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BECCA Cosmetics Is Back To Singapore Again!


If you are a fan of BECCA Cosmetics, you will be delighted to know that BECCA has finally arrived back at Singapore’s shopping belt – Orchard Road. Launching in end April 2012, BECCA Cosmetics will be available at Escentials Paragon, Escentials Tangs Orchard and Escentials The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands.

BECCA Cosmetics used to be available at Perfumes & Cosmetics @ Changi Airport Terminal 3 from 2008 and have a short stay at Sephora Singapore actually.


Perfect foundation for a flawless complexion

BECCA Cosmetics was founded by Australian Makeup Artist Rebecca Morrice Williams. Her search for the ‘perfect foundation’ since she was a teenage and her frustration with inability to find the miracle product prone her to create the ultimate range of skin-perfecting products to suit all skin tones and ethnicities – from the fairest to the darkest complexions.

As a makeup artist, Rebecca was able to identify her clients’ cosmetic needs against the shortcomings of established cosmetic brands. She believed that this seemingly elusive flawless complexion was indeed achievable… but knew she would have to create it herself.

After 6 years of research and development, she created a range of products and BECCA was born.

“The whole philosophy of BECCA is about creating a natural, flawless look. It’s really about skin looking amazing – everything else is secondary.” – Rebecca Morrice Williams


3 weeks ago, I was delighted to attend a private BECCA Cosmetics Preview Launch event that held at Escentials Paragon.

Steven Schapera, Rebecca’s business partner and CEO, gave us an in-depth presentation on BECCA‘s profile and success. With a diverse commercial background and international marketing expertise, he is actually the business mind behind BECCA‘s phenomenal international success.

International makeup artist Lisa Pemberton demonstrated the techniques to achieve a flawless complexion on a model while introducing BECCA Cosmetics range of products.

Wow! Both models have absolutely flawless complexion! Stunning! I’m super convinced!

Upon the makeup demonstration, here comes the exciting part – we were led to a room to try out ALL the BECCA range of products. WOW!!

BECCA is the first international cosmetic company to provide a Skin Perfecting Makeup System, for ALL women, no matter how pale or dark their skin. With over 34 shades of Concealer and 30 colors of Stick Foundation, BECCA is able to exactly match any complexion.

Skin Perfecting Makeup System, a simple 3 step system, is specially designed to correct, perfect and enhance the complexion.

BECCA Luminous Skin Colour, comes in 15 shades and in SPF 25+, is the ultimate sheer skin-protecting base that provides a barely-there tint of color with an ultra-soft, fresh finish. A combination tinted moisturizer and sheer foundation that has the benefits of a make-up, sun protection and skin-care product.

This moisturizing foundation seems like a perfect foundation for me, I do not need to apply any moisturizer when using it. Goodbye the greasiness feel from moisturizer! Love the sheer and natural finish.

BECCA Luminous Skin Colour, retailing at S$75 in 50ml, contains anti-oxidant vitamins A, B, D and E to help in tissue repair, increase collagen renewal and moisture holding capacity, whilst simultaneously protecting against pollution and free radical damage.

Check out the Stick Foundation, there are 30 colors to choose from. I beg you will be able to find the right shade for your skin.

BECCA Compact Concealer contains 2 highly pigmented formulations – extra-cover and medium-cover – that enable you to laying and mixing. This well-loved Concealer provides total camouflage for almost any skin problem including blemishes, scars, birthmarks and under eye circles.

With 34 shades of Concealer, you will definitely be able to find one to match your complexion exactly!

For the meantime, not all the colors will have the stocks ready at the counters. A pre-order and special delivery from UK will be made if the color you have selected is not available at the counters.

The soft, creamy texture and its non-powdery formulation are suitable for most skin types (including ultra-sensitive) and provides sheer to medium, natural looking coverage. It contains broad spectrum SPF 30+ to protect against over 96% of both UVA and UVB ray. Also contains antioxidant vitamins A, D, and E, which help to increase collagen renewal and the skin’s moisture holding capacity.

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Philosophy Skincare Is Finally Coming To Singapore!


Calling out all fans of Philosophy skincare?

Yes, your long-awaiting brand will be arriving in Singapore soon! Thanks to Luxasia Singapore for bringing this fabulous brand here. And it is definitely a great news for those die-hard fans of Philosophy Skincare.

Philosophy Skincare will be officially launched at all Sephora outlets from 27th April 2012.

