How To Achieve Radiance Skin With Exfoliation


Why exfoliating?

Exfoliation is the natural process all skin goes through in which the outermost layers of skin are sloughed off and replaced by the new cells that move to the surface.

Cell turnover, an ongoing process, is one of the key components of radiant and even-toned skin. When we are teenagers, dead skin cells slough off when they are supposed to, so we don’t typically develop any flaky, dead-skin buildup that can dull our complexions. Throughout our twenties and thirties, however, surface cell turnover starts to slow down from about every twenty-eight days in our teens to roughly thirty-five days at age thirty-five. An accumulation of dead cells makes skin thicker, rougher, and prevents it from appearing radiant.

Excellent results!

One surfire way to give you a smoother and more radiant complexion, is to exfoliate regularly to prevent the buildup of dulling dead skin cells and other debris. In addition, consistently increasing cell turnover may have the added benefit of stimulating collagen production. Repeated exfoliation and the reduction in dead skin cells that results are believed to rev up the machinery that helps renew the skin and also temporarily improve circulation.

Home Microdermabrasion

Polishes complexion while improving overall texture of skin. Gently massage on damp skin for two minutes; rinse. Use twice a week, leaving three to four days between treatments.

Home peels

An ideal way to return radiance to the skin is to combine home peeling (chemical exfoliators) with home microdermabrasion (mechanical exfoliators). The active ingredients that tighten pores, improve overall firmness, and bring back the glow are glycolic and lactic acid. Start off peeling no more than once a week. Never do a peel on the same day as microdermabrasion. This can cause serious irritation.


This procedure uses a handheld device that abrades the skin by shooting it with tiny crystals, which are then vacuumed away. As the crystals polish the skin, they remove the outer layers of the skin, which stimulates new cell growth that results in a healthy-looking glow as well as the reduction of fine lines, age spots, and acne scars. Microdermabrasion works on all skin types and can be performed by an aesthetician.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids 

A class of acids that occur naturally in foods. Products that contain alpha hydroxy acids are said to increase collagen production and cell turnover, and reduce the appearance of skin discolorations. Do not overuse it and end up with skin that actually looks worse than it did before. Two to three times a week is all that’s needed regardless of skin type.

Exfoliation can be done manually with a washcloth or cleansing grains and scrubs, which rub and stimulate the surface of the skin. And this method is ideal if you have dry or sensitive skin.

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