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My First SK-II Crystal Clear Facial At SK-II Senze Salus Spa


If you have read my previous post on SK-II Global Bloggers Workshop Event, you might be aware that I would be having my first SK-II spa treatment on Christmas Eve.

I was looking forward to indulge myself with the Crystal Clear Facial Treatment at the newly opened SK-II Boutique Spa by Senze Salus at Millenia Walk #02-54/55. What a perfect time to obtain a crystal clear looking skin prior to the holiday gathering with friends on the very night.

SK-II boutique spa senze salus millenia walk

In addition to the newest spa outlet at Millenia Walk, SK-II Senze Salus Spa is also available at 31 Scott Road, 111 Somerset Road and Raffles City Shopping Centre. See below for spa outlets details.

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SK-II Unveiled First-Ever EMPOWER ME Campaign, Donating S$10,000 To UN Women Singapore


With over 35 years of transforming women with skin and life miracles, empowering women has always been at the heart of SK-II’s heritage and vision. Last year, true to its brand philosophy, SK-II is proud to unveil its first-ever EMPOWER ME Campaign in Singapore, in collaboration with Singapore Committee for UN Women (UN Women Singapore) and established image styling consultancy, Image Flair, to bring the gift of empowerment to young at-risk women by equipping them with social knowledge and enhanced image styling skills to secure better employment opportunities and career advancement.

I’m glad to be invited to witness this meaningful ceremony that was held at Robinsons Raffles City on 20 December 2012.

An audience of more than 100 guests, including SK-II’s retail and charity partners, SK-II’s elite Crystal Club members, media representatives and graced by SK-II Brand Ambassador and renowned international model, Sheila Sim.

sk-ii empower me campaign evelyn

Evelyn Tan, a former Mediacorp artiste, was invited to be the host for the event. She still looks as youthful and graceful as before.

sk-ii empower me campaign

Aubrey Young, P&G Singapore and Malaysia Brand Operations, making an opening speech.

“SK-II has always devoted itself to transform the lives of women through the miracle of Pitera™. This year, SK-II has raised the bar for festive giving by extending the gift of empowerment to young at-risk women to equip them with power skills for a brighter future,” said Aubrey Young, P&G Singapore and Malaysia Brand Operations. “We have chosen to work with UN Women Singapore and Image Flair for their dedication in advancing women’s rights in Singapore through public education and awareness campaigns. This tripartite collaboration signals our commitment to bring the miracle of life transformation to young at-risk women so they in turn can pay it forward.”

As part of this campaign, SK-II will be donating SGD 10,000 to UN Women Singapore to fund a series of ‘The Empowerment Effect’ Workshops in January 2013 for young at-risk women. Co-created by UN Women Singapore and Image Flair, the workshops will bring together image styling experts, power speakers and SK-II’s skincare and beauty counselors to equip young at-risk women with a holistic beauty and life-transforming skill-set, opening greater opportunities for women to be economically valued.

sk-ii empower me campaign

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SK-II First-Ever Global Bloggers Workshop Event


A few weeks ago, I was extremely delighted to attend one of the most exciting workshops of the year – SK-II First-Ever Global Bloggers Workshop Event. Many thanks to SK-II Singapore for extending this exclusive invitation to me. I was one of the lucky Singapore beauty bloggers to be able to meet face-to-face with top beauty bloggers from Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand and Malaysia!

The day prior to the full-day workshop, SK-II pampered the local and overseas bloggers, except myself (working) and another local blogger, for a rejuvenating Spa Retreat at the newly opened SK-II Boutique Spa @ Millenia Walk. Both of us have our spa treatments on Christmas Eve actually. On the same night, SK-II hosted a private dinner at the Salt Grill @ Ion Sky to welcome the overseas and local bloggers.

SK-II has specially arranged for transportation (to and fro) for each local bloggers to the dining restaurant as well as to the workshop on the next day. The overseas bloggers were staying at the St. Regis Hotel.

SK-II global bloggers dinner

P&G’s Associate Director Communcations, Colin G. D’Silva, making a welcome speech.

SK-II global bloggers dinner

sk-ii global bloggers dinner

sk-ii global bloggers dinner

Here are some of the shots taken during the dinner session. The dinner ended around 10pm….

