Resurfacing Laser


Laser resurfacing involves the removal of layers of sun-damaged or scar-damaged skin, that works by disintegrating the damaged skin to remove wrinkles, discolourations, age spots and crinkling. This controlled injury causes new collagen to form as the skin heals, making a face look smoother and more youthful as a result. Performed correctly, this procedure has several advantages over treatments such as phenol peels or dermabrasion, where is it more difficult to achieve a uniform effect on the whole face. 

Laser resurfacing helps to treat deep wrinkles, acne scars and years of sun damage.

The degree of improvement depends on the strength of the laser, the depth they penetrate, and the extent of the damage before treatment. But going all out can have its downsides – the higher the heat of the laser, the greater risks, which might include scarring and hyperpigmentation. This treatment may not be suitable for darker skin tone. It is important to discuss the possible risks with your doctor and to proceed with caution and undercorrect, rather than trying to completely wipe out every last problem and push the odds.

It is essential, therefore, to ensure that this form of treatment is carried out only by someone who has been fully and appropriately trained in its use. Ask to see certificates of training in the use of these lasers, and also to see photographs of previously treated patients. Often, if this treatment is done unprofessionally, it will led to scarring and skin discolouration, which frequently, these conditions are permanent and cannot be concealed with makeup, especially in areas that have been overlapped.

This treatment cannot treat sagging, under-eye bags, forehead lines, nasobabial folds and very deep scars.

While recovery time varies with skin type, your own natural healing abilities, and the depth of the procedure, skin typically remains oozy, swollen, and weepy. It is critical important to avoid sun exposure, which can cause hyperpigmentation and to wear at least SPF 30 when you are outside.


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