Singapore is the first to launch Philosophy Skincare brand in Asia market.

In February 2012, I was delighted to be invited to the Philosophy brand launch at The Art House. I was privileged to preview and patch test some of the much-acclaimed Philosophy best products such as the Microdelivery Peel and Turbo Booster C Powder.

The event began with a brand introduction speech presented by Marie-Laure Pons, Senior Vice President of Coty Prestige & Coty Beauty.

Followed by Robin White, Director of International Education & Global Press, introducing the range of Philosophy skincare products with local Dermatologist Dr Wong Soon Tee supporting dermatology questions.

Philosophy was founded in 1996 by Christina Carlino, an entrepreneur with 30 years of hand-on experience in wellness and beauty industry. Philosophy is the 4th biggest selling skincare brand in US and it was recently been bought over by Coty, a cosmetics brand primarily known for their fragrances. Philosophy is the latest addition to Coty Prestige division.

Philosophy‘s lifestyle branding statement “Believe in miracle” and its strong spiritual and belief approach that builds an emotional connection with the consumers, successfully capture consumers attention and leave a lasting impression. The brand positively brings beauty to the body and the mind.

Alike Benefit, Philosophy has also named almost all of their skincare products in an unique and interesting way such as Hope In A Jar, Here Comes The Sun, Keep The Peace, Purity Made Simple and When Hope Is Not Enough.

In fact, Oprah Winfrey has named Philosophy‘s star moisturizer, Hope In A Jar, as one of her favorite products. It was featured 6 times on her ’10 Best Things’ list and Philosophy subsequently featured Oprah’s image on a special edition jar which instantly became one of the brand’s biggest selling products.

Hope In A Jar, formulated with potent antioxidants and amino acids, comes in 3 different formulation to suit individual skin type for a optimal hydration and smoother complexion.

Hope In A Jar Oil-free Gel is a lightweight, oil-free gel moisturizer that is suitable for normal to oily skin. Hope In A Jar, the high-performance moisturizer, is an award-winning daily moisturizer for all skin types that helps reduce the appearance of dull skin, rough texture and dehydration. And Hope In A Jar For Dry Skin, an extra-rich moisturizer especially created for normal to dry skin, is a therapeutic moisturizer that helps relieve dryness and soothe irritated or sensitive skin.

Purity Made Simple 3-in-1 Cleanser For Face And Eyes is an award winning product that removes makeup, cleanses, tones and lightly hydrates the skin, all in one simple step. It has won 4 times the Allure reader’s choice award in the US. Formulated with 12 essential oils to help calm and soothe skin. It is claimed to be gently enough to be used around eye areas and on sensitive skin.

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Previewed The New La Prairie Cellular Power Charge Night & Swiss Cellular Intensive Illuminating Mask


Two Saturdays ago, I have attended my very first La Prairie event to preview the latest breakthrough night-time treatment and the new whitening sheet mask. It was a nice private and cozy event, held at Mandarin Orchard Hotel, and only 6 beauty bloggers were invited.

So before I begin to share more about the products, do you know our skin cells perform different functions between day and night? Well in the day, our skin prioritize its protective functions acting against UV rays, pollution and stress. And while we sleep, our skin prioritize skin cell renewal and perform skin repair function. Hence the best time to rejuvenate our skin is at night. It is also the best time to deliver high concentrated nutrition into the skin while our body is at rest.


Introduction the NEW La Prairie Cellular Power Charge Night – S$780 / 40ml

La Prairie Cellular Power Charge Night, recently launched in end February 2012, is specially designed with a unique delivery system that make a never-before combination of Retinol and Oxygen to the exceptional skin-renewal energy of Cellular Power Infusion. It is also designed to take advantage of the “recovery mode” your skin assumes while your body is asleep.

Cellular Power Charge Night builds on the 3-dimensional action of Cellular Power Infusion – boosting the skin’s energy supply, improving cellular communication, and supporting the structural rebuilding of skin tissue – with the mutually optimizing additions of Activated Retinol and a proprietary Oxygen Accelerator.

Retinol & Oxygen : 2 keys to nighttime skin renewal

Retinol, also known as non-prescription Vitamin A, is a potent antioxidant and it is also considered a wrinkle fighter and collagen booster. It is proven to increase cell turnover for a firmer, younger-looking skin. It can also helps minimize pores and dark spots. Cellular Power Charge Night is formulated with microencapsulated time-release Activated Retinol that is easily absorbed by the skin without any irritation and dryness.