And the next morning………..

SK-II global bloggers workshop singapore

SK-II global bloggers workshop singapore

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My SK-II’s 10-day STEMPOWER Challenge


As we know aging is inevitable and it is believed it starts as early as early 20s. I have to confess, I’m terribly afraid of getting old! (entering my mid 40s next year) Friends who know me well are aware that I almost go insane because of it…….. <pulling hair> Thanks to the new innovation in skincare in the recent years, aging can now be delayed or may even reverse.


Recently, I was privileged to be invited to take part in SK-II’s 10-day STEMPOWER Challenge. I was so excited about it that I accepted it without hesitation.

SK-II STEMPOWER, the latest anti-aging series from SK-II, boasts the power of Stem-Acanax — a proprietary new ingredient from SK-II derived from the rare Siberian Ginseng, that works in synergy with Pitera, SK-II’s miracle ingredient, to empower women to experience radical firmness in 10 days.

SK-II first launched the SK-II STEMPOWER at Changi Airport (Perfumes & Cosmetics) on 1st June 2012 and the full series at all SK-II counters in Singapore from 15th August 2012. The SK-II STEMPOWER series comprise of SK-II STEMPOWER (S$149.00 in 50g & S$219.00 in 80g), STEMPOWER Rich Cream (S$209 in 50g) and STEMPOWER Cream Compact Foundation (S$101.00).



Before I present my 10-day BEFORE and AFTER experiences on SK-II STEMPOWER, let me give you a brief insight on SK-II STEMPOWER and the importance of skin’s radical firmness.

SK-II deep research into epidermal root cells had led to the discovery that with age, the activity of epidermal root cells declines, causing loss of skin’s radical firmness. The loss of skin’s radical firmness is one of the root causes for the appearance of multiple skin aging signs such as wrinkles, sagging, loss of radiance, compromised texture, loss of skin elasticity, larger pores, loss of hydration and a sallow complexion.

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Opening Ceremony Of SK-II Revolutionary Boutique At TANGS Beauty @ TANGS Orchard


Last Friday, I was glad to be invited to join SK-II Singapore in celebrating the opening of their newest beauty boutique at the newly revamped TANGS Beauty @ TANGS Orchard. This new boutique was officially opened on 24 October 2012. Spanning 29 square metres, the new boutique is the latest addition to SK-II’s latest beauty arsenal of iconic boutique and boasts a series of world-class designs coupled with a conducive retail space that denote the unique Pitera heritage at the heart of SK-II.

The new boutique flaunts a new dedicated trial fixture, Crystal Play Space – the first-ever 3,600mm play space ever introduced at a prestige beauty boutique from SK-II. It is also framed by a first-ever 3-D crystal ceiling from SK-II that plays with natural light to express the miracle of Pitera on skin, bringing to life the key dimensions of radiance, translucence, youthfulness and luminous glow.

Helmed by an open concept, the highlight of Crystal Play Space is a revamped shingle tester bar whose design won a silver award at the 2010 POPAI (Point of Purchase Advertising International awards in Paris, the Oscar awards for design work in the skincare bar and shelf category).

The SK-II boutique at TANGS Beauty is also the first to showcase SK-II’s expert skincare regimens through a self-guided area flanked by iPads containing step-by-step application techniques to foster greater shopper engagement and interactivity.

Consumers can also get their skin tested with SK-II’s groundbreaking counseling tool – Magic Ring – that is exclusively developed by SK-II’s Research & Development innovation centre in Kobe, Japan. It is equipped with features new to existing skin imaging counseling tools so as to identify our specific Ageless Vector to enable the design of a personalized anti-aging skincare regimen to optimize our skin’s aging needs.

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Discovering The Additional Benefits Of SK-II Facial Treatment Essence


When we talk about SK-II, what is the ONE SK-II product that women and even men (non SK-II users) around the world will love to or must try? It is nevertheless the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence!

Women and men who have been faithfully using it for many years, have sworn by it! So what so special about this ‘miracle water’?

