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Make Up For Ever’s Aqua Collection 2015


make up for ever aqua matic aqua rouge

MAKE UP FOR EVER has recently launched new additions to its AQUA Collection! Introducing the waterproof AQUA MATIC eyeshadow range and 2 new lip colors for AQUA ROUGE! I was pleased to receive 3 of the colors for AQUA MATIC and 1 of the new colors for AQUA ROUGE. Many thanks to MAKE UP FOR EVER Singapore.

A major innovation for 2015, the new waterproof AQUA MATIC eye shadow collection glides like a liner, blends into a shadow, and is so smudge-proof – it offers perfect coverage without weighing down the eyes! Priced at S$35 each.

make up for ever aqua matic

Combined with a high-text retractable format and integrated sharpener, AQUA MATIC comes in an ultraglide smooth texture with 15 shades to choose from. It is available in Matte, Iridescent, Diamond, Metallic and Satiny texture.

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This Apr 16th, MAKE UP FOR EVER is launching a new generation gloss – ARTIST PLEXI-GLOSS – that allows your lips to achieve voluptuous shine with extreme color and stay-on power.

Available in an abundance of 35 luscious, high shine shades, ARTIST PLEXI-GLOSS smoothens the lip surface when applied and creates high shine that lasts for as long as 5 hours.

The 35 show-stopping shades comprise of :

  • 5 harmonies of colors – 6 nude/beige shades, 10 pink shades, 7 coral shades, 7 red shades, 4 artistic shades and 1 transparent shade
  • 2 textures – Pearly (lip gloss effect) and Pure Color (lip tint effect)

I got to receive 3 of the 35 glossy shades recently, many thanks to MAKE UP FOR EVER Singapore.

Tested by make-up artists from the fashion and entertainment industries, ARTIST PLEXI-GLOSS pushes back the limits of shine as well as color, which is purer than ever and presented in a translucent base, says Dany Sanz, Creator and Artistic Director of MAKE UP FOR EVER.

ARTIST PLEXI-GLOSS is formulated with Plexiglas®, a material that was very popular in the 1980s. Dany Sanz has always been drawn to Plexiglas® and it is actually a Plexiglas® vanity case she was using at the time that inspired her to create ARTIST PLEXI-GLOSS.

make up for ever artist plexi-gloss

ARTIST PLEXI-GLOSS comes with a new exclusive Superflex applicator. Its exclusive shape is split down one side, so it fills with gloss through a soft and supple foam material. The flat side of the applicator can therefore roll the color across the lips, using the rounded tip to fill the Cupid’s bow and the flat side to draw the lip contour with precision. The vinyl effect is ensure with no risk of bleeding.

make up for ever artist plexi-gloss

make up for ever artist plexi-gloss

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Woohoo! Finally Chinese New Year is here! I couldn’t express how stressful I was prior this big festive! There were so much things to do, and with my hectic day job, my usual activities (including blogging) have been neglected. Not intending to do any visiting today hence manage to squeeze some time to introduce you a new product range.

make up for ever step 1 skin equalizer

MAKE UP FOR EVER has recently launched a new range of skin-perfecting primers – STEP 1 Skin Equalizer – that is designed to correct skin texture and balance skin color.

“As painters always start with a smooth, perfectly prepped canvas to ensure a perfect end result – make-up artists need unified, flawless even-textured skin as a starting point for perfect make-up results all the time.” – Dany Sanz, Creator and Creative Director of MAKE UP FOR EVER

Priming our face with a primer is essential as it not only keeps our makeup stays all day long but it creates a flawless canvas for our foundation. This new STEP 1 Skin Equalizer by MAKE UP FOR EVER goes beyond preparing the skin for makeup, each new primer is an equalizer that helps to balance the skin tone and texture so as to achieve the desired perfect complexion.

Each of the ten STEP 1 Skin Equalizer is formulated with the Equalizer Complex that consists of these key ingredients :

  1. The Acti Tensor 3D, a marco molecule that redesigns the skin’s texture to blur imperfections and lift the facial contours.
  2. Regeactive, a vegetable sugar that boosts cellular renewal for a radiant skin tone and appearance.
  3. High Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid, an ingredient that guards against imperceptible water loss and sheathes the skin in a perfectly invisible hyper-hydrating film.

The ten STEP 1 Skin Equalizer consists of 2 groups – Color Correcting and Texture Correcting Primers.

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MAKE UP FOR EVER Holiday 2014 “Backstage Pass” Collection


MAKE UP FOR EVER has recently introduced BACKSTAGE PASS, their latest holiday collection available in Singapore from 6 November 2014 onwards.