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Beautiful Nail Colors – ShowTime & Delicious Color’s By Mavala Switzerland


Last month, I’ve received 2 surprise parcels from Switzerland and thanks to Lynn for all these lovely Mavala Switzerland products. I can’t express how excited I am each time I opened up the parcels.

Are you familiar with this brand Mavala Switzerland? If you are not, let me give you a brief introduction of the brand.

Mavala is the world leader in nail care and is the first to introduce the Scientifique Nail Hardener which remains one of their best selling products to date and has outlasted perhaps 100 copies. With a heritage spanning over 50 years, Mavala was created in 1958 by MAdelaine VAn LAndeghem and is now available globally in over 100 countries.

Mavala, a Swiss beauty brand, offers a complete range of products including nail, hand, feet, face and make-up, all created from rigorous research and manufactured in our Geneva factories to impeccable quality demands.

Mavala specialize in nail care and offers a complete nail care solution to suit individual needs. Mavala Minis, a popular dinky 5ml bottles of color, actually available in over 100 colors.


First Parcel – ShowTime by Mavala

S$5.30 each bottle

The first parcel I’ve received is the whole collection of ShowTime by Mavala (6 mini glitter nail polishes). Upon opening up the box, I couldn’t hold back my excitement and I yelled loudly “OMG OMG!!” It was love at first sight! Love them all!

I was told that this collection box is only given to bloggers and press hence you wouldn’t be able to purchase the same box at retail stores. But you can purchase the nail polishes individually at only S$5.30 each. ShowTime by Mavala is available at BHG Century Square, Metro Woodlands, Tara apothecary, Pink Beauty and leading perfumeries.

These mini 6 transparent ultra-glittering nail polishes that comes in a dinky 5ml bottle in a small amount, won’t dry out before you reach the bottom. This unique miniature idea also allows you to try out enough colors to see you through the seasonal trend.

The 6 lovely colors are (from left) Sparkling Violet, Sparkling Gold, Sparkling Blue, Sparkling Bronze, Sparkling Red and Sparkling Silver.

The brush provides enough dazzling glittery particles even with just one coat.

Here’s the Sparkling Silver 229…..

……and something gold for you, Sparkling Gold 227.

This Sparkling Blue 225 has a mix of blue, red and silver glitter particles.

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Create A Crystal-Clear Skin With Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Solution


Two weeks ago, I have actually shared a post on the newly launched Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective White range. This new collection is now available at Kiehl’s stores from February 2012. Click here to read the previous post.

This latest breakthrough whitening skincare range is specially developed to help eliminate dark spots, improve skin clarity and provide a brighter, crystal-clear complexion. Thanks to its latest Activated C formulation which is 100% active on skin immediately to rapidly correct dark spots, discolorations and uneven skin tone in as little as 8 weeks.

What do Asian women today want for perfect skin? Other than having firm and wrinkle-free skin, most Asian women actually desire a more brighter, translucent, luminous and spotless complexion, as though the skin has been ‘air-brushed’.

So what is ‘air-brushed’ complexion seem to you? Don’t get me wrong as I’m not referring to air-brush makeup but I’m actually referring to a spotless, bright and crystal-clear complexion. Unfortunately, many women and even celebrities rely on digital retouching (photoshop) or even makeup tricks to get that flawless complexion! Sad to say these magical touches are just temporary and they are not the ‘real’ skin!

So why depend on these temporary coverage tricks to conceal your faults when you can actually achieve a beautiful, smooth and naturally flawless skin with the correct use of skincare products?

Makeup will only look as good as the skin underneath it!

Loss of translucency, alongside dark spots, discoloration and uneven skin tone, is consistently cited by Asian women as their major skincare concerns. These skin problems caused by aging, sun damage and acne scarring will actually make you look older than you are.

Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution (S$75 for 30ml), the anchor of this highly anticipated whitening collection, is formulated with Activated C (the latest generation Vitamin C derivative) that comes with this Anti-Cluster technology to prevent the formation of new melanin cluster and break apart existing melanin clusters to diminish visible dark spots and discolorations. It also decreases melanin production at the melanocyte and slows melanin transfer to skin’s surface.

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February Bellabox – Share The Love


Early last month, I’ve received a beauty box from Bellabox. As this box is for the month of February, Bellabox has therefore named it as “Share the Love”.

