Home Care Tips For The Aging Skin


When a woman hits a certain age, it’s only natural to feel pressure to resist aging that they begin to look for anything possible to make them look and feel younger. Before looking around for the best cosmetic procedures, why not get start with the correct skin care regimen at home.

Home care should be adapted to help each own aging signs, whatever their severity. Begin by thoroughly analyzing the skin. Treatment conditioners for aging skin will not be useful if they are for the wrong skin type. Aging skin will still be predominantly dry or oily. For oily skin, stick to noncomedogenic fluids, lotions or gels. For more normal-dry skin, you can use heavier emollients.

Stick to very gentle cleansers with little or no detergents. Remember, the aging skin already has fewer intercellular lipids. You do not want to strip these essential lipids by using too aggressive a cleanser. Low-foaming washes and cleansing milks are best to use for the aging skin.

Toners should be alcohol-free and should contain a humectant such as propylene glycol or glycerin. Toners should not have a strong astringent action.

Specialty products for aging skin may include alphahydroxy gels or creams, antioxidant serums and lipid-based serums. These are special functional products that help protect the skin from free-radical damage, and help to exfoliate or hydrate the skin. 

Day creams should contain a broad-spectrum sunscreen and a sealant agent such as dimethicone, mineral oil or cyclomethicone. These agents will help the skin retain water better in the surface layers. 

Special treatment products for the eye and neck areas are very helpful to the aging skin. The skin of the eyes and the neck is much thinner than the rest of the facial skin, and is therefore very likely to show signs of aging. Heavier emollients are often used for these areas, with the exception of some of the newer liposome gels.

Mild exfoliation is good for aging skin. It gently stimulates the skin and removes dead, dry cells on the surface, helping the skin look and feel smoother and softer, and also helping to minimize the appearance of rough textures and wrinkles.


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