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Beauty Questions? Ask Dr. Irwin
- Darker Neck Color


Reader’s Question

My neck is of a darker tone than face and shoulder area, despite I apply the same products on face to my neck.

I’ve tried scrubbing my neck on a daily basis but it doesn’t seem to help much.

What can I do to achieve same skin tone from face to body?


Dr. Irwin’s Answer

Okay – I hate to tell you this but the daily scrubbing is making the color darker. If you scrub your neck daily, it creates enough irritation that it activates the cells that make pigment to make even more! Neck skin is more sensitive than facial skin. Please stop the scrubbing today! At the drugstore buy some hydrocortisone 0.5% and use it once a day for one week only – no longer. And, in the morning apply a good sunscreen with at least 5% zinc in it to your neck.  At night, apply a good moisturizer –  Cetaphil cream is fine but others are okay too as long as they are nice and thick and don’t irritate you. If any product seems to irritate your neck, stop it and find something that is soothing. After about 2-4 weeks, you should see improvement. If you don’t, you may need help from a Dermatologist. Here is a link to more information on neck and chest issue:

Dr. Irwin

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Review – Sothys Shaping Neck Care


When it comes to skin care, I believe most women tend to focus on their faces, forgetting about the other parts of their bodies. And neck is one area that most women will probably neglect.

How often or do you specially buy products for the neck? In fact, the neck often gives away a woman’s age. Many women as young as early 20s have already started to see their first telltale sign of aging on their neck.

As the skin around the neck is much thinner than the face, it therefore tends to age more readily than the face. The most common signs of neck aging are unsightly strands and bands of skin and muscle, turkey necks, horizontal lines and double chin.

Since young, I never neglect taking good care of my neck. Even till now at 40s, I will always apply sufficient sunscreen and moisturizer on the neck. To firm up my neck, I will also perform a diy neck stretching massage after my day and night regimen.

Click here to view the neck massage video demonstration.

I have recently received my first neck product and it was from Sothys Singapore. Sothys Shaping Neck Care, priced at S$129 in 30ml, is my first Sothys product I will be reviewing. In fact, this is not the first Sothys product I have tested. More than ten years ago, I used to adore their hydrating mask very much and I would always replenish it whenever I finished it.

If you are unfamiliar with SOTHYS and here’s a brief description of the brand :

SOTHYS is a professional skincare line from France. Founded in Paris in 1946 by a medical biologist, Dr. Hotz, who dedicated himself to healing the severe conditions of burn victims in the aftermath of World War II. Their expertise is in skincare treatments. They advocate the synergistic use of serums with their respective home care ranges to preserve and maintain treatment results. Hence they are used and sold by trained aestheticians for face and body treatments in the salons. They are not available over the counter. Read on to find out the SOTHYS Contract Salons and Dealer Salons.


Sothys Shaping Neck Care

Product Profile

Sothys Shaping Neck Care is specially researched and developed to fight gravity and manage cutaneous looseness and sagging. Formulated with Mamaku Extract, Watercress and Biomimetic peptides remodel the neck contour, and refine and re-sculpt the lower part of the face, neck and d©colletage.



Sothys Shaping Neck Care contains two active ingredients which are claimed to be potent :

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Video – Neck Firming Stretching Massage


An easy DIY neck firming stretching massage that proven to help firm up skin on the neck.



Best Treatment For Aging Neck



An aging neck can play a big part in making a person’s face look older. Many women will carefully protect their faces or possibly undergone some sort of facial rejuvenation and yet their necks show signs of significant sun damage.

The aging neck & treatments

The neck is easily damaged by sun exposure as the skin is much thinner than it is on parts of the face and its support structure is not as effective. It therefore ages more readily as a result of skin surface damage. As fat is lost from under the neck skin unsightly strands and bands of skin and muscle, often known as turkey necks, appear. Another manifestation of aging neck skin is a double chin, which is an excessive collection of fat.

The neck is especially prone to sagging and deep lines as a result of genetics, dramatic weight loss, or sun damage. 

In terms of lines, it can have both vertical and horizontal ones. 

The vertical ones occur as the result of wear and tear from muscle contractions and so can be eased by Botox injections. The horizontal ones, on the other hand, are the result of sun damage and genetics and so are not good candidates for Botox. 

The only thing that can truly help severe sagging there is a neck lift by a plastic surgeon. But proceed with caution as they are not always permanent and can offer varying results.

Botox can provide a satisfactory but temporary alternative. It can relax the cords or bans that protrude from the neck that tend to sag with age and pull the neck downward. Once they are eased, unopposed upward muscular movement raises the neck, giving it the appearance of it being somewhat lifted.

Rejuvenation treatment of the aging neck is a very specialized area and you must ensure that your practitioner is qualified. Some treatments to these areas can cause unpredictable problems such as scarring, skin lightening and skin redness. Treatments that are safe to use on the neck and chest include some chemical peels, photo rejuvenation and laser treatment for brown patches and red veins.

IPL can work to improve sun damage and superficial wrinkles. Titan or Thermage can be also used to tighten the skin and diminish wrinkles. 

Sun protection for the neck

Always remember that your neck and upper chest will influence how youthful you look; it is vital that you do not forget to protect and treat them with sun protection and rejuvenating creams. 

Don’t forget to moisturize your neck. 

If you do not have a special neck cream, you could use a regular moisturizer, although some doctors may find that treatments that can be used on the face may either not be used at all on the neck and chest or have to be modified for safety reasons.

Retinoids will reduce wrinkles and crepey texture. Renova is the most gentle, so I recommend it for the tender skin of the neck. 

See a dermatologist as soon as you notice textural changes, like crepeyness. The earlier it’s treated, the better. 


The Telltale Signs Of Aging Neck



When it comes to skin care, most women tend to focus on their faces, forgetting about the other parts of their bodies. Many women barely have time to deal with putting on their makeup and flossing, much less paying attention to their skin care needs from the neck down!

Not just face

Yet some of the most telltale signs of aging are often quite evident from the neck down. This is especially true if you haven’t been as diligent about protecting your body from sun exposure as you may have been with protecting your face. Your hands, forearms, and chest can look older than need be if the proper steps aren’t taken. If you are over 40, sun damage (brown spots, creping, and loss of elasticity) is most likely becoming more and more evident on those areas.

Protect your neck

The neck often gives away a woman’s age. The skin there is extremely delicate, with fewer of the oil glands that help facial skin heal and repair itself, so it’s much more prone to damage and scarring than the face. It is usually been neglected when moisturizers and anti-aging creams and sunscreen are carefully applied on the face each day. As a result, the skin on the neck can become wrinkled, loose, riddled with hyperpigmentation spots or broken blood vessels, and develop a crepey texture.

Neck aging

As the skin around the neck is much thinner than the face, it therefore ages more readily as a result of sun damage. While fat is lost from under the neck skin with unsightly strands and bands of skin and muscle, turkey necks, horizontal lines and double chin, the most common signs of neck aging, start to appear.

Taking care of your neck is as important as taking care of your face. Always apply sunscreen and moisturizers to the neck.