November 10 –
Beauty tip of the month


Learn from a linen handkerchief

Have you ever wondered why babies have such smooth skin? It’s because their skin hasn’t been exposed to UV rays or dryness – much like the condition of a brand-new white handkerchief. Unused white handkerchiefs are crisply starched and spotless, without a single thread out of place. This is like the perfection of fresh, resilient baby skin.

After being repeatedly washed and dried, though, the once-white handkerchief will grow faded and worn. It will also become spotted and wrinkly with use.

How the handkerchief will fare is really up to its owner. An owner determined to make it last will gently hand wash it when it’s dirty, bleach it when yellowed, and iron it out when it gets wrinkled. A linen handkerchief can remain clean and usable for a long time if you take good care of it. On the other hand, if you give up on it and let it sit for a long time all crumpled because it’s stained anyway, the handkerchief will never regain its former beauty.


Chizu Saeki
The Japanese Skincare Revolution


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