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SK-II Miracle In A Bottle Set, Featuring Limited Edition Facial Treatment Essence 2014 Collection


Woohoo! Christmas is here again! This Christmas, I’ve received a couple of Christmas gifts and one of my favorites is this SK-II’s Limited Edition Miracle In A Bottle Set. Many thanks to SK-II Singapore! :D

This festive season, SK-II celebrates the gift of #ChangeDestiny with the first-ever limited edition Facial Treatment Essence collection, designed in collaboration with award-winning artist Po-Chih Huang. The collection available in 4 distinctive designs – 3 for women and 1 for men. Each design represents a different facet of beauty – passion, elegant, compassion and wisdom. However, these bottles will only be sold as part of festive coffrets.

SK-II Miracle In A Bottle Set

SK-II’s Limited Edition Miracle In A Bottle Set comes with a Limited Edition Festive Facial Treatment Essence (red tulips) plus a Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser.

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Transform Your Skin Destiny with SK-II Facial Treatment Essence


On August 25th, SK-II has launched a beauty revolution built around the concept of “Skin Destiny”, inspired by its groundbreaking Skin Destiny Study.

The study proves that crystal clear skin today can last 10, 20, and even 30 years from now – giving women the power to take control of their skin’s future.

A few weeks ago, SK-II has hosted an event to showcase a powerful record of over 50,000 women in Singapore who have embarked on their journey to change their skin destiny. The event was held at the interim SK-II Pitera™ Pod at TANGS Orchard, attended by loyal users and media.

Celebrity loyal users, Rebecca Lim (MediaCorp Artiste) and George Young (FLY Entertainment Artiste), helmed the launch and shared personal testimonies on changing their skin destiny with SK-II.

SK-II’s latest study reveals women have the power to transform their skin destiny with Facial Treatment Essence.

In this “Skin Destiny” Study, first-of-its-kind research led by SK-II, the researchers have discovered an intrinsic link between long-term usage of SK-II Facial Treatment Essence and better skin quality as we age. Long term users of the Essence who started in their 20s enjoy better skin in their 30s and 40s. More impressively, 9 in 10 loyal users have better skin compared to non-users int he same age group, with 7 in 10 users having better skin conditions as compared to non-users who are 10 years younger.

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In order to maintain my youthful look, I take really good care of my eyes. In addition to my daily simple eye massage, an eye moisturizer is a MUST for me. As I believe the skin around our eyes is one of the first areas to show signs of aging. The appearance of our eyes actually determines how old we looked overall.

The skin surrounding the eye is particularly sensitive to the effects of aging due to its thinness, which causes it to easily lose firmness and plumpness.


Recently, I was being introduced to a new eye moisturizer – it is the new SK-II STEMPOWER Eye Cream – the latest addition to SK-II’s award-winning STEMPOWER series.

SK-II scientists, through SK-II Akita study, have discovered that each key affected by aging in different ways. Eye bags begin to sag in the 20s, eyelids develop wrinkles in the 30s, while wrinkles manifest in the corner of the eyes in a woman’s 40s.

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SK-II’s New Whitening Power Spots Specialists and Spots Care & Brightening Day Cream


In June 2014, SK-II has launched a new Whitening Spots Care Series – Whitening Power Spots Specialists and Spots Care & Brightening Day Cream – that is said to leave us with 0% worries on spots. I was glad to have an opportunity to give the duo a try recently.

If you have been following my blog, you probably are aware that I’ve been troubling with pigmentation for a while. When spots occur, they seems nearly impossible to erase.

In-depth skin science research by SK-II has revealed a feedback loop between spots and skin damage – where spots formation damages skin, and the subsequent damage triggers the appearance of more spots. When a spot forms, the skin around it becomes damaged, thereby causing a decline in skin turnover. This skin damage stimulates the mechanisms in our cells that produce melanin, melanocyte cells, to go into overdrive and overproduce the pigment, worsening the appearance of spots. This newly discovered vicious cycle is the reason why spots are so tough to remove once it starts.

Key to having 0% worries on spots, even where skin is damaged, is breaking the spots vicious cycle. SK-II’s Ultimate Spots Corrector, featured in the new Whitening Power Spots Specialist, does much more than just reducing spots.

SK-II whitening power spots specialist

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SK-II’s NEW Clear Beauty Care & Control Cream


sk-ii clear beauty care & control cream

In April 2014, SK-II introduced the new Clear Beauty Care & Control Cream that offers improved skin hydration while providing skin tone control, enhancing the foundation effect with lasting performance.

