Intense Pulsed Light For Rejuvenation & Hair Removal


Intensed Pulsed Light (IPL) uses a multitude of wavelengths of light to stimulate collagen and lighten skin, delivered to the skin with pulses of a handheld device that flashes an intense beam of light.  

It is developed originally for hair removal, it uses vacuum suction to lift the skin up before the pulse of IPL is administrated. As the pneumatic energy is able to bring the unwanted hair closer to the surface of the skin. It is said to be useful for hair removal from sensitive parts of the body such as the bikini line. 

IPL is also used to improve skin texture, reduce hyperpigmentation spots, large pores, fine lines and reduce the appearance of broken capillaries on the skin. It is believed that IPL helps to rejuvenate skin. It work by heating the skin below the surface, to produce more collagen by stimulating the cells called fibroblasts.

A cold gel will be applied to the treated area and dark glasses will be worn to protect the eyes from the bright light. Targeting the desired area, uniform pulses of light are released from an IPL hand piece. There may be a slight stinging sensation like the snapping of a small rubber band. An anaesthetic cream may be used.

Treatment with IPL will be more suitable and effective for lighter-skinned patient. As the treatment can damage pigmentation in patient with darker skin. So it is always best to ask for treatment to be carried out on a small test area first.

IPL does not work on deep wrinkles and sagging skin. It’s best for superficial wrinkles.

As your skin can only take so much heat, the treatment must be repeated six to eight times at intervals of a month. If the light administered is too intense, painful burns can occur.

Cost : $200 to $600 per session

Results : Minimal redness and swelling may occur for two to three days. Brown spots may darken before turning paler.

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