Titan Facelift


Titan is a non-invasive broad-wavelength-based infrared-emitting device made by Cutera. It emits infrared radiation to systematically cover the treatment area three times over and cools the upper layers of the skin while heating up the dermis to contract the collagen fibers.

Titan stimulates collagen from under the skin, leaving the face more contoured, improve skin elasticity and giving you a visible tightening of lax skin. This will give the best effect on fine wrinkles and sagging, especially on skin tightening. It’s mainly treated for the entire face and neck, and can also show good results for lifting the breasts, saggy abdominal skin, and saggy knee skin.

The radiation goes six to seven times deeper than normal lasers and can contract collagen immediately while continuing to stimulate new collagen synthesis for months. You may not able to see immediate results. For best results, there should be at least three to four treatments, spaced a month apart, and then once or twice every year for maintenance. Results can last up to two years.

No downtime or pain medication is required.

Cost : $1500 – $2500 per session depending on the treated area

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