Alike Glamabox, Bellabox delivers subscribers in Singapore the latest prestige, boutique and cult beauty products from across the globe. It seems to be glowing trend on this kind of online beauty marketing approach in this recent years.

Each month, a beautiful box will be delivered to your doorstep containing 4 to 5 deluxe make up, hair and skin care samples. Bellabox is claimed to trawl the globe to deliver the newest and exciting products for you to try.

It only costs you S$15 per month to become a member. I was told that they are currently working with Aveda, OPI, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, DKNY, Korres, Dr Dennis Gross and many more, to bring you the newest and interesting products for you to try.

So here’s what I have received in this February Box : Duchness Marden Body Serum (4ml), Belif Hydra Sebum Control Essence (10ml), Pure DKNY Scent Spray (1.5ml), Nuey Eco Organic Eyeshadow in grey and Ansley Pure Pop Superstar Eyeshadow & Gel Eyeliner.

Ansley Pure Pop Superstar Eyeshadow & Gel Eyeliner from New York seems to be made in Korea as the packaging is printed in Korea words at the back.

Will I try these products? Well, I don’t mind to try the shadows and scent spray but not the face products. I’m always very cautious on applying unknown products on my face. But if you love to explore on new products, this subscription beauty box may give you the thrill.


Lanc´me NEW Blanc Expert Derm-Crystal Crystal Brightness Activating Essence & UV Expert BB Complete


Three weeks ago, I have actually covered an interesting post on the super 60′s “Doll Eyes” look by Lanc´me with the introduction of the new Lanc´me Hypn´se Doll Eyes Mascara, Lanc´me 1st fragranced mascara and 2 new Ombr© Absolue Impact 3D palettes.

I got to preview these latest makeup products during the recent private Lanc´me event at Ion Sky in January 2012.

Myself and Sophia (Make-up Blogette) at the event.

In addition to “The Doll Eyes” look launch, the other main attraction is to preview the newest whitening product – Blanc Expert Derm-Crystal Crystal Brightness Activating Essence.

Blanc Expert Derm-Crystal Crystal Brightness Activating Essence – S$175 / 30ml

Lanc´me understands that apart from dark spots and unevenness, loss of translucency is one of the skincare issues that most Asian women face.

Translucency, comes from natural light re-emitting from deep within the skin; that gives your skin a radiance, even tone and smooth texture. Lancome’s research has revealed that dermis cells are a key source of natural light.

Fibroblasts, the key cells of the dermis, play a fundamental role in regulating skin pigmentation and brightness. Research has shown that skin model without fibroblasts show drastic constitutive hyperpigmentation compared to the model with fibroblasts are demonstrated to influence pigmentary function and luminance of the skin.

A second research has also shown that the aged fibroblasts has higher level of both pigmentation and melanogenesis activity whilst the the young fibroblasts efficiently regulate pigmentary function.

As the quality of the fibroblasts weaken as we age, melanin production becomes disordered and pigmentation increases and therefore skin becomes darker, duller, yellowish and more opaque.

And now with all these researches, Lanc´me has developed Blanc Expert Derm-Crystal Crystal Brightness Activating Essence to reveal skin’s natural light and achieve the miracle of crystal skin.

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NEW Kiehl’s Dermatologist Solution® Clearly Corrective White Has Been Launched!


Two weeks ago, I was delighted to attend an interesting event hosted by Kiehl’s Singapore, to preview their latest whitening skincare collection that is specially formulated to eliminate dark spots, improve skin clarity and provide a brighter, luminous complexion.

Introducing the new Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective! This new effective 5-step range of formulations, specially created for Asian women, comprises of Purifying Foaming Cleanser, Skin Brightening Exfoliator, Clarity-Activating Toner, Dark Spot Solution and Hydrating Moisture Emulsion.

Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective, an addition to the Kiehl’s Dermatologist Solution® range, has officially been launched in February 2012.

Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution, the anchor of this newest range, is formulated with Activated C – the latest-generation Vitamin C derivative with ‘anti-cluster’ technology. This treatment is 100% active on skin immediately to rapidly break apart discoloration and prevent the formation of new melanin in as little as 8 weeks.

What do Asian women today want for perfect skin? Other than having firm and wrinkle-free skin, most Asian women actually desire a more brighter, translucent, luminous and spotless complexion, as though the skin has been ‘air-brushed’.

Do continue reading to uncover the power of Activated CKiehl’s breakthrough in Skin Clarity!

