Soothing Ingredients For Sensitive Skin


Are you having sensitive skin? And do you know what are the soothing ingredients that are great for your sensitive skin?

Soothing ingredients are often added to humectant and emollient products meant for sensitive skin. Many of these ingredients are added because they have the capability of reducing irritation to the skin.

Azulene, a hyrocarbon that is derived from the chamomile flower, is frequently added to products designed for sensitive skin. Bisobolol is also another active ingredient that is often added to cosmetics designed for sensitive skin too. And not forgetting aloe, the most common soothing ingredients used so far.

Below are other ingredients that are often added for their soothing properties :

- Allantoin
- Balm mint extract
- Calendula extract
- Camphor
- Chamomile extract
- Dipotassium glycyrrhizonate
- Mallow extract
- Licorice extract
- Zinc oxide
- Rice starch
- Stearyl glycyrrhitinate
- Cornstarch

Most of these ingredients may be added to moisturizers, hydrating creams, cleansers, masks, toners and other cosmetic preparations.


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