9 Lifestyle Habits For A Younger-Looking Skin


When it comes to our skin, maintaining a balanced diet and overall healthy lifestyle are essentials. If you do, there is no question that you will look better than if you don’t. How we age is dependent on three factors: lifestyle, skin type and genes. If your parents aged well, then you will probably look as good as them when you age. But how we live, even where we live, can also have a major impact on how we age. Here are the healthy lifestyle habits that are crucial to maintain and achieve a radiance and younger-looking skin.


Water is crucial 

It is a key ingredient in radiant, healthy-looking skin and helps it to maintain a certain degree of plumpness. When skin is plump, lines and wrinkles are less apparent and enlarged pores look smaller. Always remember to drink eight glasses a day and hydrate your skin whenever is possible.

Getting enough sleep

It is important to get enough sleep, preferably 7-8 hours of deep, uninterrupted sleep that bodies need. During sleep, our bodies secret growth hormones and replenish cells and tissues. When the skin is getting less than optimum needs, it can become dull and pale with dark under-eye circles. Lack of sleep can be so stressful that it actually causes our bodies, including our skin to generate free radicals. Hence, lines and wrinkles will start to appear on the skin.

Wear sunscreen

The main reason for premature ageing of the skin is sun damage. The sunlight causes the skin to age faster than it should – by directly breaking down its supporting structures, collagen and elastin. It also damages the enzymes that protect collagen from breakdown. One of the most common problem is sunspot. Safeguarding your skin against the sun by wearing more sunscreen, is the single most important thing you can do for your skin’s health and appearance.


Tar triggers free radicals, which can cause cancer as well as break down collagen. Smoking ages the skin around the mouth. It also reduces the amount of oxygen supply to all body organs including the skin by narrowing the blood vessels. This will make the skin to function much less efficiently and hence less collagen and elastin are produced.


It is a factor in certain types of skin ageing. It can cause repeated then constant enlargement of the blood vessels resulting in the characteristic red-faced appearance of many drinkers. Excess alcohol can also reduce the absorption of key vitamins and the nutrients that the skin requires.

Exercise regularly 

Not working out doesn’t just affect our waistlines, it can also show up in our faces. When our cardiovascular system is functioning optimally we have proper circulation, which ensures the optimum flow of blood and nutrients to the skin. Sweating also helps to release any water that your body may be unnecessarily retaining but also helps to detox our body and skin.

Basic regimen

If you want your skin to look and feel great, careful cleansing is important. Nothing beats that freshly washed feeling. If you’re just starting out on your anti-ageing regimen, its important to realize that no one ingredient or procedure can replace a good solid skincare routine with a cleanser and moisturizer geared to your skin type, gentle daily exfoliation, plus products with proven active ingredients to increase skin-firming collagein production.


To have a good-looking skin, it is vital to eat a healthy, sensible and steady diet especially with more fruits and vegetables. Do avoid sudden weight gain and crash dieting. If you lose and gain weight rapidly, your skin will also stretch and sag easier.


When you are happy or stress, your skin can tell. Stress is a surefire way to skin ageing. Try to reduce stress by finding new ways to relax and slow down.



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