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At-Home Peeling Treatment –
Renewal Series


After the successful launched of Mandelic Acid Renewal Serum in May 2013, FOR BELOVED ONE introduced 2 new additions to its Mandelic Acid series. The 2 new products are Mandelic Acid Renewal Toner and Mandelic Acid Renewal Lotion.

I must say I really love the Mandelic Acid Renewal Serum! Retailing at S$95 for 30ml, it is a gentle at-home peeling treatment that uses the highest concentration, within safety range, of DL-Mandelic Acid (20%), with skin friendly and effective pH level 3.5. It is safe, hypoallergenic and low-irritant and can gently penetrate deep into skin pores to clear acne, block the generation of melanin and brighten dull skin tone, providing safe and effective clinical results right at home. I use it once a week (before toner) to help get rid of surface dead skin cells and improve cell metabolism for a healthy and beautiful skin. It is suitable for my sensitive skin.

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FOR BELOVED ONE’s New Melasleep Whitening Sunscreen Series


for beloved one melasleep whitening sunscreen series

Recently, I was introduced to FOR BELOVED ONE’s latest Melasleep Whitening Sunscreen Series. FOR BELOVED ONE Melasleep Whitening Sunscreen Series, retailing at S$52, available in 3 shades – White, Beige and Green.

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of protecting our skin from the harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation found in sunlight. The harmful UV rays can damage our skin causing our skin to lose moisture, sag and get wrinkles easily.

Though there’s a common misconception that the higher the SPF the better, however to maximize sunscreen protection, FOR BELOVED ONE recommends choosing sunscreens according our our skin type and lifestyle. Having 2 sunscreens is recommended, one with a high SPF and one with lighter SPF. FOR BELOVED ONE Melasleep Whitening Sunscreen Protection SPF32++ is available in White shade. The lighter SPF sunscreen, great for basic daily use, is suitable for those who work in offices or students who mostly stay indoors.

for beloved one melasleep whitening sunscreen series

FOR BELOVED ONE Melasleep Whitening Sunscreen Protection SPF50++ is available in Beige and Green shades. The higher SPF, great for people with outdoor lifestyle, is used when you require being out in the sun for long hours. I’m glad I’ve obtained a complimentary Melasleep Whitening Sunscreen Protection SPF50++ in Beige shade. It gives sheer natural finish that doesn’t leave a greasy residue upon application.

for beloved one melasleep whitening sunscreen series

for beloved one melasleep whitening sunscreen series

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FOR BELOVED ONE “Advanced Whitening Arbutin Series”


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Recently, I was delighted to meet up three lovely ladies from FOR BELOVED ONE who have specially flown from Taiwan to introduce the new Advanced Whitening Arbutin Series to selected few Singapore bloggers. The meet-up, held at one of the Toastbox outlets (they enjoyed eating the kaya toast bread) was private and cosy with just myself and the three lovely ladies.

Taiwan’s brand FOR BELOVED ONE, the whitening expert in the Cosmeceutical Skincare field, will be launching the new “Advanced Whitening a-Arbutin Series” in March 2014 – an upgraded comprehensive whitening series that combines low-irritant a-Arbutin compound and DNA whitening ingredients to provide a dual effect brightening treatment.

For Beloved One Advanced Whitening Arbutin Series

This whitening series was first launched in Taiwan in 2013 and has quickly gained popularity all over Taiwan.

The new “Advanced Whitening a-Arbutin Series” consists of Toner , Essence, Lotion and Mask. The Whitening a-Arbutin Cream Mask, the unique oil-in-water cream mask that instantly transforms into essence once in contact with skin, is the most popular product among the range.

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Review – For Beloved One 20% Mandelic Acid Renewal Serum


Do you know skin exfoliation is actually one of my beauty secrets to healthy looking skin? Exfoliation helps eliminate dead skin cells on the surface and speed up the skin renewal process for a brighter, even-toned and clearer skin. Exfoliation also helps to improve the penetration of my other skin products. In fact, most of the anti-aging, acne or whitening products usually contain a superficial amount of exfoliating agents however the amount used is miniscule to even see dramatic result. If you are having dark spots, dullness, acne, or acne scars, I believe exfoliation may help to improve these skin problems in a way.

for beloved one 20% mandelic acid renewal serum

Recently, I was introduced to a new exfoliator by For Beloved One. It is the new For Beloved One 20% Mandelic Acid Renewal Serum, a convenient, gentle and safe way to exfoliate skin. It works as a home-use chemical peel treatment for a brighter and clearer skin. I was delighted to receive a complimentary bottle recently.

For Beloved One is a leading cosmeceutical skincare brand founded by Margaret Wu from Taiwan. According to Margaret Wu, “A healthy skin renewal cycle is 28 days. However, because our skin is exposed to many factors in our environment and lifestyle such as pollution, changes in climate, stress, insufficient sleep, imbalanced diet, etc., our cell metabolism becomes slower, dead skin cells on skin surface starts to build up, causing our skin to become dull, lifeless, rough, formation of acne and reduce the absorption of nutrients from skincare products”.

Hence, cell metabolism is crucial to maintaining healthy and beautiful skin.

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