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NEW SK-II Wrinkle Specialist & Skin Signature Eye Cream – Launch First In Changi Airport


Last week, while I was attending a private event at Changi Airport, I accidentally discovered a surprising news. SK-II is launching 2 new anti-aging products and for the first time, it will be launched first in Singapore Airport. Changi Airport is proud to be the first in the world to launch the 2 newest SK-II anti-aging products – SK-II Wrinkle Specialist and SK-II Skin Signature Eye Cream.

These 2 latest anti-aging products are not even launched in Japan yet. They will only be officially launched nationwide in October 2011.

There was a press event on the new SK-II anti-aging products on the same afternoon at Changi Airport Terminal 3.


SK-II Anti-Aging Marketing Profile

Your skin has the natural ability to renew itself, an ability we call Skin Power. But like the sands of time, it slips away with age. SK-II’s latest anti-aging solutions are formulated especially to restore your Skin Power. use them daily as part of your skin care regimen and in years to come, you’ll discover that your biggest secret is no longer your age – it’s how you preserve your youthful-looking skin.


SK-II Wrinkle Specialist

Product Profile : Reduces the appearances of wrinkles by softening the skin. Your skin softens from the first time you apply it. Your wrinkles begin to disappear after just 14 days.

I’ve actually bought the NEW SK-II Wrinkle Specialist to try. It is now only available at Changi Airport and is priced at S$168. It is claimed to reduce fine lines and wrinkles in just 14 days. Really? Sounds so unbelievable! Can’t wait to review this product soon.

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My Search For The BEST & WORST Beauty Products In 2010


2010 passes in a blink of an eye, don’t you agree?

Well, 2010 has been a rewarding year for me. It was a eventful year too, with plentiful of irresistible opportunities offering to me and I was glad to be able to preview bountiful of new launched products too.

One thing I have never stopped doing for the entire year of 2010 is painstakingly searching for the BEST beauty products, not just for myself but also for my readers too. And during the search, I was glad to uncover a couple of great products which I have never came across before.

In fact six months ago, I have published a post on ”My Search for the BEST & WORST Beauty Products In First Half Of The Year 2010“. The post featured all the BEST and WORST beauty products I have tested during the first half of the year in 2010.

And now as we have already embarked into 2011, I’m here to share with you my search for the BEST & WORST Beauty Products during the entire year of 2010.

All the BEST and WORST beauty products that are featured below are the ones I have tested in 2010 only. That does not include those products I have yet tested but were received in 2010. These products will be bought forward to 2011 instead. The products include Tony Moly, Kiehl’s, Vichy, Perricone MD, L’oreal, SANA, Clarins, Elizabeth Arden, Dr Cilabo, Benefit Cosmetics and many more.

And those products that I have used and tested in 2009 were featured at “My Search for the BEST & WORST Beauty Products in 2009.


My Search For The

BEST & WORST Beauty Products In 2010



BEST – Lancome Bi-Facil Non-Oily Instant Cleanser Sensitive Eyes




BESTSANA Medicated Natural Resource Cleansing Oil




BEST – Dr Cilabo Super Cleansing EX

WORSTClinique Take The Day Off




BEST – Dr. Cilabo Super Washing Foam EX

WORSTPhysiogel Cleanser



BESTKiehl’s Epidermal Re-Texturizing Micro-Dermabrasion




BEST - Bioelements Calmitude Hydrating Solution

WORSTEstee Lauder Soft Clean Silky Hydrating Lotion



BESTSK-II Facial Treatment Essence

WORSTSANA Medicated Natural Resource Essence Lotion



BESTPerricone MD Vitamin C Ester Eye Serum –  Elizabeth Arden Prevage® Eye Advanced Anti-aging Serum

WORSTKiehl’s Eye Alert



BEST - EUOKO Eye Contour Nanolift  -  Elizabeth Arden Prevage® Eye Ultra Protection Anti-aging Moisturizer SPF 15 PA++

WORST – Kinerase Under Eye Rescue  -   Boots No7 Lift & Luminate Eye Cream




WORSTb.liv Shrink & Tight Large Pores Reducing Serum & Diminishing Night Complex



BEST – Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair  -  Elizabeth Arden Prevage Face Advanced Anti-Aging Serum

WORST – SkinCeuticals Serum 20 AOX+



BESTClarins Shaping Facial Lift Lipo-drain Serum

WORST - Boots No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Beauty Serum



BESTPaula’s Choice Resist Remarkable Skin Lightening Lotion

WORST – Retacnyl Tretinoin 0.025% Cream

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My Search For The BEST & WORST Beauty Products In First Half Of The Year 2010


Well, time really flies. Just a few months ago, I have just published a post on “My Search for the BEST & WORST Beauty Products in 2009” and now again I’m excited to share with you on “My Search for the BEST & WORST Beauty Products In first half of the year 2010″ (Jan to Jun).

