Fair Skin Is More Prone To Sun Damage


The ultraviolet (UV) wavelengths of the sun’s rays have a dramatic, destructive aging effect on your skin, especially if you are a fair-skinned skin type.

UV radiation damages the epithelial cells and destroys your collagen and elastin and is a major cause of the skin aging. There is much evidence that the aging effect of the sun directly causes cellular damage and also produces free radicals, which damage the cell walls and DNA of the skin cells.

If you want a graphic example of the aging effects of the sun on your skin, compare the skin of your face to that of your underarm.

A sun block with a SPF 15, antioxidant vitamins and one that also blocks both UVA and UVB is a minimum. If you are fair skinned, you have high sun exposure should wear a minimum of SPF 30 instead.

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