Essential Daily Skin-care Regimen

Your first step to maintain a beautiful, younger-looking skin is to customize your own daily skin-care regimen that will help to slow down the aging process, improve your skin appearance and prevent further damage to your skin.

Always remember there is no such thing as being too young or too old to start taking preventative measures.

It is always important to realize that no one ingredient or treatment can replace a good solid daily skin-care routine with a cleanser and moisturizer meant for your skin type, gentle exfoliation, eye treatment, sunscreen, plus products with proven active ingredients to increase skin-firming collagen production while protecting your skin from free radical and sun damage.


If you want your skin to look and feel great, careful cleansing is important. Nothing beats that freshly washed feeling.


Toning is more important if you have a tendency to dull or oily skin because it helps to clean the skin and reduces surface oils. If your skin is dry, you should avoid toning, or reduce the frequency. But if you have acne skin, try switching from an alcohol-based product to one that contains witch hazel. The extract from this plant has a proven astringent, toning and anti-inflammatory effects.


Sunscreen is a must for your morning regimen. Wearing sunscreen everyday will help to prevent the signs of premature aging. Be sure that your sunscreen is broad-spectrum, meaning it has both UVA and UVB protection. An SPF 30 is optimal.


moisturizer can be a cream, lotion, serum, or ointment and it’s function is to increase the hydration of your skin. If your skin is dry or normal, you should moisturize in the morning and at night. Those with dry skin can use a heavier night cream. If your skin is combination, you could use a lighter moisturizer on the oily areas, and a richer one on the dry areas. Oily skin can benefit from a lightweight moisturizer, to hold in water. Many brands in the market claim that a moisturizer can help to treat wrinkles, it is not truth.

Eye Care

Always protect your delicate eyes with good moisturizing eye cream day and night. These creams work to hydrate and protect the skin, helping to minimize puffiness and dehydrated skin. Wearing a product with sunscreen and antioxidants during the day will help to prevent sun damage and free-radicals formation. Using a cream or gel with vitamin C and retinol at night will help to jump-start collagen content.

Gentle Exfoliation

Another surefire way to keep skin glowing and smooth is to exfoliate to prevent the buildup of dulling dead skin cells and other debris. It also allows the creams you put on afterward to penetrate more deeply into the skin. Be careful not to overdo it, twice a week is recommended. You don’t need to rub.

I know many women may feel that they are too tired or lazy to change and kind of resignation they refuse to accept. The truth is, these women can’t image how easy it is to make small, subtle changes and how quickly they’ll see results if they stick to the program.

As you know by now, there’s no good makeup without good skin. Makeup should enhance your natural beauty, not mask it.

Taking responsibility for your skin, means getting into a proper regime and looking after it correctly each and every day.

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2 Comments on "Essential Daily Skin-care Regimen"

  1. kate says:

    hi shirleen,

    what toner can you recomend ,i have oily and acne prone skin? and i currently purchase the personal microderm of clarins so i need an alcohol free toner.


  2. Shirleen says:

    Hi Kate,

    You may check out Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Oil-Free Toner. It’s oil and alcohol free.

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