Dry Skin – A Step-by-step Skin Care Tips For Dry Skin


Dry skin is the most fragile of all the skin types. The lack of oil and structural lipids allows the moisture to escape into the environment. And the dryness and the compromised barrier function have made your skin vulnerable to irritants and inflammation. The emphasis of every step in every regimen is hydration, but delivering water-attracting and water-holding molecules to the skin is especially important to you. Avoiding anything that might irritate is crucial. In some cases where some mild irritation is unavoidable – such as with exfoliation – you need even more skin soothers in everything you use.

Cleanser and toner

Your cleanser must be very gentle and look for one with more hydrating ingredients than anything else. Some doctors even suggest that if your skin is very dry, at least one of the two times a day that you cleanse your face, you don’t rinse with water but tissue off the cleanser.

The toner you choose should not contain a drying type of alcohol but must be rich in hydrating and skin-soothing ingredients. 


Then, while the skin is still moist from the toner, give it a boost of antioxidants to combat the free radicals in the environment. Give the antioxidant treatment a few minutes to seep into your skin, and then seal in all those powerful free radical-fighting ingredients with a light, vitamin-enriched moisturizer.

Sun protection

If you need extra sun protection, choose a sunscreen with chemicals that absorb light as well as micronized titanium to block ultraviolet radiation. You also want your sunscreen to contain soothing botanicals and structural lipids. An oil-free sunblock may be too drying for your skin.

Day and night

If your skin begins to feel dry and tight during the day, try a moisturizing serum that is primarily structural lipids. You can use one that contains only structural lipids or one that also includes skin-soothing botanical extracts. Or you can use both and alternate between them.

In the morning you’ll take your multivitamin, calcium, fatty acids, and antioxidant and collagen-building supplements. To boost the power of your sunblock, take a pomegranate supplement as well.

In the evening, after cleansing and toning, you’ll treat your skin with an exfoliating product that also contains the least irritating collagen builder, retinyl palmitate. Follow the treat-and-repair step with a very emollient moisturizer.

In the evening, take fatty acids and antioxidant and collagen-building supplements.

Special treatments

You may want to vary your program with a bit more exfoliation if your skin can tolerate it. You may want to use a higher concentration of hydroxy acids for your evening treatment or alternate the usual cleanser with one that contains hydroxy acids every two or three days.

Every week, give yourself a special vitamin C infusion treatment to saturate your skin with antioxidants. And if you can, have a professional vitamin C infusion at least once every 2 months.

Howard Murad, M.D. – Wrinkle-Free Forever


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