Formulated with Pitera™, this new make-up base is an ideal skin primer before foundation. It enhances the look of foundation on skin and enables foundation to better stay on skin. Compared to bare skin with no treatment, this skin primer is able to deliver translucent efficacy and hydration, so that skin is nourished and cared for.

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SK-II’s Power of Pitera™ for Eyes Workshop on 15-17 May


SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, the only beauty essence with over 90% ™ Pitera, has been a must-have for healthy, crystal clear skin for more than 30 years. SK-II has recently launched a brand new companion to its iconic Essence – the Facial Treatment Essence-Eye.

SK-II Singapore is hosting an exclusive Power of Pitera™ for Eyes workshop, from 15th – 17th May at 1pm to 2.30pm, held inside the Audi Fashion Festival 2014 Tent @ Orchard, where their beauty trainer will be there to take you through the Power of Pitera™ for Eyes regimen.

Be the first 60 customers to receive an SK-II LXP Ultimate Perfecting Cream 15g (total worth of S$225) when you RSVP by 14 May 2014.

Fee : S$100 for one pax, S$180 for two pax (Fully redeemable for SK-II products)

To RSVP, please call SK-II Takashimaya counter at +65-6734 3234.


My Skin Age Gets Younger With SK-II


SK-II, the official Skincare Partner for premier Audi Fashion Festival (AFF) with the mantra “Live Your Life, Not Your Age”, is empowering women to look beyond their age and pursue their lives to the fullest.

Recently, I was invited down to a SK-II counter for an exclusive skin analysis (with Magic Ring) to find out how my skin age gets younger than my real age with SK-II.

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SK-II Launching New Cellumination Aura Essence


You are now reading the “SK-II Launching New Cellumination Aura Essence” at

I must say I’m a big fan of SK-II’s Cellumination Essence. It has been proven to work, here’s the link (click HERE) to my previous review “My 4-week challenge on Cellumination Essence EX”.

After the launch of Cellumination Essence Ex in early 2012, SK-II is proud to introduce its new improved Cellumination Aura Essence that is powered by Pitera™ and the new active complex Soft Aura White which combines the signature ingredient with Ume Extract, Pixel-White™, Niacinamide and De-Melano P3C.

This latest addition to its Whitening range aims to achieving skin with a gentle touch of light, through brightening skin tone and minimizing spots to deliver translucent aura white skin radiating from within.

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SK-II’s New Facial Treatment Essence-Eye


If you are a big fan of SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, you’ll be delighted to know that SK-II has recently launched a new addition to its iconic Facial Treatment Essence, a must-have for radiant, crystal clear skin for over 30 years.

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence Eye

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence Eye

The one-of-a-kind SK-II Facial Treatment Essence (also known as miracle water) with over 90% Pitera™, now comes a brand new companion – the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence Eye – that helps you to reveal a crystal clear look around the eyes. This new eye serum contains a miracle formula that combines the power of Pitera™ with the new Eye Albus Complex to reduce the appearance of dark circles and fine lines.

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence Eye

It has a lightweight texture that absorbs into the skin easily.

According to the latest SK-II research, the delicate eye area tends to be the first to suffer, mainly due to a combination of daily fatigue, environmental insult and the mechanic stress (from relentless movement like rubbing, blinking and smiling). The eye area, where the skin is thinner and more delicate, is often the first to reveal signs of aging. This results in a weaker skin barrier, oxidative skin damage and poorer blood circulation which can all mean earlier onset of fine lines, a lacklustre complexion and dark eye circles.

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Launch Event Of SK-II’s Newly Opened Beauty Boutique At Robinsons Orchard


A few weeks ago, in celebrating the launch of SK-II’s latest beauty boutique at newly opened Robinsons Orchard, SK-II was proud to invite George Young and Desmond Tan, SK-II’s first ever all-male celebrity beauty panel, to spill the beans on what turns them on and their beauty and skincare pet peeves.

george young and desmond tan

They are really good looking!

desmond tan at sk-ii robinsons orchard

During the event, George and Desmond were given a small challenge to compete with each other to play SK-II beauty counselors for the day in their first ever celebrity face off with us as the customers (and voters too), and indulging as they showed us how SK-II makes luxury accessible.

george young

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