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, launched since 1980, is considered to contain the most concentrated amount of Pitera (90%) of all the SK-II skincare products. Its successful formula has remained unchanged since its first launch. Pitera, SK-II’s signature ingredient, is discovered by scientists when they noticed the elderly workers working at a sake brewery in Japan had wrinkled faces, but extraordinarily soft and youthful hands. It is said to be rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, organic acids and other natural ingredients that are beneficial to the skin. It helps restore vital balance by promoting the skin’s natural 28-day surface renewal process.

It is positioned to drive the five dimensions (spots control, wrinkle resilience, texture refinement, firmness power and radiance enhancement) of the skin to achieve SK-II’s signature porcelain crystal clear skin. More than 20 million bottles have been sold since 2011 and it is said that a bottle is sold every 20-over seconds. WOW!!

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, the ‘heart’ of every SK-II Skincare ritual, is one product that almost all SK-II users can’t leave without!


Discovering the Additional Benefits of
Facial Treatment Essence

Recently, I was invited to challenge myself to discover the additional benefits of the Facial Treatment Essence. Coincidentally, I have been suffering from bad skin lately due to the extreme stress, lack of sleep and ignorance. Well, what a great timing to see if the Facial Treatment Essence be able to eliminate my recent skin concerns.

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New SK-II STEMPOWER Series – See Radical Firmness In 10 Days


Ever wonder what is the SK-II product heralded by top industry insiders with 96% of dermatologists wanting to try?

It is nevertheless the widely-anticipated NEW anti-aging product – SK-II STEMPOWER (50g) / (80g) – S$149.00 / S$219.00 - that was recently launched in June 2012. This anti-aging moisturizer, inspired by in-depth epidermal root cell research, is designed to empower women to experience radical firmness in 10 days. It is first exclusively available at Perfumes & Cosmetics stores @ Changi Airport.

If you have read my previous post on the launch of SK-II STEMPOWER, I’ve mentioned that SK-II will soon be extending their latest STEMPOWER Series.

A few weeks ago, I was cordially invited to preview two new additions to the latest anti-aging range – STEMPOWER Rich Cream (S$209 in 50g) and STEMPOWER Cream Compact Foundation (S$101.00).

The new SK-II STEMPOWER Series will be available at all SK-II counters in Singapore from 15th August 2012.

This exclusive media event named “SK-II First-ever STEMPOWER Laboratory” was held at The Luxe Art Museum.

A cozy reception to welcome guests.

Drinks were served in laboratory tubes and glass beakers.

Upon arrival, I was presented with a locker key and I was told to check out the locker which was actually situated at the reception area. I could find a goodie bag that contains a full size 50ml STEMPOWER and STEMPOWER Rich Cream, a white lab coat and a press kit.

Every guest was required to wear the lab coat provided before proceeding to the 2nd level for the full presentation.

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SK-II MEN Is Now Available In Singapore!


The highly-anticipated and long-awaited SK-II first men’s prestige skincare range – SK-II MEN – has finally arrived in town! A few Fridays ago, I was privileged to be invited to attend the first launch of SK-II MEN in Singapore held at Avalon MBS.

The arrival of SK-II MEN in Singapore definitely makes many men happy here! SK-II has finally launched the iconic Facial Treatment Essence specially designed for men, the secret to a vibrant clear skin in just 14 days!

SK-II MEN – SK-II first men’s prestige skincare range, comprises of SK-II MEN Facial Treatment Essence, SK-II MEN Moisturizing Cleanser and SK-II MEN Age Revitalize Moisturizer.

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1st-in-the-World SK-II STEMPOWER Launching First In Singapore Changi Airport


First-in-the-World Launch of SK-II STEMPOWER

Many weeks back In May 2012, I was cordially invited to attend an exclusive private SK-II event to preview its latest breakthrough anti-aging line – STEMPOWER. I was delighted to be one of the first in the world to a sneak preview of the new SK-II STEMPOWER, inspired by epidermal root cell research to target multiple signs of aging.

It was held at Jet Quay CIP Terminal (an elite airport terminal at Singapore’s Changi Airport).

Singapore Changi Airport is proud to be the first in the world to launch STEMPOWER, available from 1st June 2012.

In fact about a year ago, Singapore Changi Airport was also the first in the world to launch the 2 SK-II anti-aging products, Wrinkle Specialist and Skin Signature Eye Cream. Click here to read my previous post.

