Can Puffy Eyes or Eye Bags Be Removed?

Are you always troubled with puffiness or bagginess of the lower eyelid?

Or do you often ask on how do they develop under the eyes, and how can you get rid of them?

Theoretically, puffiness or bagginess are usually caused by loss of elasticity of the skin and muscle of the eyelid. This allows the fat, which normally lies beneath the eyeball supporting it, to push outward. This change is commonly referred to as eyelid bags. There are also textural skin changes in the eyelid that make the skin look old.

Puffy eyes or eye bags, as a result, also come in those that happen as a slide effect of allergies, too much salt, and fluid retention.

There are many non-surgical, topical, laser and other therapies that can remedy the superficial skin changes. However once the deeper changes have occurred in the lower eyelid, plastic surgery is required to correct them.

Other remedies?

Although, for the genetic and age-related nature causes of puffy eyes, the best solution is to surgically remove the solid fat pad. But to remedy the fluid retention, you may want to reduce the salt intake or refresh the eye areas with lymph massage.

Do skincare products really help?

Claiming that a eye cream can significantly correct lax skin and bulging fat in the eyelid is, a false advertising! Don’t believe it. There is no topical product that will ’drain the fluid from under the eyes and reduce the puffiness’ or ‘break down the fat’, as some of the most outrageous claims on cream jars would like you to believe. Although there are many products, some very high-end ones, making such claims on the basis of some herbal or other ingredient, sad to say the science has not progressed so far.

If you have both dark eye circles and eye bags 

You may not realize that the fat pad protruding from under your eyes, casting a shadow and thereby creating the dark eye circles. Most of the time, this darkness of the circle is not inherent to the skin and it is merely a shadow cast by the eye bag. Usually, the circle will disappear without a trace after the cosmetic surgery. 

Genetic cause

Look at your relatives. If you see bags under their eyes, chances are bags will be coming your way, too. They do not improve with time. They only get worse. The surgery to correct this problem is an easy procedure, and the results are usually excellent. Be sure to go to an experienced plastic surgeon; you do not want an inexperienced surgeon taking out too much fat from under your eyes.

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