Want Tighten Facial Skin? Try Titan or Thermage. But Which Is Better?


Many women in their 30s without fail will start to worry about the loss of elasticity and skin sagging at one time or another. In the quest for ‘perfection’, they will take all means to improve their looks through many non-surgical or even surgical face lifting treatments available to them.

Is skin tightening right for you?

Skin tightening is a very important and popular component of any facial rejuvenation process. Before, a facelift was the only option for tightening facial skin. However new technologies using infrared and radiofrequency energy are showing results as non-surgical skin tightening methods.

Two of these methods, Thermage (which uses radiofrequency energy) and Titan (an infrared device) have been used and results are improving. Reports have shown that they can tighten skin as much as 30% in properly selected patients. However, there have been complications with Thermage consisting of depressions in certain areas of the facial skin, so the doctor’s expertise at and experience with the use of these machines is very important.

As with the other laser and photo techniques above, skin tightening is achieved by stimulating the deeper layers of the skin to remodel and form new collagen, a process that takes time, usually require multiple treatments and often 5 – 6 months to see your final result.

Non-surgical skin tightening is most useful for younger patients who are beginning to have loose skin in the neck, along the jawline, and in the cheek. Older patients with severe facial sagging can be improved, but results will be less impressive.

So before you even rush yourself to Thermage or Titan, why not check out what others have reviewed on these treatments and do a comparison before you decide which is more suitable for you.

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2 Comments on "Want Tighten Facial Skin? Try Titan or Thermage. But Which Is Better?"

  1. dany says:

    Thank you very much for posting. There are so many fake reviews on line! I’m searching for a treatment that would tighten my skin and after your review I will definitely not go for Thermage . If you have some suggestions please post it!

  2. Shirleen says:

    Hi Dany,

    In fact the result from tightening treatment such as Thermage, Titan or Ulthera is very much depend on individual skin structure. I may not be able to see result but others may see fantastic result instead. So far, these are the 3 popular tightening treatments that are claimed that work.

    I’m now exploring on DIY firming massage day & night and using an innovative firming gadget (made in Korea) every night. Both have in fact helped to firm up my skin. My nasolabiol folds and marionette lines are less obvious now.

    Hope to post on these soon. Stay tuned. :-)

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