I refuse to wait till end of the year as I can’t wait to share with you what are the great products I have found so far. I have tried and tested all the products shown below. Any GOOD or BAD products which I have tested before 2010 will not be featured here.




BESTElizabeth Arden Prevage Day Anti-Aging Moisturizer SPF 30 PA+++




BESTClinique Super Rescue Antioxidant Night Moisturizer


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Review – SK-II Facial Treatment Essence


sk-ii facial treatment essence

For the longest time, I have always wanted to try SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. I have been receiving good reviews on how wonderful this ‘Pitera’ product is. But I was a bit skeptical and hence choose to hold back due to a ‘stupid’ myth I’ve heard from different friends since many years ago.

“It is a miracle product that can help you to achieve a crystal clear skin BUT if you start using it, you can’t stop. You need to keep on using it and if you don’t, your skin will start to get even worse than what it was before.” Hahaha!!! Stupid right?!

Ironically, before I even start using SK-II product, a few of my friends and colleagues who admire my skin, will all ask if I’m using SK-II. It is amazing to see people perceive SK-II as a ‘miracle’ skincare for good-looking skin.

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Review – SK-II Facial Treatment Mask


SK-II Facial Treatment Mask is considering as one of the best seller mask especially in Asia.

Pitera, the key ingredient for all SK-II products, is said to consist of vitamins, minerals and proteins that match the nutrients in skin. It helps revitalize the skin’s natural renewal cycle giving you crystal clear skin.

Product claims

This intensive moisture-boosting mask is enriched with Pitera which deeply hydrates skin. Reviving and relaxing, it leaves skin noticeably radiant, soft and crystal clear. 

SK-II Facial Treatment Mask
v.s. SK-II Wrinkle Treatment Mask

If you’re finding it difficult to choose between SK-II Facial Treatment Mask and SK-II Wrinkle Treatment Mask, make no worry! Not to be suprised, both contains the same ingredients. So identical that, I will consider them as a twins only to addressing them in different names.

So innovative of them…


SK-II Facial Treatment Mask contains mainly just water, Pitera, slip agents and preservatives.

Although it does also contain sodium salicylate, but the pH of the product, combined with the characteristics of this type of salicylate (a form of salicylic acid which does not have exfoliating properties), render it a poor choice for exfoliation.


After putting on the SK-II Facial Treatment Mask on my face for 20 mins, I will usually place it on my neck to fully utilize the benefits of the concentrated residue. Amazingly, my skin feels refreshed, moisture and tone. It also helps to brighten my skin noticeably.


  Expensive though!

Will I buy it again? …… Maybe!


Review – SK-II Whitening Source Derm Definition

SK-II Whitening Source Derm Definition, one of the best seller on SK-II line is said to help even out your skin tone to promote a clear, translucent glow and also make you fairer.

This intensive gel-based whitening treatment, inspired by laser technology, that helps disperse existing dark spots and fleckles while controlling the formation of new ones.


Pitera, a key ingredient, is a form of yeast claim to be unique because of the fermenting and filtering process it goes through before it being added to the products. Pitera, an essential ingredient only for SKII line and is found in every SK-II product.

Niacinamide, another active ingredient, also known as vitamin B3, is said to increase ceramide and free fatty acid levels in skin, prevent skin from losing water content. It also acts as a skin-lightening agent that treats skin discolorations.

It also contains ascorbyl glucoside, a form of vitamin C that combined with glucose, that acts as an antioxidant and may lighten the skin tone.


After completion on one bottle : dark spots are still fairly visible though no new formation appears. Skin is more hydrated.


Will I buy it again? …… I don’t think so!