Food For Beautiful Skin

To have a beautiful skin, it is essential to include in that basic three as many fruits and vegetables and healthy fatty acids as you can. In addition, you need an extra dose of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents, collagen builders, and certain other nutrients to keep all of your cells healthy and your connective tissue – especially your skin – strong and well hydrated.

Let’s enjoy the fact that you can achieve a beautiful skin and fight the effects of aging through your diet.

Amino acids

The building blocks of all proteins in our tissues, including skin and hair.

Where you can find them — Lean meat, fish (especially mackerel), poultry, eggs, dairy products and beans.

Coenzyme Q10

It is extremely important because it gets into the cell membrane and protects it from free radicals damage. This antioxidant is essential for healthy skin and a healthy heart.

Where you can find it — Mackerel, salmon, sardines, beef, peanuts and spinach.


When taken internally, this mineral has been shown to be a significant factor in collagen formation.

Where you can find it — Organ meats, seafood, nuts, seeds, wheat bran cereals, whole grain products and cocoa products.

Omega-3 fatty acids

They are essentials for rebuilding cells as well as reproducing new ones. They also regulate a variety of our bodily functions, including our blood pressure, blood clot formation, and immune response.

Where you can find them — Fresh deepwater fish, including salmon, mackerel and sardines.

Green tea

It may help to prevent some cancers because of its high antioxidant content. Research has demonstrated that green tea extract not only can fight both environmental and metabolic free radicals but that it also repairs DNA. Damaged DNA promotes aging, reduces your defenses against free radicals, diminishes your cells’ regenerative ability, and can even result in skin cancer.

Where you can find it — In green tea leaves and tea bags.


A deficiency in iron can lead to anemia, which can cause unduly pale skin, weakness, headaches, reduced resistance to infection, decreased tolerance to cold, and poor circulation, which can rob your skin of the oxygen and nutrients it needs to look its best.

Where you can find it — Red meat, liver, kidney, egg yolk, fish, poultry, shellfish, nuts, wholegrains and dried fruits.


It is necessary for the release of cellular energy in all of our body’s soft tissues, it has a direct effect on the health of our skin. It also has been found to improve circulation, which also favorably impacts skin.

Where you can find it — Green leafy vegetables, unpolished grains, wheat bran, nuts, seeds, banana and avocado.

Vitamin A

It is believe vitamin A may prevent premature wrinkling and bumpy skin. Vitamin A deficiencies can result in rough, dry and scaly skin. Vitamin A supplements increase skin’s reflective abilities, thereby improving its own natural sun protection.

Where you can find it — Yellow, green and oranges vegetables and dark colored fruits, such as carrots, sweet potato, butternut squash, spinach, egg yolks, liver, fish oils and dairy products.

Vitamin B

It plays an important role in skin health. Deficiency syndromes include cracks in the lips, rough skin and skin pigmentation. It also helps to maintain skin softness and is widely used as a humectant or moisturizer for the skin.

Where you can find it — Brewer’s yeast, fortified cereals, wholegrains, dairy foods and lean meat.

Vitamin C

This powerful antioxidant protects you from free-radical damage that comes from sun exposure or any other source. Vitamin C is important for tissue growth and wound healing, as well as collagen formation. It also helps to prevent water loss and therefore maintains the skin’s barrier function.

What you can find it — Citrus fruits, such as grapefruits, lemons, oranges, mango, asparagus, avocado and broccoli.

Vitamin E

It is a superstar antioxidant and it is an important free radical scavenger that works to prevent damage to the cell membrane. It improves our circulation, and is a necessary component of tissue repair.

Where you can find it — Vegetable oils, wheat germ, nuts, seeds, poultry, fish and eggs.

Vitamin K

Vitamin K is essential to blood clotting and the making of a protein in our blood that regulates calcium in our bloodstream. It also heals and prevents broken blood vessels.

Where you can find it — Spinach, broccoli, egg yolk, milk, beef liver and fish liver oil.


Drinking water keeps skin hydrated and glowing. It’s the number-one way to feel younger and healthier.

White tea

It is an effective weapon against free radical damage. It also found to protect the skin’s lipid content, both when applied topically and taken internally.

Where you can find it — White tea leaves and tea bags.


Zinc is a key nutrient in helping to maintain the health of our skin, hair and bones. It also helps to prevent damage to our skin’s collagen and elastin fibers.

What you can find it — Meat, shellfish, and poultry.

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2 Comments on "Food For Beautiful Skin"

  1. Nola says:

    hi Shirleen, I’m a subscriber to your YT channel and I’m just godsmacked by your beautiful skin (sorry but I can’t imagine you being 40+ since you have better skin than some 30yr olds). 1)Do you take mutivitamin pills by any chance? I’m 27yrs old with dry skin and I already have fine lines showing on my face. 2)Do you still use the Hada Labo products and which is the best according to you? I have ordered the HA lotion and planning to order the moist emulsion sunscreen but need some advice on it. 3)Which are the skin regimens that you think is the best to prevent aging or a product that you cant do without? Sorry for the lengthy questions but I really hope to hear from you. A fan :)

  2. Shirleen says:

    Hi Nola,

    I’m glad that you have became one of my fans and welcome to

    Here are my answers :
    1) Yes I do but only started 2 months ago. I’m now taking the Evening Primrose Oil capsules. It is claimed to improve elasticity and hydrate skin. So far, I couldn’t see much result yet but I believe it will improve my skin dryness in a long run.

    2) I’m still using Hada Labo product but only the Hada Labo Retinol Lifting & Firming Lotion. I guess the best is both the hyaluronic acid lotion and the Retinol lotion. Well use sunscreen as the last product, after moisturizer.

    3) As a beauty blogger, I do not have a consistent regimen. I keep changing products for the review purposes. But there is one product I swear I can’t leave without is the Sisley Phyto-Blanc Clearing Essence With Vitamin C. Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that help combat free radicals, brighten up my skin and increase collagen production.

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