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Which Hydrating Moisturizer Provides The Best Hydration – Vichy, Clarins Or Murad?


This comparison review post was written about a year ago but I didn’t get to publish it earlier. My bad! But I guess it’s better late than never! <grinning>

Other than sunscreen, moisturizer is the final step in my regimen to help seal in the moisture into the skin.

Adequate skin hydration plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy skin texture and preventing aging. When skin is dehydrated, skin feels rough, dry or oily, sensitive and even show more lines. Even if you have been constantly applying moisturizer, your skin may still get dehydrated too. Knowing the importance of hydration, many cosmetic companies have specially formulated new moisturizers with additional hydrating benefits to help boost the hydration level and maintain a long-lasting moisture on the skin.

In the recent years, many new hydrating moisturizers have been launched in the market and in order to choose the right one for your skin can be confusing. To help you in a way, I’m going to do a quick review and comparison on 3 hydrating moisturizers I’ve received quite some time ago –

- Vichy Aqualia Thermal Soothing & Fortifying 24Hr Hydrating Care

- Clarins HydraQuench Cream-Gel

- Murad Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture.

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Soothing & Fortifying 24Hr Hydrating Care – S$48 / 50ml

Product Claim

This refreshing, lightweight cream is formulated with unique “ceramide-like” polymer mimics the shape of skin’s natural ceramides, allowing for instant penetration. Skin feels soft, supple and comfortable.


My first impression on this product is its pleasant fragrance scent. Surprisingly, the fragrance scent is pretty strong even it is listed as the last ingredient. It also contains alcohol. Personally, I’m not very comfortable of using any product that contain fragrance and especially alcohol in it.

Upon application, I can actually feel a temporary mild warm sensation on my skin which disappears within seconds. Maybe is my psychology mind tricking me hee hee… The gel absorbs quickly onto my skin and my skin appears pretty matte with no trace of oil at all. This lightweight gel is pretty refreshing too. Definitely suitable for people with oily skin type and for day & night use.

All-in-all, the hydration efficacy is average.

Click here for more info on Vichy Aqualia Thermal Soothing & Fortifying 24Hr Hydrating Care.


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Murad Hybrids Skin Perfecting Primer and Hybrids Soothing Skin, Lip & Cuticle Care


Quite some time ago, I’ve received a surprise parcel from Murad that contains a Hybrids@ Skin Perfecting Primer and Hybrids Soothing Skin, Lip & Cuticle Care.

Murad’s award-winning Hybrids@ range, launched in 2011, is formulated with multi-functional technologies to keep the complexion looking youthful and feeling healthy while preventing the signs of aging.

The formula combines multiple high performance technologies with high amounts of antioxidants, hydrators and vitamins, into a single, convenient 2-in-1 problem solver. Hybrids@ range is FREE of Parabens, GMOs, Gluten, Phthalates, Sulfates, Triclosan and Synthetic Fragrance.


Murad Hybrids@ Skin Perfecting Primer – S$79 / 30ml

Murad Hybrids@ Skin Perfecting Primer, a new addition to Hybrids@ range, is designed to help treat breakouts, control shine and correct skin imperfection.

Enriched with Probiotic Complex and Salicylic Acid, this multi-purpose primer helps combat surface bacteria and minimize pore sizes.

The formulation contains :

  • Probiotic Complex helps promote resistance to harmful bacteria
  • Salicylic Acid reduces blemishes and prevents further breakouts while eliminates dry and dull-looking skin
  • Pore Factor-5 minimizes the appearance of pores while balancing oil production
  • Adaptive Shade Technology creates a perfect skin tone match, wearable for virtually any skin shade and color

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NEW Murad Hydro Dynamic Ultimate Moisture Launch Event


Do you know water is not only essential to our body but also to the skin too? It plays an important role for a youthful-looking skin. “Water is our first defense against aging” claims Dr Howard Murad, the founder of Murad Skincare.

When our skin turns oily or appears dull-looking, that might be a warning sign that our skin is craving for moisture. In addition, dehydration will slow down skin metabolism, increase sensitivity and cause lines and wrinkles too.

Hence it is very important to maintain a proper and consistent skin hydration for as long as we can. So how can we nourish our skin with a long-lasting moisture? Well read on to find out more…..

2 weeks ago, I was delighted to attend my first Murad event at Arteastiq @ Mandarin Gallery to preview the NEW Murad’s richest and most thirst-quenching moisturizer ever.

