Inflammation Is Bad For Skin


Every women should know by now that free radicals are without question the main player in the aging process. But there is another natural aspect that affects aging – inflammation. Inflammation is shown to accelerate the destruction of the cell and the aging process by producing more free radicals. 

When you think of infammation, you may envision skin redness, swelling, or irritation. But don’t be surprise that the type of inflammation that contributes to much of aging is actually invisible to the naked eye. Most people probably not aware that inflammation regularly exists throughout the body in various forms and to various extremes.

Inflammation can be triggered by a wide variety of external factors such as the smoking, pollution, the presence of an infection, or excess exposure to ultraviolet radiation, which result in sunburn. It can cause the skin’s immune system becoming impaired, collagen breaking down and the skin of its outer protective barrier. Other cause of inflammations are skin-care products that contain irritating ingredients, using very hot water or over-scrubbing skin.

What is perhaps most shocking is that all of these damaging responses can be taking place underneath the skin and you wouldn’t even notice it on the surface, not until many years later. Unquestionably, one of the most obvious examples of the inflammatory process at work is unprotected sun exposure. Your don’t feel the penetration of these ultraviolet rays, but they are taking a toll on the skin nonetheless.

To have a healthy skin, it is very important to eliminate anything that unnecessarily irritates and inflames skin, and avoid at all cost on any products or skin-care routines that may cause irritation and inflammation.

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