11 Ways To Treat Dark Eye Circles


Have you been troubling with dark eye circles and desperately finding ways to treat them? Do you need to use an under-eye concealer most of the time?

Before you spend hundreds of dollars on expensive eye care, let me share with you on what are the common causes for having dark eye circles and their possible ways to treat them.

Under-eye circles are special conditions and do treat them with care.


1. The darkness of the circle may due from a shadow cast by the eye bag.

Do a test : Try push on one of the bags and see if the darkness disappear. If yes, it means that the darkness of the circle is not inherent to the skin.

Possible treatment : If your eye bags is very prominent, you may consider to surgically remove the solid fat pad.


2. The thinning skin around the eye area becomes more and more thinner and transparent over time.

Possible treatment : Building up the thickness of the skin could help to lessen the transparency. Using a eye cream with vitamin C and vitamin A to jump-start collagen content and thicken the skin around the eye areas.


3. Due to the fragility of blood vessels.

Possible treatment : Apply with vitamin K, it may heal the broken capillaries to prevent them from leaking blood into the under-eye region, although the effect will probably be very modest at best.


4. Deposits of dark pigment cells from chronic inflammation.

Possible treatment : A fading cream that breaks down dark pigment discoloration will help most. Make sure the fading cream is non-irritating, otherwise it can make the problem worse. Bleaching agents like kojic and ascorbic acids are said to lighten dark pigments and green tea extract can soothe redness and inflammation.


5. The lack of fat under the skin that make it less transparent and may create a hollowed-out look in under-eye area.

Possible treatment : This is the harder problem to solve, you may use a botanical skin faders or get a professional doctor to inject fillers. The second option will be the last resort, do make sure the doctor is experienced in this area.

6. Unhealthy lifestyle habits such as smoking, drinking too much caffeine and over-indulging in alcohol.

Possible treatment : Needless to say, quit all the bad habits and start a healthy diet and lifestyle. Nicotine, alcohol and caffeine can cause the capillaries to leak iron and blood cells into the under-eye area, giving it a dark appearance.


7. Not sleeping enough.

Possible treatment : Getting enough sleep is very important and essential for a good-looking skin.


8. Nose or sinuses are inflamed and congested, fluid accumulates under the eyes in the fat pads.

Possible treatment : You may need to see an ENA specialist for sinus condition. You may also treat it with products which contain caffeine and cucumber extract that temporarily tighten the skin and liberate trapped fluid.


9. Result of hyperpigmentation, areas of the skin that are permanently darker than the rest of the face due to sun damage and hormonal fluctuations.

Possible treatment : The solution is to get an eye cream which contained skin thickening ascorbic acid plus kojic acid, another lightening agent.


10. Bad circulation.

Possible treatment : Go for some tapping eye massage twice a day to improve circulation.


11. Heredity allergies and lack of vitamins.

Possible treatment : Daily dose of vitamin, calcium and magnesium, allergy meds and eat less salt.

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19 Comments on "11 Ways To Treat Dark Eye Circles"

  1. michael c weir says:

    I am growing a solution that removes the bags under the eye. I have pictures that show bags under the eye disappearing in less than a month.

  2. Shirleen says:

    Interesting! Could you send me the details to shirleen@womenlovebeauty.com, so that I could post them and share with the rest? thanks. :-)

  3. Sauda says:

    Hi, my dark circles is getting worse day by day..currently m using an eye cream..rosehip eye cream…but tat does not help me..any tips to atleast reduce them abit? really apprereciate…thanks.


  4. Shirleen says:

    Hi Sauda,

    In fact, in general rosehip is a good emollient with antioxidant benefit that gives good moisture to the skin hence it doesn’t help on dark eye circles at all.

    Firstly, you really have to analysis what is the cause of your problem. If you have healthy lifestyles that include sufficient sleep, doesn’t smoke and drink and yet the dark eye circles are still prominent then it probably may due to bad blood circulation, sinus, skin thinning or dark pigments formation.

    You may want to try using a good 5% L-ascorbic acid serum to help boost the collagen, reduce dark pigments and increase the thickness of the skin hence lessen the transparency.

    You can also treat your eye area with IPL (or laser) that help to boost collagen and lighten pigmentation. It is an effective and yet risky treatment, hence make sure you get a doctor instead of a beautician to perform the treatment on the delicate eye areas. Few treatments are required to see result.

    You will need to be patient when treating dark eye circles and I strongly advise you to do ‘six’ point massage daily to improve the circulation. Using your middle finger and press on the six points and they are the corner right, corner left and middle of the eye brow and below eye area. In long run, you will definitely see improvement.