There are 12 beauty bloggers invited for this private Murad Holistic Inclusive Event.

A healthy meal was served to incorporate the holistic internal health. The drink (top left image) is not a Martini but an aromatic tea with lychee.

A Murad’s International Trainer from US shared with us the importance of a hydrating skin, the structure of a healthy cell, the goodness of the newly launched moisturizer plus the holistic internal health approach.


Murad Hydro Dynamic Ultimate Moisture – S$142 / 50ml

Introducing Murad’s richest, most thirst-quenching moisturizer yet – the Hydro Dynamic Ultimate Moisture. This ultra rich formula is specially created to help combat aging and instantly relieves dryness and dehydration in mature skin while providing lasting moisture to restore youthful resilience and tone.

Dr Howard Murad, the founder of the market’s first doctor skincare line, has championed The Science of Cellular Water for years, a comprehensive approach towards achieving beautiful, youthful skin based on improving and maintaining the ability of skin cells to hold water.

Through his research, Dr Murad has shown that the better hydrated cells are, the better they can defend against internal and external aggressors that contribute to skin aging.

This intensely hydrating anti-aging cream, for mature or very dry skin, effectively delivers instant and long-term relief for dry, mature skin by locking in optimal moisture for 8 hours. It also helps renew and firm skin for improved suppleness and tone.

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Review – Mary Kay TimeWise Moisture Renewing Gel Mask


For this review, let’s talk about moisture! If you have read my earlier post on “Unveil My Beauty Secrets For Good-looking Skin”, you probably are aware that skin hydration is one of my most important factors for a great skin.

Whenever my skin is dehydrated, fine lines will get more prominent and skin will appear more dull-looking. And moreover, my face will tend to get oilier too and that is due to skin craving for moisture.

Therefore in addition to moisturizer, I will always include at least a hydrating product into my skincare regimen. Be it a mask, serum or lotion.

A few weeks ago, I have received my first parcel from Mary Kay. The big parcel comprises of a Mary Kay TimeWise Moisture Renewing Gel Mask, lovely tote bag, sleeping pillow, sleeping socks and eye mask. All in baby pink!

Many thanks to Touch Communications and Mary Kay Singapore for these lovely products! ;-)

Mary Kay TimeWise Moisture Renewing Gel Mask is my first Mary Kay product that I will be reviewing.

This lovely hydrating pink set is definitely great for traveling.


About Mary Kay

Mary Kay Singapore Pte Ltd opened in 2009. Mary Kay, one of the largest direct sellers of skin care and color cosmetics, realized another year of record results. In 2008 Mary Kay Inc. and its international subsidiaries achieved $2.6 billion in wholesale sales worldwide. Mary Kay® products are sold in more than 35 markets worldwide, and the global Mary Kay independent sales force exceeds 1.9 million.


Mary Kay TimeWise Moisture Renewing Gel Mask – S$52.00

Product Claim

Wake up in the morning to skin that is hydrated, feels firmer, softer and looks smoother. The new Mary Kay! TimeWise! Moisture Renewing Gel Mask provides intense hydration and is formulated to nourish skin that has been depleted of moisture during the day. This new powerful age-fighting multi-tasker works overnight so skin appears plumped from within, and radiance is restored, to look younger and more resilient. It also helps reduce the appearance of pores, leaving skin feeling healthier, smoother and softer.

This intensely hydrating gel mask has been formulated to work at night while the skin is in its natural resting and recovery cycle. During the night, skin can more easily rebound than it can during the day when it is defending itself against the effects of stress and the environment. In fact, in an in-depth consumer study, women who used TimeWise® Moisture Renewing Gel Mask as a sleeping mask overwhelmingly agreed that it not only enhanced the overall appearance of their skin but also delivered these skin-renewing benefits.

- Instantly Hydrates
- Locks in Moisture
- Firms
- Softens
- Nourishes



Mary Kay Timewise Moisture Renewing Gel Mask contains a handful of potent antioxidants such as euterpe oleracea fruit extract, tocopheryl acetate and anthemis nobilis flower extract.

Its key ingredient, sodium hyaluronate, helps to hydrate the skin by retaining water. Other beneficial ingredients are niacinamide, glycerin and squalene.

Alcohol Denat, second ingredient on the ingredient list, is a strong skin irritant. In high concentration, it can dry up the skin in a long run. Moisture Renewing Gel Mask also contains a couple of skin irritants such as anthemis nobilis flower extract, lavandula hybrida extract and linalool.