The Backstage Pass Collection is a tribute to the 80s, the decade when MAKE UP FOR EVER was born. This Holiday Collection combines all its must-haves in three makeup cases and one brush set, all with an ultra-pro look. The Holiday Collection comprises of Beauty Kit, Studio Case, Make Up Station and Brush Set.

With striking hair, makeup and a body-painted black sequin tux, the face of the Backstage Pass Collection strikes a show-stopping pose, 1980 style.

The cult make-up tools from this collection consist of:

6 best-sellers from MAKE UP FOR EVER

A beautiful black case with a magnetic closure and a big mirror inside stamped with the mouth logo. It contains 6 of the brand’s best-sellers – 5 miniatures and 1 full size: 1 HD Primer base, 1 HD Powder, 1 black Aqua Eyes pencil, 1 Smoky Extravagant mascara, 1 Aqua Lip pencil and 1 Rouge Artist Natural. The perfect gift for someone looking to discover MAKE UP FOR EVER.

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Make Up For Ever Launching ARTIST SHADOW, Available in 210 Shades!


Like to play with different eyeshadow colors? Here’s something exciting for you! Make Up For Ever has recently launched a brand new eye shadow collection – ARTIST SHADOW – that is available in 210 shades and 5 different textures! It is believed to be the most extensive range of eye shadows we can find in the market.

make up for ever artist shadow

All 210 shades is now available at Pro Loft; Sephora flagship stores at ION & Ngee Ann City will carry 108 shades. Other Sephora stores will only carry 24 shades.

make up for ever artist shadow

Make Up For Ever spent the last 3 years working hard on developing this extensive range of new-generation eye shadows. ARTIST SHADOW eye shadows available in 5 effects – matte, satiny, metallic, iridescent and diamond.

“Thanks to a whole new technology, we’ve developed incredibly subtle colors, astonishing glasses and sheens that are highly versatile, and some out-of-this world effects.” – Dany Sanz, Creator and Artistic Director of Make Up For Ever


ARTIST SHADOW Mono D334, Apple Green. “D” stands for Diamond.


ARTIST SHADOW Mono D410 Gold Nugget.

The Pearly Formulas (Satiny, Metallic, Iridescent, Diamond) feature 2 technical innovations – Water-blend Technology and Pigment Atomization.

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MAKE UP FOR EVER Introducing 4 New Rouge Artist Lipsticks & Ink Liner


make up for ever rouge artist intense natural

MAKE UP FOR EVER’s Creator and Artistic Director Dany Sanz has introduced 4 new Rouge Artist shades to its popular Rouge Artist collection of 100. Each lipstick retails at S$37.

Saturated in pigments (over 50% more pure pigments than a traditional lipstick on average), Rouge Artist Lipsticks ensure radiant results and intense color with just one swipe.

Natural beeswax, natural candellila and rice wax help to ensure that the texture is soft, and allow the color to be even and long-wearing.

make up for ever rouge artist intense natural

make up for ever rouge artist intense natural

The 4 new Rouge Artist lipsticks consist of 2 Intense and 2 Natural lipsticks under Nudes, Corals, Pinks and Reds. From left : Intense 52, Intense 51, Natural N51, and Natural N52. The Intense is more pigmented than the Natural lipstick.

Rouge Artist Natural N52 is a new addition to Nudes range. It is great for those who like subtle, natural, nude beige shade and it looks great with smokey eyes too.

make up for ever rouge artist natural

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MAKE UP FOR EVER launching 75 Customized Make-Up Brushes


Recently, I was excited to learn that MAKE UP FOR EVER has created a brush revolution with its new collection of 75 amazing make-up brushes, with new shapes and 100% engineered fibers! Wow! Yes, there are total of 75 brushes!

Designed by Dany (MUFE’s founder) and make-up artists, this new brush collection, both practical yet creative, is designed to meet all the needs and desires of both make-up artists and women from over the world.

The 75 unique make-up brushes comprise of 9 categories – Foundation, Powder, Concealer, Blush, Eyeshadow, Eyebrow, Eyeliner, Lip and Artistic.

make up for ever 75 make-up brushes

I was super delighted to receive 5 brushes from each category (Blush, Eye, Eyebrow, Lip and Artistic) plus a small Brush Pouch recently. Many thanks to MAKE UP FOR EVER Singapore!

The 75 customized brushes come in assorted shapes and sizes – such as tapered, trapeze, round, square, fan, flared, pointy and angled – to allow for optimized control in applying, blending, sculpting, shading and lining of make-up.

