Cooltouch and Smoothbeam Lasers



The beams from the no-injury Cooltouch and Smoothbeam lasers stimulate new collagen under the skin by heating the fibroblasts, which over time thickens the underlying collagen structure – skin is literally being built up from the inside out. The laser energy is absorbed by the water content of the skin. The Cooltouch and Smoothbeam lasers, safe and effective collagen boosters, are used to soften stretch marks, scars, age lines and wrinkles. As these treatments have line-erasing and skin-firming benefits, it helps particularly performing around the eyes and mouth and on crinkled areas. 

Tolerable pain is likely to be experienced with these types of laser because the skin is heated quite deeply. This can be overcome by the application of anaesthetic creams before lasers are used. The long-pulsed laser systems have to be cooled very efficiently in order to protect the skin surface from heat blisters, but if the cooling spray itself is not delivered at the correct time, it can lead to cold-induced blisters instead. Some reddening which fades after a few hours and faint markings in the treated areas can remain visible for a day or two afterward, but they can be easily concealed with makeup.

As these treatments are effective in minimizing acne scars. If you consistently go for a series of three to six treatments one month apart. Results are usually visible after three months and may eventually, last forever. 

These non-invasive lasers cannot help severe ageing, loose skin, thread veins and red or brown face patches.

Cost : $800 onwards per 30 minutes session


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