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Beauty Scene Investigation – Unveil The Massbrands Products Winners


Two weeks ago, I’ve attended an interesting and creative event named “Beauty Scene Investigation” by a well-known global company from Japan that owns several prestige and massbrands cosmetics brands in Singapore. The mission of the day was to identify who are the ultimate “beauty products” suvivors for a murder case.

Wanna make a guess on the name of the major cosmetics company I’m referring to? Well, the answer is SHISEIDO.

Do continue reading to search for clues at the crime scene, to uncover the identities of the true-blue survivors and most importantly to find out on why or how these survivors managed to escape from being KILLED!! Hahahahaha…………are you ready gals, lets go!

Before proceeding to the crime scene, we were briefly brief on the murder case with the help from this investigation board.

So here we were at the murder scene with police tapes all over the place.

Everyone was looking for clues at the murder scene.

There are 6 types of crime scenes and each crime scene is targeted to different range of products. A doll was killed at crime scene 1 @ “Hair Care Street”. Crime scene 2 is the “Facial Cleanser Ave” and the crime scene 3 is the “Base Boulevard” where you can find a chopped off finger on a compact foundation.

The other 3 crime scenes are the “Eyeliner Close” @ crime scene 4, “Mascara Lane” @ crime scene 5 and the “Eyeshadow Road” @ crime scene 6.

In the end, these unfortunate victims (beauty products) couldn’t survive and have eventually been killed due to bad quality, poor ingredients and out-dated formulation. So who has actually escaped from the evil clutches of the serial killer and win the competition?

Well let me unveil the mystery and disclose the identities of the 9 ultimate survivors! These survivors are proud to be the winners at the Watsons HWB (Health Wellness & Beauty) Awards ’11. They have been awarded for their quality and innovation, and are a reflection of the popular taste and consumers’ changing preferences and lifestyle.

Below are the 9 ultimate survivors!

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My Search For The BEST & WORST Beauty Products In 2010


2010 passes in a blink of an eye, don’t you agree?

Well, 2010 has been a rewarding year for me. It was a eventful year too, with plentiful of irresistible opportunities offering to me and I was glad to be able to preview bountiful of new launched products too.

One thing I have never stopped doing for the entire year of 2010 is painstakingly searching for the BEST beauty products, not just for myself but also for my readers too. And during the search, I was glad to uncover a couple of great products which I have never came across before.

In fact six months ago, I have published a post on ”My Search for the BEST & WORST Beauty Products In First Half Of The Year 2010“. The post featured all the BEST and WORST beauty products I have tested during the first half of the year in 2010.

And now as we have already embarked into 2011, I’m here to share with you my search for the BEST & WORST Beauty Products during the entire year of 2010.

All the BEST and WORST beauty products that are featured below are the ones I have tested in 2010 only. That does not include those products I have yet tested but were received in 2010. These products will be bought forward to 2011 instead. The products include Tony Moly, Kiehl’s, Vichy, Perricone MD, L’oreal, SANA, Clarins, Elizabeth Arden, Dr Cilabo, Benefit Cosmetics and many more.

And those products that I have used and tested in 2009 were featured at “My Search for the BEST & WORST Beauty Products in 2009.


My Search For The

BEST & WORST Beauty Products In 2010



BEST – Lancome Bi-Facil Non-Oily Instant Cleanser Sensitive Eyes




BESTSANA Medicated Natural Resource Cleansing Oil




BEST – Dr Cilabo Super Cleansing EX

WORSTClinique Take The Day Off




BEST – Dr. Cilabo Super Washing Foam EX

WORSTPhysiogel Cleanser



BESTKiehl’s Epidermal Re-Texturizing Micro-Dermabrasion




BEST - Bioelements Calmitude Hydrating Solution

WORSTEstee Lauder Soft Clean Silky Hydrating Lotion



BESTSK-II Facial Treatment Essence

WORSTSANA Medicated Natural Resource Essence Lotion



BESTPerricone MD Vitamin C Ester Eye Serum –  Elizabeth Arden Prevage® Eye Advanced Anti-aging Serum

WORSTKiehl’s Eye Alert



BEST - EUOKO Eye Contour Nanolift  -  Elizabeth Arden Prevage® Eye Ultra Protection Anti-aging Moisturizer SPF 15 PA++

WORST – Kinerase Under Eye Rescue  -   Boots No7 Lift & Luminate Eye Cream




WORSTb.liv Shrink & Tight Large Pores Reducing Serum & Diminishing Night Complex



BEST – Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair  -  Elizabeth Arden Prevage Face Advanced Anti-Aging Serum

WORST – SkinCeuticals Serum 20 AOX+



BESTClarins Shaping Facial Lift Lipo-drain Serum

WORST - Boots No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Beauty Serum



BESTPaula’s Choice Resist Remarkable Skin Lightening Lotion

WORST – Retacnyl Tretinoin 0.025% Cream

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Shiseido Sale Is Here Again!


