The 6-Step Program For A Younger-Looking Skin (Part 2)


>> The 6-Step Program For A Younger-Looking Skin (Part 1)


Step 4 – Skin Building 

This skin-care regimen requires a serum that is lipid-based which is used in addition to the water-based serum because it provides a way to deliver other important collagen-building ingredients that are soluble only in lipids (fats). Lipid-based serums, which water may appear near the end of the ingredients list, are thicker and more moisturizing. 

Look for ones that contain important ingredients such as retinol, vitamin E, essential fatty acids, linoleic acid, Omega 3 and ceramides, which are lipids very similar to the skin’s own lipids. Please refrain from using, for example, like mineral oils, plant lipids or lanolin, that may even clog the skin.

This lipid-based serum performs the very important function in your skin care of re-creating the all important skin lipid barrier, which serves the vital function of keeping water in the skin. 

Some good products are Elizabeth Arden Bye-Lines Anti-Aging Serum and Denese’s Hydro Shield Ultra Moisturizing Serum.

Step 5 – Skin Sealing

The final touch to seal it all in is the cream. It also has the important function of repairing the protective skin lipid barrier, so that the skin does not lose too much fluid and feel dry, irritated and show more lines. 

Although, the skin-stimulating and skin-building regimen may leave your skin somewhat irritated, especially initially, the skin-sealing regimen feels good. So if you stimulate and build first, then seal, you will have the best of both worlds.

When choosing a cream, get one that feels good to you and is not too heavy for your skin. It is best to use a cream that contains skin-identical lipids, since they fit into the skin far better than any other plant, animal or mineral oils, which may clog the pores.

This is indeed the pampering regimen of your skin-care routine. Everyone’s skin is different, choose the cream that is satisfying for your skin and do not overuse cream as it may clog the pores and create bumpiness under the skin.

Step 6 – Skin Protection

Technically, this is the most important step. It is essential for everyone to use SPF 30 protection every day, no matter if they are indoors or outdoors, rain or shine and no matter what the season.

It is recommended not use anything less than SPF 15 protection, under any circumstances. 

It is best to use a day cream with a built-in SPF 30 protection instead of a day cream plus a sunscreen. The reason is that by having 2 steps, a cream plus a sunscreen, they will dilute each other on the surface of the skin, hence the SPF protection level become less.

<Source : Dr. Denese’s secrets for ageless skin>


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