  5. Sauda says:

    Hi Shirleen,

    Really appreciate all the advises n info u have given me..I dont drink or smoke..but yes i dont get enough sleep…i try to drink plenty of water to make it up…i will try to do the six point massage everyday from now on..Btw, can u recommend me any brand with the acid serum u mention above? Laser is out for me..Thanks.


  6. Shirleen says:

    Hi Sauda,

    Drinking plenty of water is good but try not to drink too much after 9pm because it will create water retention hence your eyes will look puffy the next morning.

    In fact I’m now using Sisley 5% L-ascorbic acid serum, it’s real good but quite pricey though. You can also try SkinCeuticals Eye Gel AOX+. It combines 5% L-ascorbic acid with ferulic acid to provide antioxidant benefits for the eye area. :-)

  7. Violett says:


    In the aforementioned point 5 regarding botanical faders, may I ask what exactly are those?

    Any good product in the market that accomplishes this function?


  8. Shirleen says:

    Hi Violett,

    Skin fader, also known as skin lightener, help to lighten skin tone. You may want to try Alpha Hydrox Spot Light Target Skin Lightener. I have not try this product before but I have done some researches and it has good reviews. Not too sure if is available in Singapore.

  9. keerthi says:

    Hi ,
    i have dark circles since one year and am using the creams ,but not finding any results ,so canu suggest the products which will available in indian market or some herbal items.

  10. Shirleen says:

    Hi Keerthi,

    I’m not familiar with products in indian market or herbal products hence can’t advise you on this.

  11. Lee Gek Hua says:


    I have dark circles and eye bag at least 3 yrs and using Bio-essence 24k Gold produt but shown no improvement, can you advise me some good eye product apply on eye area.

    Can you organise some seminar for Bio-essence user to learn knowledge of skin care by using your product.

    Susan Lee

  12. Shirleen says:

    Hi Susan,

    There are many causes for dark eye circles. Have you identified what is the possible cause of it? I do have dark circles too and it took me a while before I can identify the cause of the dark circles. For me, my dark circles are due to skin thinning from aging. The best way for me is to inject fillers to plump up the thin skin on the lower eyelid.

    If your dark eye circles are due to overcast shadow formed by eye bags, then sad to say, you will need to surgically remove the bags. But if the dark circles are due to pigmentation, you can try using Paula’s Choice Lightening Lotion. As the eye areas are usually thin and delicate, you will only need to apply a little will do. After which, you can apply Olay eye cream to seal up the moisture.

    As regards to seminar, it sounds interesting. But I’m not too sure if there’s anyone who’s interested too. Unless I can gather more than 20 ppl, we will see. :-)

  13. Jacky says:

    Is it possible to make dark eye circles dissapear. I just found out I have sinusitis. I’ve smoked since I was 16 am now 30, and I only have the dark circle on the left eye not the right. It is ruining my life. How do I make it go away?

  14. Shirleen says:

    Hi Jacky,

    It is not possible to make dark eye circles disappear. You can only lighten them.

    Yes sinus will cause dark circles and I believe the dark circle on the left is partly due to sinus. You will have to visit ENT specialist to treat your sinus. Check with the doctor if there’s blockage on the left side.

  15. Mandeline says:


    I’m interested to try the inject filler method as my problem same like you. Do you have any recommend docs or beauty salon?

    I’m consider lazy type who don’t like to use eye gel/cream every day. But hope by using this method can skip the step. Cheers!

  16. Shirleen says:

    Hi Mandeline,

    I have yet to try filler injections on the lower eyelid areas. A girlfriend of mine (who’s having the same problem), has gotten her filler injections done by Dr Chee from Wen & Weng Medical Group.

    There are some slight lumpy skin in the beginning but after a while it was quite natural.

    I will not advise you to get fillers done at beauty salon.

  17. Vivian says:

    How to know wat cause my dark circle and how to treat it???? even i get enough sleep and rest the dark circle will still there! i dun hav eyes bag! I m oso not a smoker or drink beer! I hope u can help me to solve tis problem! thanks~ :)

  18. Shirleen says:

    Hi Vivian,

    Do you have sinus problem? What’s the color for your dark circles? Do you have hollowed out look below the eyelids?

  19. caroline says:

    I was with Chrysalis for two years and then New York for three years already to treat eye bags and uneven and dull skin tone but it has not shown much improvement compared to what I have spent! Anyway, I refused to sign up again but intend to look for some other products instead. I am lost as to where to start and where to look now cos there is just so many packages everywhere and my experience has not been successful so far.

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