Hey girls, it’s time to spend spend spend again! Shiseido is having a 2-day sale on 24th and 25th Nov 2010. Lots of great buys await you! Don’t miss it!

Please kindly note : Payment can be made in cash, nets or credit card (Visa/Master). All sales are final. There will be no exchange and/or refund. Each customer is limited to a max purchase of 6 pieces per item/per colour (applicable to Cle De Peau Beaute, Shiseido & Ettusais only). A bag deposit area will be provided as no handbags/bags will be allowed into the event. No children below the age of 12 are allowed.


Shiseido Bio Performance Super Corrective Serum – Fight Against Time Event


Last Wednesday, I was one of the beauty bloggers to be cordially invited to the Shiseido ‘Fight Against Time’ Event held at Raffles City Garden Court.


I got to meet Sophia, Mag, Iris and Kas during the event. ;-)


NEW Bio-Performance Super Corrective Serum is the hero product during the event.

Shiseido introducing Perfect Pair, a powerful combination of the newly launched Bio-Performance Super Corrective Serum with a product from their complementing ranges to best suit our aging concerns. It is very identical to Clarins Perfect Skin Duo.

The difference is that Clarins Perfect Skin Duo is a combination of 2 serums (Shaping Facial Lift + another anti aging serum) whilst Shiseido Perfect Pair is a combination of serum and moisturizer (Bio-Performance Super Corrective Serum + anti aging moisturizer).


Bio-Performance Super Corrective Serum uses a new bio-ingredient developed exclusively by Shiseido to strengthen skin’s ability to produce all three elements of youthful-looking skin - collagen, elastin & hyaluronic acid.

Shiseido’s exclusive new bio ingredient, Bio-Corrective Complex, (alike Growth Factor technology) boosts the production of fibroblast cells by 27% to restore the natural youth factors by creating these 3 vital elements that give skin its youthfulness.


Bio-Performance Super Corrective Serum has been recently launched in early October 2010 and you probably might have watched their high frequency TV advertisement on local channels.


I was invited to share my experience and review on Bio-Performance Super Corrective Serum with the rest of the bloggers. Click here to read my review and find out more about Bio-Performance Super Corrective Serum.

I have noticed amazing results after using the serum for 3 weeks.


The event started with Shiseido Regional Trainer Angela Boh giving us a short session about our skin and aging and sharing beauty tips on how to fight these imperfections.


Shiseido has identified 3 major factors that make our skin look older. Wrinkles, sagging and aging skin tone can make us look younger or older than our actual age.


I was quite surprised that blood circulation plays an important part for a youthful-looking skin.


Shiseido believes that an uplifting massage to compliment after moisturizer will help to maintain a youthful looking skin.


These are the areas that will start to sag.

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Review – NEW Shiseido Bio-Performance Super Corrective Serum


Reversing Skin Aging

Many of you have probably started to see their first sign of aging at as early as in their late 20s or early 30s. Common first signs of aging such as fine lines appearing on forehead and eye areas, skin dullness and loss of firmness.

And before you undergo frequent spa and non-invasive treatments, why not find out what are the 3 elements that are crucial to the aging process?

Well to achieve a youthful-looking skin, the 3 key elements that your skin needs are collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.


What are Collagen, Elastin and Hyaluronic Acid?

Collagen, a protein, is a major component of the dermis. Collagen is produced by a special cell that gives your skin elasticity.

Think of elastin as acting like a rubber band that holds your skin on your face. When it is damaged or weakened, your face becomes lax or loose, develops wrinkles and sags.

Hyaluronic acid surrounds and supports the collagen and all of the cells of the dermis and epidermis. It helps maintain the moisture content of the dermis and the epidermis. It allows nutrients to reach the skin cells. It also holds water, moisturizes the skin, and helps keeps it soft and supple.


Experience timeless skin with NEW Bio-Performance Super Corrective Serum at S$133

Inspired by the results of advanced cosmetic procedures, Shiseido is proud to present a revolutionary regenerating skincare – Super Corrective Serum.

