-aging cream.


I dislike the packaging so much!

Will I buy it again? …… Maybe!