The event was held at White Rabbit Restaurant @Dempsey Road as to coincide with the launch of the new whitening products, and almost all guests were dressed in white too. Lovely!

Upon reaching the venue, I was greeted by a huge hopscotch with 5-step skincare regimen painted on the entrance floor. Interesting!

Say hello to our Kiehl’s buddy – Mr Bones!

And not forgetting our friendly Kiehl’s Boys too!

Myself with the Kiehl’s team. I was the first guest to arrive and I actually felt like a superstar even without the red carpet hee hee <grin>…………

Well unfortunately I’m not the “brightest” star and I need to give way to…….. and the STAR of the day is of course the new Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution.

What makes Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution so unique and set it apart from other whitening serums?

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Introducing The NEW Za True White Plus Liquid Foundation & Deep Cleansing Oil In Large Size


2 weeks ago, I was invited to the Za press event to preview their newest whitening liquid foundation – Za True White Plus Liquid Foundation.

The private media event at Selfish Gene Caf©, attended by people from media and Watsons, was held during the day hence I was the only beauty blogger at the event. As the cafe is very near to my office, I took a late lunch to attend the event. A separate preview event will be arranged for the bloggers who couldn’t turn up.

Myself (right) with Stephanie from Watsons.

Celebrity Makeup Artist Larry Yeo was being invited to give a presentation on the new product and perform a product makeup demonstration on a model.

Based on the research conducted by Za HQ, it has shown that Asian women in their 20s use foundation to cover up skin imperfections such as dark spots, pores, patchiness, uneven skin tones and also to achieve a brighter skin tone. Survey has also been done and concluded that most Asian women prefer to use liquid foundation and yearn to have whitening benefits in the foundation.

Since the launch of Za in 1997, the brand has won numerous awards with their various best-selling foundations and base including Za Skin Beauty 2-Way Foundation, Za True White Plus 2-Way Foundation and Za Concealer Perfection.

And now in 2012, Za is proud to launch their newest whitening liquid foundation that is based on the target group’s preferences to help conceal imperfections while providing a brighter skin tone.

Za True White Plus Liquid Foundation is formulated with Bright White Complex which comprises of Spotless Brightening Powder and Poreless Powder that help minimize dark spots, freckles and pores and achieves a radiant translucent finish.

Vitamin E provides antioxidant benefit and Vitamin C derivative inhibits melanin production and reduces the look of pigmentation.

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Doll Yourself Up With Lanc´me NEW Hypn´se Doll Eyes Mascara


In January 2012, I was extremely excited to attend my first Lanc´me event of the year, to preview the newest Lanc´me products that will be launching in March 2012.

This exclusive private Lanc´me event was held at Ion Sky @ level 57 at Ion Orchard.

Upon reaching the venue, I was greeted by the stunning scenery with a 360º view of Singapore! WOW!!! Isn’t it beautiful?

The event actually began with the presentation of a new whitening product that will be launching in March 2012. I intend to reveal more about this new revolutionary whitening product in my next Lanc´me post in 2 weeks’ time. Do stay tuned.

And now, let’s go for something more fun and the interesting part of the event – contemporary 60′s retro makeup with Hypn´se Doll Eyes!


NEW Hypn´se Doll Eyes Mascara & Limited Edition Ombr© Absolue Impact 3D

Immediately upon the whitening presentation, we were led to another exciting area to preview the super 60′s “The Doll Eyes” Look, introducing the new Ombr© Absolue Impact 3D and Hypn´se Doll Eyes Mascara.

The whole place is decorated in the soft girly pink hue 60′s theme that looks real cool and flirty.

The “Doll Eyes” Look by Lanc´me is inspired by the wide-eye doll look in the 60′s.

Love the big round eyes look with the iconic 60′s doll-like lashes. Does the 60′s doll-like lashes resemble Barbie doll to you?

These looks can be achieved with the newest Limited Edition Ombr© Absolue Impact 3D and Hypn´se Doll Eyes Mascara. First, trace the fine Artliner line on the upper eyelid, starting from inner corner of the eye and thickening as you go along to the outer corner to accentuate the eyeshadow. And complete the look by drawing 3 thin lines from the outer eye corner under the lower lashes to beautifully open eyes for a Doll Eyes “doll-lash” effect.

Like the way they play with the colors and accentuate the inner eye areas on the sides of the nose. Limited Edition Ombr© Absolue Impact 3D and Hypn´se Doll Eyes Mascara are extremely suitable for all skin tones including fair, tan and dark.

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