Super Corrective Serum is the latest product from Shiseido and it will be first launched at Takashimaya counter on 5th October 2010.

This revolutionary skin regenerating serum uses a new bio-ingredient developed exclusively by Shiseido to strengthen skin’s ability to produce all three elements of youthful-looking skin - collagen, elastin & hyaluronic acid.

Shiseido’s exclusive new bio ingredient, Bio-Corrective Complex, (alike Growth Factor technology) boosts the production of fibroblast cells by 27% to restore the natural youth factors by creating these 3 vital elements that give skin its youthfulness.


What can Bio-Corrective Complex do for your skin?

The truth is as skin ages, it loses its ability to produce the same amounts of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid it produced when it was young. These 3 elements, which are key to beautiful youthful-looking skin, are created by fibroblasts in the skin. As fibroblasts weaken over time, their production diminishes.

This innovative breakthrough ingredient, consists of natural plant extracts such as yeast extracts and safflower extracts, reactivates aged fibroblasts and restores their ability to produce collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.

NEW Super Corrective Serum contains antioxidant natural ingredient such as rose apple extracts and exfoliation natural ingredients too.


My experience with Super Corrective Serum

I’m on my Day 6 with NEW Super Corrective Serum. At age 42 this year, I hope to see some results even though my skin is already in excellent condition to start with. But I do have problems with loss of firmness and skin dullness.

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A Skincare Whitening Revolution : Shiseido Haku – With Tranexamic Acid & 4MSK

Shiseido Haku Melanofocus EX Whitening Essence, an award winning whitening essence, was first created in April 2005 as Haku Melanofocus as a whitening beauty fluid containing an innovative whitening ingredient m-Tranexamic acid. In April 2007, it was revamped again as Haku Melanofocus 2 to include another whitening ingredient 4MSK. This ingredient is said to help prevent the formulation of melanin that caused pigmentation.

Haku Melanofocus 2 is nevertheless the bestseller whitening skincare for Shiseido and has successfully created high topping on various magazine polls. On its first one and a half years, it has achieved a record with more than 2 million products sold.

On February 2009, Shiseido has launched its third generation, Haku Melanofocus EX in Japan. It is an improved version with feel good and lighter weight texture and better absorption onto the skin.

Shiseido Haku Melanofocus EX Whitening Essence combines with 2 innovative whitening ingredients, m-Tranexamic acid and 4MSK, to help prevents the formulation of melanin that causes pigmentation problem and control the size of discoloration area that are enlarged over the time due to the aging process.

Not only does Shiseido Haku Melanofocus EX Whitening Essence prevent and lighten pigmentation, it also minimize dark spot area caused by sun exposure. In addition, it helps to restore damaged skin caused by UVA/UVB, pollution or other environmental factors. This anti-inflammatory function is critical in the process of whitening as the skin becomes healthier, more transparent and in even complexion, thus, the whitening result is able to last longer.


Some studies have shown that m-Tranexemic acid has an excellent de-pigmentation effect and skin care effect comparing with the hydroquinone (another proven whitening ingredient). Tranexamic acid was originally used to prevent excess bleeding in menstrual bleeding and cardiac surgery. Soon after, the scientists discovered the great benefit in using m-Tranexemic acid for treating melasma. Gradually, it becomes popular as an oral supplements among women who are suffering from hyper-pigmentation. Not only m-Tranexemic acid inhibits melanin growth and remove existing pigmentation, but also effectively eliminates discoloration caused by acne and sun damage. Even Lao Niu (牛尔老师) from Nu Ren Wo Zui Da (女人我最大) also highly recommends this ingredient for whitening.

In addition to the 2 innovative whitening ingredients, 4MSK and m-Tranexemic acid, Shiseido Haku Melanofocus EX whitening essence also includes hyaluronic acid for good moisturizing benefits.

Shiseido has applied a patent for use of m-Tranexemic acid in its skin care product.

Shiseido Haku Melanofocus EX Whitening Essence comes in 2 sizes, 20g (5250 yen) and 45g (10,500 yen). Shiseido Haku Melanofocus EX Whitening Essence is not available in Singapore.


Best Review Foundations



Chanel Mat Lumiere Long Lasting Soft Matte Makeup SPF 15

Chanel modermizes matte with a light- weight formula that delivers a soft, natural look with maximum staying power. Medium coverage looks imprecca- ble and shine-free for up to 12 hours.



