July 10 –
To believe or not to believe


Cruise any department store cosmetics counter, and you’ll probably be astounded by the claims on all those sparkling bottles, jars, and vials. The language of beauty has always been filled with fantastic promises and grand declarations. From the earliest days when “vanishing” creams (basically, just moisturizers) guaranteed flawless, eternally youthful skin, until today when virtually every product ensures that will will erase the signs of aging, consumers have been told that there are thousands of ways to hold on to firm skin, smooth out fine lines and look youthful forever.

Unfortunately, precious few of these claims are true. The harsh reality is that many products offer only limited, short-term benefits.

That’s not to say that over-the-counter skin treatments can’t do your skin some good. Many companies produce high-quality emollient and exfoliant formulas that can temporarily smooth the skin’s surface or increase its ability to maintain moisture. But again, these are superficial, short-term gains. The only long-lasting solutions to the problems of aging skin are those products and treatments that have been scientifically tested and proven to penetrate to where the aging process actually takes place; in the deeper layers of the skin.


Nicholas Perricone, MD
The Wrinkle Cure

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