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Albion Elegance Paris Face Powder


Many months back, I got to receive the Elegance Paris La Poudre Haute Nuance Face Powder by Albion Japan. Elegance Paris is a luxury makeup collection designed for unrivalled beauty marked by elegance and sophistication.

Elégance La Poudre, the face powder series that first introduced in 1989, has steadily gained loyal fans around the world.

Elegance paris la poudre haute face powder

Isn’t it beautiful? I actually love it at first sight! Above : Color [VI]

Back by popular demand, ALBION Elegance Face Powder is handcrafted to deliver absolute clarity and brightness to our skin. It instantly covers pores and has superior resistance to water and oil, making it extremely long-lasting.

Elegance Paris Face Powder

Elegance paris la poudre haute face powder

Love its light compact in luxurious gold packaging and logo engraved with beautiful crystals.

albion elegance paris face powder

ALBION Elegance Face Powder available in various shades to suit different skin tones.

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Albion EXCIA Whitening Premium Range


Albion Excia Whitening

Received this Albion EXCIA W Premium Coffret quite a while ago, didn’t get to blog about it sooner. This coffret comprises of EXCIA Circulating Watery Cleansing Cream, EXCIA Circulating Essence Foam, Whitening Extra Rich Milk SV, Whitening Lotion SV and Whitening External Stem Nova Cream.

Upon checking the items, my usual next move was to check out the ingredients. Spotted alcohol on all of the products. It’s one of the ingredients I’m not really comfortable with. The alcohol scent is dull even though it is listed under one of the top five ingredients (for three of them).

Albion Excia Whitening eternal stem nova cream

Alcohol is claimed to help other ingredients such as vitamin C penetrate our skin more effectively. EXCIA Whitening External Stem Nova Cream actually contains Ascorbyl Glucoside. It is known as a form of vitamin C that has the antioxidant or skin-lightening properties.

Alcohol is good for the product, but maybe bad for our skin. Probably, we might expect dry, irritated skin if we use a cosmetic product with alcohol.

I noticed many of my peers love using skincare products that contain alcohol, one of their favorites is Lancome Genifique. They seem to have no issue with it so far.

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Albion’s Special Edition 40th Anniversary Skin Conditioner Coffret


albion limited edition skin conditioner coffret

Albion’s Skin Conditioner, Albion’s star product, is celebrating its 40th Anniversary and is launching a special edition 40th Anniversary Skin Conditioner Coffret, combining two of Albion’s best sellers – Skin Conditioner (330ml) and Eclafutur (15ml) – to keep the skin healthy and beautiful.

I was glad to receive this special edition coffret from Albion Singapore recently.

albion skin conditioner

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Albion Introduced New INFINESSE Gravity Resistance IA


albion infinesse

Albion has recently launched a new anti-aging serum under its new INFINESSE lineINFINESSE Gravity Resistance IA – that is claimed to provide lifting effect, improve skin elasticity and ability to bounce back against the effects of gravity.

Inspired by the word ‘Infinity’ which means ‘no limits’, INFINESSE reflects Albion’s commitment to developing cosmetics that create in their customers a feeling of limitless joy.

So what exactly is “skin that is visibly lifted and firm”?

  • Visible firmness that can be seen. Smooth texture and tightly drawn pores, a radiant glow, the appearance of higher cheekbones, etc. Firmness that can perceived by the eye.
  • Tactile firmness that can be felt. When it’s touched, it pushes back. It has firm, solid elasticity. Firmness that can be felt through touch.

At INFINESSE, skin with these two properties is called visibly lifted and firm.

albion infinesse

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Beauty Scene Investigation – Unveil The Massbrands Products Winners


Two weeks ago, I’ve attended an interesting and creative event named “Beauty Scene Investigation” by a well-known global company from Japan that owns several prestige and massbrands cosmetics brands in Singapore. The mission of the day was to identify who are the ultimate “beauty products” suvivors for a murder case.

Wanna make a guess on the name of the major cosmetics company I’m referring to? Well, the answer is SHISEIDO.

Do continue reading to search for clues at the crime scene, to uncover the identities of the true-blue survivors and most importantly to find out on why or how these survivors managed to escape from being KILLED!! Hahahahaha…………are you ready gals, lets go!

Before proceeding to the crime scene, we were briefly brief on the murder case with the help from this investigation board.

So here we were at the murder scene with police tapes all over the place.

Everyone was looking for clues at the murder scene.

There are 6 types of crime scenes and each crime scene is targeted to different range of products. A doll was killed at crime scene 1 @ “Hair Care Street”. Crime scene 2 is the “Facial Cleanser Ave” and the crime scene 3 is the “Base Boulevard” where you can find a chopped off finger on a compact foundation.

The other 3 crime scenes are the “Eyeliner Close” @ crime scene 4, “Mascara Lane” @ crime scene 5 and the “Eyeshadow Road” @ crime scene 6.

In the end, these unfortunate victims (beauty products) couldn’t survive and have eventually been killed due to bad quality, poor ingredients and out-dated formulation. So who has actually escaped from the evil clutches of the serial killer and win the competition?

Well let me unveil the mystery and disclose the identities of the 9 ultimate survivors! These survivors are proud to be the winners at the Watsons HWB (Health Wellness & Beauty) Awards ’11. They have been awarded for their quality and innovation, and are a reflection of the popular taste and consumers’ changing preferences and lifestyle.

Below are the 9 ultimate survivors!

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Japan No.1 Mass Skincare Brand – AQUALABEL Exclusive Private Preview


AQUALABEL, the #1 Mass Skincare Brand from Japan has finally arrived in Singapore! AQUALABEL, a quality skincare that is made in Japan, is created by whitening pioneer Shiseido with 100 years of whitening experience. It focuses on Asian women and it is the #1 Whitening and Anti-aging brand in the self-select category (under 2,000¥) in Japan. Launched in Japan in Feb 2006 and it is currently available in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.



Recently, I was one of the 10 lucky effluencers/bloggers to be exclusively invited for an one to one preview workshop and also to indulge in a 45min AQUALABEL facial. Due to heavy workload, I have to forgo the facial and only attended the private preview.


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