“Eat Your Water” For A Healthy Looking Skin


Do you know water is our body’s most essential nutrient and more than 70% of our body weight is water? Without water, every organ system including the skin (the biggest organ) won’t function properly. Hence drinking water is vital not only for our body but also for our skin too.

Drinking water is essential to keep skin hydrated and it is in fact one of my beauty and anti-aging secrets for my youthful looking skin.

Keeping skin well hydrated and lubricated from the inside is as important as from the outside too. Although a well-formulated moisturizer can replenish the natural moisture factors in the upper layers of the skin but in order to achieve an optimal skin hydration, hydrating the skin from the inside out can help to boost our skin’s natural ability to retain moisture for a long-lasting benefit.

When skin is lack of hydration, all sorts of skin problems will surface such as dryness, tightness, flakiness, sensitivity and wrinkling. However when skin is properly hydrated, skin will become soft, tone and plump up. And it also becomes more receptive to skincare products.


Hydrating our skin from the inside

Human body is comprised of more than 70 percent water and it is commonly recommended to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day to replace the water we lose naturally. In fact a percentage of your water intake actually comes from the food you eat.

Eating water-rich fruits and vegetables with high water content will increase your water intake and keep you hydrated. In addition, eating more fruits and vegetables will also increase your intake of beneficial nutrients and fiber too.

If you do not drink enough water daily, you can simply substitute it with water-rich fruits and vegetables instead. You can simply snack it and juice it.

Consuming whole fruits and vegetables can help you stave off hunger and reduce calories intake. It also makes you fuller and less likely to snack on unhealthy foods. Water can also detox our body as it flushes waste and excess water out of our system.


Water-rich fresh fruits and vegetables

Depending on the type of plant, the water content in most fruits and vegetables accounts for approximately 70 to 96 percent of their weight.

Fresh fruits with water content of 85 percent of higher are apricot, blueberry, orange, peach, pineapple, plum and raspberry. Watermelons have some of the highest water content, at more than 90 percent. These melons, are almost all water approx 92 percent, are good choices for snacking because they contain less sugar than many other fresh fruits. Other fruits such as orange contains approx 80 to 90 percent of water and pineapple contains approx 85 percent of water.

Many vegetables have a water content of more than 90 percent. Fresh vegetables having some of the highest water content are celery, cucumber, iceberg lettuce, tomato and zucchini. Tomato contains 93 percent of water and cucumber which is mostly water, contains 96 percent of water. Other nutrient-rich vegetables with high water content include broccoli, green cabbage, cauliflower, eggplant and spinach. Vegetables are excellent sources of antioxidants, minerals and fiber.


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