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Belif True Anti-aging Essence, Hungarian Water Essence, True Cream-Aqua Bomb & Cream-Moisturizing Bomb

Have you heard of this brand named Belif? If you a regular shopper at Orchard, you probably will have noticed their flagship store at Wisma Atria B1-64.

Belif, with motto “Believe in Truth”, is a Korean herbal skincare brand that combines traditional herbal treatments with modern natural cosmetic science.

Late last year, I have attended my first Belif event to preview 4 hydrating skincare products – Hungarian Water Essence, The True Anti-aging Essence, The True Cream – Moisturizing Bomb and Aqua Bomb. Thanks to Chantana for extending this invitation to me.

Belif was first discovered in 2012 by a group of adventurous cosmetic scientists from South Korea. Belif’s founder, Duncan Napier who is a respected botanist and herbalist, was the first to open a herbal clinic and shop in Scotland in 1860 where herbal treatments are considered an important form of traditional natural therapy. Today, Belif has inherited Napier’s 150 years of history and formulates products free of harmful ingredients.

Standing by its 5 truths – True Ingredients, True Formula, True Benefit, True Safety and True TimelessnessBelif develops skincare and body products for women, men and even babies that are formulated from Napier’s traditional herbal processing methods proven for preserving efficacy of the herbs.

Only carefully selected ingredients are believed to be used. No synthetic preservatives, dyes, fragrances, mineral oil and animal origin are used in Belif. They are claimed to be suitable for people with delicate and sensitive skin too.

Hungarian Water Essence

Product Claim : The moisturizing effect of Hungarian water is the secret to the Hungarian queen’s beauty. Formulated with only the purest Hungarian water, this essence provides long lasting moisture instantly without stickiness, leaving skin soft and supply.

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