What Causes Skin To Sag? Can You Reverse Sagging?


Lines. Wrinkles. Sagging!

Lines are generally the result of wear and tear to the areas of our face that are involved in its movement — its natural grooves or seams. The best examples are the lines around our eyes and in between our brows.

Wrinkles occur in the areas of the face that are stationary, such as the cheeks. There’s really no reason for their existence other than environmental damage and the passage of time.

Sagging, on the other hand, is mostly the result of genetics. It all depends on the thickness of our skin as well as the formation of its structural proteins and connective tissue.

What causes skin sagging?

Gravity is certainly a factor. The gravity of the earth constantly pulls on our bodies, including the facial skin. This gravity is one factor that causes skin and muscle to sag. Even an individual who takes immaculate care of both skin and body will have some sagging of the face over a period of years. Even people who have never exposed their faces to the sun will have some sagging. This sagging is referred to clinically as elastosis, which means loss of elasticity. Although facial treatments and good products can help the surface appearance temporarily, the appearance of sagging skin is best corrected on a long-term basis by plastic surgery.

Any prevention for sagging?

To help prevent sagging and the appearance of deep creases in our nasolabial folds, it is important to keep our weight stable and avoid dramatic weight loss past forty, which can tax our skin’s elasticity and disproportionately deepen our nasolabial folds.

Restrict exposure to the extreme collagen- and elastin-decomposing heat of saunas, steam rooms, and Jacuzzis as well as limit the amount of high impact exercise. Such exercise can cause the fat pads to slide south and collagen and elastin to break down.

Sleeping habits, such as sleeping on one side or directly on the face, will also create lines and elasticity problems. It is best to sleep on the backs as much as possible, helping to avoid ‘sleep creases’ which when they happen repetitively have a strong effect on the sagging expressions of the face.

Any cure for sagging?

Unfortunately, other than a face-lift, there are few options for firming up sagging skin, since fillers aren’t appropriate for this problem. The less aggressive radio-frequency face-lift Thermage or Titan might eventually deliver the tightening results we’ve all been hoping for; but for now, building collagen through light peels, vitamin C, retinol while protecting your skin from the sun and free radicals with sunscreen and antioxidants is your best bet and still can deliver considerable improvement.

Research has shown that some success with treating overall slackness with several non-invasive Smooth Beam full-face treatments and with the medium-depth Erbium laser.


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