Timewise Moisture Renewing Gel Mask is a hydrating mask that is oil and fragrance-FREE. It is claimed to nourish and pamper skin by infusing it with moisture while firming, smoothing and refining skin texture.

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The Power Of Pomegranate – Combat Free Radical With This Super Antioxidant Ingredient


Lately, studies have shown that pomegranate extract can reverse signs of aging, help people lose weight, prevent heart disease and reduce chances of cancer.

What so great about pomegranate?

Pomegranate contains a super antioxidant called ellagic acid, which is even more powerful than the antioxidants in green tea. Studies have shown that commercially prepared pomegranate juice has three times the antioxidant activity, ounce for ounce, of red wine or green tea.

Pomegranate also appears to be effective against viruses, destroying them on contact. And it is especially effective in protecting cells from free radical damage. 

The powerful antioxidants in pomegranate work by boosting the levels of glutathione, a natural antioxidant in the body that helps protect the DNA in cells from free radical damage. Glutathione is also essential in helping the body recycle hormones such as estrogen, which also protect the skin cells. 

Ellagic acid inhibits the formation of harmful enzymes that causes cells to grow out of control. It is also thought to strengthen the cell membrane, making it less susceptible to free radical damage and preventing water loss.

Pomegranate skin care benefits

In recent years, many cosmetic companies have started including pomegranate as the key ingredient in their skin care products. Not only promegranate is a potent antioxidant, it is also an excellent source of moisture, making it especially suitable for people suffering from dry skin.

It is said that creams and lotions that contain pomegranate have great impact on wrinkles. By properly moisturizing the skin, the chances of skin cracking and wrinkling are greatly reduce. Some studies have shown that pomegranate not only promotes the production of collagen and elastin, which give strength and support to the skin, it also helps to brighten or lighten the skin tone.

Research has shown that promegranate helps to reduce inflammation, making it an excellent remedy to cure acne. It is also control skin irritations like sun burn or eczema.


Pomegranate skin care products


Dr. Brandt Anti-oxidant Water Booster : Pomegranate

2.00 oz | 60ml | US$35

Dr. Brandt has joined his expertise with certified clinical nutritionists to take antioxidants one step further, in the form of a liquid supplement. A new, innovative and easy way to harness the power of green and white teas, anti-oxidant water booster will help to repair skin and slow future signs of aging from the inside out. Calorie-free, caffeine-free, sugar-free and made with 100% natural extracts, it’s an easy way to integrate powerful antioxidants to promote overall health. 

This flavor features pomegranate extract, a potent antioxidant. One full dropper is equivalent to 15 cups of green tea. Contains 60 servings.


Burt’s Bees Replenishing Pomegranate Lip Balm

0.15 oz | US$3.50

This replenishing and hydrating natural lip balm is infused with the antioxidant goodness of Pomegranate oil. It replenishes moisture and restores texture to reveal smooth, healthy lips, and coats them for a smooth, even-toned appearance.


Murad Energizing Pomegranate Moisturizer SPF 15

2.0 oz | US$33

This lightweight, oil-free, hydrator that diffuses excess oil while delivering potent, broad-spectrum SPF 15 protection. Contains Murad’s powerful Energizing Pomegranate Complex with artemia to stimulate healthy cell function and pomegranate antioxidants to guard against environmental damage so skin stays healthy.


Murad Pomegranate Exfoliating Mask (6 piece)

6 treatments | US$22.50

This antioxidant-rich mask uses ginkgo biloba and pomegranate extracts to neutralize age-accelerating free radicals while fruit enzymes and AHAs thoroughly exfoliate the entire complexion. These actions help to heal and prevent damage while releasing trapped impurities, leading to a clearer and healthier appearance. Finally, sodium PCA hydrates and softens the skin for a smooth, conditioned and supple texture, as well as a radiant tone.


Korres Pomegranate Balancing Moisturizing SPF 6

40 ml | US$29.50

A moisturising cream-gel based on vegetable emulsifiers, which are fully compatible with the epidermis. Carob tree and provitamin B5 combine an immediate moisturising effect with long-term hydration balancing activity. Zinc regulates the sebum secretion, while Pomegranate tightens the pores. The natural sunscreen Titanium dioxide, in combination with the Avocado extract, prevents premature skin aging.


Korres Pomegranate Make Up Removing Wipes – for oily and combination skin

25 wipes | US$12

Refreshing wipes that cleanse the skin and remove make-up efficiently from face and eyes. Pomegranate extract, rich in antioxidants, tightens the pores while toning and refreshing the skin.

