Dr David Loh’s New UltraShape Centre For Body Sculpting & Contouring


Two Thursdays ago, I was privileged to be invited to a private lunch event with Dr David Loh and to preview the new 3rd Generation UltraShape, a non-invasive body sculpting and contouring, at their new clinic located at #11-01 Liat Towers. This newly opened branch clinic is just a stone’s throw away from their main clinic at #05-16 Wheelock Place.

Three other bloggers, including a male blogger, were also invited to this private luncheon event at Sun Moon Japanese Dining @ Wheelock Place.

This is my first up-close and personal with Dr David Loh and I’m glad to have gotten this opportunity to know him better. It was enlightening and I truly enjoyed this short private event.

After the luncheon session, we then proceeded to the new branch clinic @ Liat Towers for a live demonstration on the new UltraShape.


Dr David Loh opens this new UltraShape Centre especially dedicating to the 3rd Generation UltraShape which is a completely non-invasive alternative for body sculpting and contouring. This new 100sqm branch of David Loh Surgery at Liat Towers is conveniently located in the heart of Orchard Road.

To cater to a segment of his clientele who are uncomfortable with the idea of surgery, Dr David Loh introduces the 3rd generation UltraShape. With clinically proven results and an excellent safety record, UltraShape has been used extensively in many countries since 2005. Its underlying technology utilizes focused ultrasound to break up stubborn fat deposits accurately, effectively, safely and most importantly – non-invasively.

Dr Loh was holding the 3rd Generation UltraShape applicator.

According to Dr Loh, who has years of experience in sculpting beautiful bodies with liposuction techniques, the 3rd Generation UltraShape works particularly well on men’s bellies and is now a very popular alternative to the invasive methods.

The therapist performed UltraShape on the male blogger’s belly. He claimed the treatment is rather comfortable and there is no pain at all.

It is claimed that focused ultrasound is a revolutionary form of energy. The UltraShape machine concentrates harmless sound waves into a spot with the fat layer to cause a tiny shockwave that destroys the fat cells. This shockwave does not harm the surrounding tissues and inches and lost right from the first treatment.

The machine helps to identify on which are the areas to be treated by displaying many tiny white dots. The white dot will turn red when the spot is treated. If I can remember correctly, the ‘green’ light indicates the spot is getting treated, the ‘yellow’ light indicates the spot has been treated and the ‘blue’ light indicates the spot has not been treated.

I have taken this shot immediately after the treatment. The treatment and recovery process is so seamless as you can see there is no redness or swelling at all. Not able to do a comparison as I didn’t manage to capture a ‘before’ picture before the treatment.



The 3rd Generation UltraShape treatment will cost S$2000 and above depending on the areas treated. A package price will be offered if more areas are to be treated.


About Dr David Loh

Dr David Loh, a veteran aesthetic doctor, has been sculpting beautiful bodies with Vaser, an ultrasonic liposuction technique, for over 5 years now.

Dr Loh holds many key positions in the industry: being the Secretary of the Society of Aesthetic Medicine (SAM); Chairman of the Organizing Committee of The Conference of Aesthetic Medicine (CAM), and the Chairman of the Liposuction Peer Review Committee of SAM.


Other Treatments

In addition to the UltraShape technology, Dr Loh offers a comprehensive range of face and body treatments, including Ulthera Non-surgical Facelift, Macrolane Breast Enhancement, Voluma Liquid Facelift and of course Vaser Liposelection.

He is perhaps best known for his Botox and filler techniques. Allergan, the company behind Botox has appointed Dr Loh as the instructor for Botox and fillers in Singapore. Under Dr Loh’s tutelage, over 100 doctors in Singapore and the region have been trained on the finer techniques in Botox and filler injections. The techniques he introduced are now widely considered standard practice.



David Loh Surgery (main clinic)
501 Orchard Road, #05-16 Wheelock Place, Singapore 238880

David Loh Surgery (branch clinic)
541 Orchard Road, #11-01 Liat Towers, Singapore 238881

Tel: +65 6733 5300



After the event, Dr David Loh presented me with a newly launched m_lab product – Stem Cell Nanofiller. M_lab skincare range is exclusively created by Dr David Loh. It’s a very interesting product, can’t wait to try it soon. ;-)


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  1. I would love to meet David Loh and ask him what he can do for my body, so I look slimmer.

  2. Nataly says:

    I had a very bad experience with David Loh. Went to his clinic 2 months ago for a laser sweat ablation to remove sweat glands from armpits area. Before the surgery they didn’t even ask me if I was taking any meds or had any medication allergies, they didn’t care at all. David Loh promised me 50-70% sweat reduction, but the surgery didn’t change any thing. I wasted $3000 only to get 3 weeks of pain and absolutely no improvement. Extremely disappointed in his services. Will never return again!

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