Clarins Truly Matte Foundation SPF 15

Suitable for all skin types but particularly suited to combination or oily skin in need of shine control. This non-oily foundation quite simply de- livers it all: coverage without thickness, radiance without shine, a fresh, natural look at anytime and protection combined with total comfort. The result? Superb make-up, a flawless complexion and skin that looks more beautiful every day.



Cle de Peau Beaute Refining Fluid Foundation SPF 24

A liquid treatment foundation that provides a flawless, radiant finish as if the quality of the skin has improved. Provides dewy moisture and a feeling of resilience.



Prescriptives Flawless Skin Total Protection Makeup SPF 15

It takes beauty and benefit to create flawless skin and Flawless Skin Total Protection Makeup SPF 15 provides both. This groundbreaking formula with Pro-XCell Complex, works on protect against sun damage and external assaults, while simultaneously diffusing imperfections. Achieves a flawless finish while working ‘undercover’ to provide your skin with superior skincare protection and boosts skin’s own internal defenses against damaging environment assaults. 

This lightweight, long-wearing foundation provides natural-looking medium to full coverage for all skin types. Available in 30 shades. Oil free.



Shiseido Sun Protection Liquid Foundation

Protects against powerful UVA/UVB rays with a just-applied-looking matte finish. Non-transferring liquid formula resists perspiration, water, and oil.

Best Review Eye Cream



Cosmedicine Eye Specialist Essential Moisture Treatment

Product claims :

An ultra-rich, easily absorbed eye cream that helps restore moisture loss to the delicate eye area.

- Restores Moisture
- Contains Vitamins A, C, E, Bs & Green Tea



Elizabeth Arden Prevage Eye Anti-Aging Moisturizing Treatment

Product claims : Exclusive eye treatment with I-seryl Complex and clinically proven Idebenone. This revolutionary antioxidant is a powerful skin revitalizer, proven to help prevent oxidation on the skin, a leading cause of the signs of skin aging.



MD Skincare by
Dr. Dennis Gross Continuous Eye Hydrati

Product claims : Continuous Eye hydration advanced Technology provides essential moisture to the eye area without the use of heavy oils or waxes. This product was created to enhance the effects of the key ingredients while helping to prevent milia-causing residue and diminish the appearance of crow’s feet in the delicate eye area. Phospholipids provide immediate and long-term hydration. Caffeine and Cucumber Extract counteract puffiness that an occur from intense moisturization in the delicate eye area. This greaseless, lightweight formula absorbs quickly and also helps protect against free radicals with Ubiquinone and Vitamins C and E.


Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti-Wrinkle Intensive Eye Cream

Product claims : Replenishes skin with line-plumping moisture while visibly reducing the look of deep under-eye wrinkles and dark circles. Smooth Deep Wrinkles with Retinol SA. The patented Sustained Action formula continuously renews the look of skin through- out the day helping smooth even the deepest wrinkles, plus safe ultra-moisturizing Hyaluronic Acid to help plump up the look of deep wrinkles from within. You’ll see noticeably younger-looking skin every day.


N.V. Perricone Advanced Eye Area Therapy

Product claims : This all in one lotion helps prevent and correct every eye area concern: puffiness, dark circles, fine lines, wrinkles, and discoloration.

With continued use, the delicate skin around the eyes will appear more toned, firmed and bright. Skin will take on a more healthy and youthful appearance.



ProActiv Solution Nourishing Eye Cream

Product claims : Helps hydrate and soothe the fragile skin around the delicate eye area with a special blend of anti-oxidants and skin brighteners like cucumber, chamomile, vitamin C and soy extract.



RoC Canada Retin-OL Multi-Correxion Multi-Corrective Eye Cream

Product claims : Effectively reduces wrinkles, dark circles and bags. This high-performance care combines Retinol and Multi-Vitamin-Ox-Complex for clinically pro- ven action on the multiple signs of aging in the eye contour area. Thanks to an exclusive formula, this gentle but highly effective eye cream over time visibly reduces the appearance of wrinkles and diminishes dark circles and bags, as well as signs of fatigue.



Shiseido Bio-Performance Super Eye Contour Cream

Product claims : This powerful blend of the most technologically advanced ingredients is the latest addition to the Bio-Performance line. The multitasking formula helps treat and prevent fine lines, wrinkles, dullness and dark circles.



SkinCeuticals Eye Cream Firming Treatment

Product claims : Combats puffiness, sagging skin and dark circles around the delicate eye area. Protects against environmental aggres- sors, supports collagen synthesis accelerates the skin’s ability to repair itself and enhances hydration.