Pomega5 Pomegranate Cleansing Bar

3.5oz | 100g | US$18

Made by hand and dried in the Mediterranean sun, Pomega5 Cleansing Bar draws on centuries of traditional soap-making practices. This natural facial cleanser is formulated using edible grade extra virgin olive oil, precious pomegranate seed oil, herbs, and biodynamic essential oils to cleanse and purify skin, keeping it nourished, clear and soft all day long.


Pomega5 Revitalizing Nourishing Toner

3.4 oz | US$36

Rich and nourishing fatty acids and essential oils, this pure, plant-based toning mist clarifies skin while providing lightweight moisture and restoring natural PH. Antioxidant pomegranate seed oil fights free radicals, hydrates and protects; astringent which hazel disinfects; and fresh cucumber and arnica calm stressed skin. Entirely alcohol-free, Pomega5 Revitalizing Nourishing Toner is based on distilled rosewater and infused with citrus essential oils for a delicate, uplifting scent you will fall in love with. Biodynamic and organic ingredients. Botanically preserved; contains no parabens, synthetic chemicals or fragrances. Not tested on animals. Made in France.


Skincare products – To minimize enlarged pores

For normal to oily or blemish-prone skin

  • Neutrogena Pore Refining Cream SPF 15*
  • Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Stress Control 3-in-1 Hydrating Acne Treatment
  • Clearasil Daily Blackhead Control Pads with Natural Sea Salt
  • Paula’s Choice 1% Beta Hydroxy Acid Gel
  • Murad Night Reform Treatment

For normal to dry skin

  • Neutrogena Healthy Skin Face Lotion
  • Neostrata Exuviance Professional Rejuvenating Complex
  • Neostrata Daytime Protection Cream SPF 15*
  • Paula’s Choice 8% Alpha Hydroxy Acid Gel
  • M.D. Formulations Moisture Defense Antioxidant Lotion

Before you start

  • Always cleanse before applying product. Use toner if you have oily skin, as well as an eye cream.
  • Morning regimens must include use of a broad-spectrum sunscreen of your choice.
  • Don’t starve your skin of hydration if you have combination skin, you still need to use a lightweight moisturizer.
  • You may not need to scrub your skin when using any of these products.

Things to note

  • * With SPF 15, use it only in the day.
  • If you use one of these products, you should begin to see some results right away. Pores will continue to be minimized the longer you use them.
  • Go gentle at the start, use the product every other days for the first 2 weeks. If no irritation occurs, you can start using it everyday. Do not over-use any of these products, twice a day will be sufficient.
  • If you start to encounter irritation, STOP using the product immediately.

Review – Murad Essential-C Eye Cream SPF 15


Murad was founded by Howard Murad, M.D., the renowned Los Angeles dermatologist who has studied the effects of the environment on skin and ageing for thirty years.

Murad Essential-C Eye Cream SPF 15 contains a hydrator, an antioxidant and a skin soother, is the first Murad product I have bought and tested. One of the reason that tempted me to buy this product, as this is one of the few Vitamin C eye cream that is available in the market.


One of the key ingredient, Ascorbyl Palmitate, is a stable and non-acidic form of Vitamin C that is effective as an antioxidant. It is said to provide maximum protection against free radicals and helps to soften appearance of fine lines and dark eye circles

Other unique active ingredients include Caffeine and Tiger’s Herb. Caffeine is claimed to reduce under eye puffiness and Tiger’s Herb helps to stimulates collagen synthesis and improves skin elasticity, therefore firms up the skin. Retinyl Palmitate and Retinol, both are form of vitamin A, are researched to be effective as an antioxidant and skin-cell regulator that improves skin structure. It also contains Tocopheryl Acetate (form of vitamin E) and Shorea Stenoptera Butter, a rich emollient, delivers intense hydration while preventing moisture loss.

In my opinion

To be honest, the effectiveness will very much depend on the amount of these active ingredients in the product. If the percentage is very minimum, you will hardly be able to see the result you want.


The downside of this product is that it lacks the necessary UVA-protecting ingredients of titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, avobenzone, Tinosorb or Mexoryl SX.


The texture is lightweight but slightly cakey.


After application, it doesn’t provide enough moisturizing after effect. No visible improvement was shown. 


Will I buy it again? …… No No!


Murad is available at Seiyu Bugis