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MAKE UP FOR EVER’s New AQUA Collection 2014


make up for ever aqua collection 2014

This Summer, MAKE UP FOR EVER’s star line – AQUA – is introducing its new additions :

  • AQUA SMOKY EXTRAVAGANT, a waterproof mascara that gives a dramatic fanned out impact, visible from afar with each lash being well-defined.
  • AQUA LINERS in 4 diamond-shimmer colors.
  • AQUA LIP in 5 new shades that gives you sherbet-tinted lips.
  • MIST & FIX, a long-lasting make-up setting spray that keeps the skin healthy.

make up for ever aqua smoky extravagant

MAKE UP FOR EVER introduces its latest waterproof mascaraAQUA Smoky Extravagant – that lets your lashes to be curled, thickened or outrageously black! Retailing at S$44, it has a coneshaped brush that makes the application easy and the mascara has a non-sticky texture.

make up for ever aqua liner

make up for ever aqua liner

AQUA Liner has increased its 15-color palette with 4 new diamond shades. From left: #18 Diamond Blue, #19 Diamond Pearly Pink, #2 Diamond Black and #17 Diamond Grey. It is formulated with acrylic filmogen polymers for long-lasting waterproof and transfer-proof holding power. And a “color-seal” complex that sets the pearlisers and pigments. It is priced at S$40 each.

make up for ever aqua liner

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MAKE UP FOR EVER Introducing New Makeup Brushes, HD Cream Blush & HD Pressed Powder


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MAKE UP FOR EVER is introducing two new additions to its HD (High Definition) range – HD CREAM BLUSH and HD PRESSED POWDER – plus three new additions to its brush collection.

make up for ever hd pressed powder hd cream blush

I was glad to receive a couple of the new products that include five HD CREAM BLUSH shades, a HD PRESSED POWDER and two brushes. Many thanks to MAKE UP FOR EVER Singapore for the generous products. :D



The new HD CREAM BLUSH, the first cream blush by MAKE UP FOR EVER, melts on the skin for a natural flush of color, allowing skin to glow from within.

Available in an extra-wide range of 16 shades – 15 nudes shades + 1 funky “doll-like” coral hue to meet the needs of every skin tone, the HD Cream Blush is extremely easy to blend and offers translucent coverage.

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MAKE UP FOR EVER Launching Limited Edition Spring’14 Collection – Arty Blossom Eye Shadow Palette


Hello everyone and happy Thursday! Today, MAKE UP FOR EVER is proud to launch their Limited Edition Spring’14 Collection – Arty Blossom Eye Shadow Palette (S$75) – comes in an extraordinary formula in a very pretty pink packaging!

I’m glad to obtain the Limited Edition Arty Blossom recently, plus a Lab Shine Diamond Collection lip gloss (in D4), a Aqua Smoky Lash and a Aqua Eyes (in 24L) pencil. Many thanks to MAKE UP FOR EVER Singapore.

Inspired by watercolor painting, the latest Limited Edition Spring’14 Collection has a translucent formula and the colors are designed to be blended or layered to create a beautiful dreamy effect, just like a contemporary art. Its finely pearlized translucent texture gives a sheer transparent look, slightly different from the previous seasonal collections that are pigmented and intense.

make up for ever arty blossom spring 2014 collection

make up for ever arty blossom spring 2014 collection eyeshadow palette

The Limited Edition Arty Blossom Eyeshadow Palette comes in 8 soft, romantic eye colors with bouquet of evanescent hues and Fresh Pink as the star color. This fresh, “healthy” pink can be used on eyes, cheeks and lips, that mimic a young girl’s complexion, flushing with thrilled excitement.

Other beautiful watercolor shades are Turquoise Blue, Fresh Peach, Gold Green, Gold Beige, Gold Plum, Metallic Copper and Pearly White. The strong, muted or subdued colors can shift in intensity to make classic or abstract, subtle or artistic looks.

make up for ever arty blossom spring 2014 collection eyeshadow palette

make up for ever arty blossom spring 2014 collection eyeshadow palette

Out of the 8 refreshing colors, 6 of them are new shades and the rest 2 are existing shades (Metallic Copper and Pearly Turquoise Blue). The bright, satiny or shimmery shades, such as Turquoise Blue, Gold Beige and Pearly White, add a veil of color to the eyelid that instantly captures the light.

make up for ever arty blossom spring 2014 collection

Without flash.

make up for ever arty blossom spring 2014 collection

With Flash.

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