August 11 –
Beauty tip of the month


If you are troubled by under-eye circles, look at your eye area and answer the following question: Do you have deep wrinkles under the eyes? If not, if the skin is relatively tight, then the problem is not inherent to the skin. Look deeper. You may not realize that there is a fat pad protruding from under your eyes, casting a shadow and creating the circle. Take a Q-tip and push on the under-eye area. If the circle disappears, it indicates a hidden fat pad, and it also indicates that the source of the problem is not the skin. Roll your eyes upward and look as high up in the mirror as you can. Do you see the outline of a fat pad? You may or may not have noticed before that it is there. The only way to get rid of the fat pad is by removing it surgically. You cannot “drain the under-eye puffiness” or “break down the fat”, as some of the most outrageous claims on cream jars would like you to believe. Save your money and do not allow anyone to insult your intelligence the way. Look at your relatives. If you see bags under their eyes, chances are bags will be coming your way, too. They do not improve with time. They only get worse. The surgery to correct this problem is an easy procedure, and the results are usually excellent. Be sure to go to an experienced plastic surgeon; you do not want an inexperienced surgeon taking out too much fat from under your eyes.

(more beauty tips on dark eye circles in Sept 2011)


Dr. Adrienne Denese, M.D. Secrets For Ageless Skin


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