Free Radicals Destroy Our Cells, DNA, Cause Inflammation & Facial Aging


If you ask ‘How free radicals cause aging?’ or ‘What damage can free radicals do to your body and cells? If you have not heard about free radicals by now, you certainly will very soon.

Free radicals have a major impact on facial aging and this topic is so important and the discovery of new relevant therapies is occurring so rapidly.

What is Free Radicals

Free radicals are oxygen molecules that have lost an electron in interactions with other molecules. As a result, these molecules are extremely unstable, or reactive. In their quest to ‘heal’ themselves, free radicals steal electrons from other, healthy molecules, creating more free radicals in the process, damaging cell components.

Where do Free Radicals come from?

Although free radicals are entirely natural – they’ve a by-product of normal bodily processes, like breathing air or digesting food – they’re also extremely treacherous. Because every time free radicals seek to stabilize themselves, they damage healthy cells. Worse, free radicals aren’t just manufactured by our own bodies. They’re also unleashed by external factors, including sunlight, cigarette smoke and air pollution. And stress and poor diet play a part too.

Free Radicals Damage Your Cells & DNA

When free radicals are formed, a lot of damage is produced in your cells. How does this process damage your cells? In two ways :

First, free radical damage your cell membrane, the essential shell that keeps the contents of your cell inside. The damage can kill the cell or, if the damage is not fatal, it impacts the ability of your cell to carry out important life-sustaining functions.

Second, when free radicals attack, they damage your DNA. This can destroy the genes that control your cells’ vital functions. When free radicals damage the cell membrane and DNA – the end result : your cells die or are altered in such a way that they produce very harmful substances.

Inflammation – The Basic Cause of Facial Aging

When our DNA and cell membranes are injured by free radicals, the damaged cell membrane releases a toxic substance called arachidonic acid. The damaged DNA also causes the release of cytokines, the chemical messengers that tell the rest of the body that damage has occurred. Both of these substances initiate a process called inflammation.

Inflammation is the response of the cells of our body to injury, cell damage or death. This damage can be caused by trauma, toxins, bacteria, viruses or other foreign invaders as well as by free radicals.

Prolonged or severe inflammation is very destructive to the cells and tissues that the body is trying to protect and heal. Once the dead cells and debris are cleaned up, the macrophages convert to fibroblasts, are the cells that produce collagen. The collagen produced during inflammation is a scar. When free radicals causes damage to your cells and produce inflammation in your skin, your healthy collagen is destroyed and the scar collagen functions poorly. The result is wrinkles and damaged, sagging skin.


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