Here’s my passport to travel back 10 years in time!



S$149 for 50g & S$219 for 80g

Available at Singapore Changi Airport from 1st June 2012

SK-II, the leading prestige skincare brand, unravelled its secrets behind youthful beauty that took us (beauty bloggers and media representatives) back 10 years in time. In-depth research into epidermal root cells has led SK-II to discover the root cause of multiple signs of aging such as loss of skin firmness, wrinkles, sagging, loss of radiance, larger pores, loss of hydration and a sallow complexion.

As we age, the activity of epidermal root cells declines, causing loss of skin’s radical firmness. The loss of skin’s radical firmness is one of the root causes of skin aging. Epidermal root cells generate new cells that serve as a reservoir for tissue replacement and the maintenance of normal tissue functions. Which means epidermal root cells are the source of skin’s new life.

When skin cell activation declines, it also leads to the decline in the production of “lift-proteins”, a critical factor in maintaining skin’s ‘springy’ structure and plumpness.

The new SK-II STEMPOWER is an essential daily moisturizer designed to achieve radical firmness that is claimed to make you feel the youthful beauty of 10 years. Featuring the breakthrough Stem-Acanax complex, SK-II STEMPOWER helps to rejuvenate the skin renewal process and restore a radical firmness from the source.

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Review – NEW SK-II Wrinkle Specialist


Two months ago in early July 2011, while I was attending an exclusive event at Changi Airport transit areas, I accidentally chanced upon 2 newest SK-II anti-aging products – SKII Wrinkle Specialist and Signature Eye Cream.

An exclusive media launch was held on the same afternoon at Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3 and I believe it was attended by media and VIP customers.

In fact, Changi Airport is proud to be the first in the world to launch these 2 newest anti-aging products. Even Japan has not even launched these 2 anti-aging products during the time. Since I couldn’t wait for the products to be available at department stores, I decided to buy the SK-II Wrinkle Specialist at Perfumes & Cosmetics store @ Changi Airport Terminal 3 at S$168 for testing and review. <grinning> I’m glad to be one of the first to try this anti-aging product. Anyway, both products have recently been officially launched and are now available at all SK-II counters @ department stores, retailing at S$180.


SK-II Anti-Aging Marketing Profile

Your skin has the natural ability to renew itself, an ability we call Skin Power. But like the sands of time, it slips away with age. SK-II’s latest anti-aging solutions are formulated especially to restore your Skin Power. use them daily as part of your skin care regimen and in years to come, you’ll discover that your biggest secret is no longer your age – it’s how you preserve your youthful-looking skin.


SK-II Wrinkle Specialist


Product Profile

Reduces the appearances of wrinkles by softening the skin. Your skin softens from the first time you apply it. Your wrinkles begin to disappear after just 14 days.



At first, after a quick glance at the ingredients, I was actually shocked to discover that this SK-II Wrinkle Specialist contains 4 alcohol ingredients (stearyl alcohol, cetyl alcohol, behenyl alcohol and benzyl alcohol).

But only to realize that behenyl alcohol, cetyl alcohol and stearyl alcohol are either used as an emollient and/or thickener. My bad!! <grin>

But benzyl alcohol (an irritating ingredient) on the other hand if it’s used in a high concentration, can cause problem for skin. It is known to increase free radicals, dry up the skin and cause skin irritation.

Pitera, the key ingredient for all SK-II products, can be found in SK-II Wrinkle Specialist that is claimed to be rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, organic acids and other natural ingredients beneficial to the skin.

SK-II Wrinkle Specialist also contains beneficial ingredients such as Vitamin B3, Carnosine and Tocopheryl Acetate.



Well, my first impression on SK-II Wrinkle Specialist is “Alright, since Kiehl’s, RoC, Boots, Tri-Aktiline and Babor have already created wrinkle fillers, so now you SK-II also wants a slice of the pie too? This is so predictable!”

SK-II Wrinkle Specialist is claimed to reduce the appearances of wrinkles by softening the skin and the wrinkles will begin to disappear after just 14 days! Begin to disappear in 14 days? Another by-default wrinkle claim again!

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