The Pros & Cons Of Having Darker Skin



If you have dark skin, you can be thankful because:

1. You will wrinkle less as a result of the inherent sun protection you receive from skin pigment (unless, of course, you are reckless in the sun)

2. Darker skins tend to be thicker, another reason why you will wrinkle less and age better, in general.


1. Darker skins are more sensitive to potentially irritating ingredients such as prescription-strength tretinoins (Retin A, Renova) and high percentage AHA/BHA acids. If you overirritate dark skin, it will hyperpigment (turn darker) in places of irritation. Thankfully, in most cases, the darkening is temporary.

2. Dark skin is less tolerant of professional resurfacing procedures. For instance, a doctor has to be much more careful in performing an acid peel or aggressive microdermabrasion on dark skin because the patient may develop temporary (or possibly permanent) hyperpigmentation.


For darker skins, hyperpigmentary changes is the most important factor that distinguishes a young face from an older one. Dark skin becomes darker in certain parts over the years. Around the mouth area – an area of a lot of movement – the skin becomes invariably darker. The forehead becomes darker, sometimes not evenly, but in blotches. The eye area stays relatively light. The cheek become darker in blotches, especially if the person suffered from acne.


One of the most important things you can do if you have dark skin is avoid the sun, use significant sunblock every day of the year, and avoid acne outbreaks as much as possible, because the dark aftermath of acne outbreaks is very long-lasting in dark skin. Seek a doctor’s help for acne as soon as possible.


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