Skin Care Ingredients To Reduce Skin Inflammation

Inflammation a major cause of free radical formation, is BAD for skin. Free radicals lead the attack on lipids in the cell walls, which leads to water loss.

Free radicals are both a by-product of inflammation and a source of inflammation.

Countering inflammation is most important when you’re young, because this is when the inflammatory response is most active. Not only are your cells most vigilant at this time, but there are many years ahead of you during which the damage will accumulate.

Protecting yourself from the sun is the most obvious step in reducing inflammation. And you can also interfere with inflammation by shopping for these skin soothers below.


Skin soothers – ingredients to reduce skin inflammation

- Aloe vera                     - Licochalone 
- Arnica                          - Mallow  
- Allantoin                      - Niacinamide
Perilla leaf extract        - Arctium lappa (burdock root)
- Basil                            - Pycnogenol (a pine bark extract) 
Boswellia serrata          - Red algae
Calendula                    - Rose water          
Chamomile                   - Salicylic acid (beta hydroxy acid or BHA)
Colloidal oatmeal          - Silymarin           
Cucumber                    - Sulfacetamide
Sulfur                          - Dexpanthenol (provitamin B5)
Evening primrose oil      - Thyme   
Tea tree oil                  - Epilobium angustifolium (willow herb)
Ginger                         - Trifolium pretense (red clover) 
- Zinc                            - Glycyrrhiza glabra (licorice extract)


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