July 10 –
Beauty tip of the month


I am a great proponent of alternating skin care treatments. However, if your skin looks fine, maintain your regimen for as long as you like. But if your skin starts to react differently, look for a change. Your skin needs a break from time to time. I recommend choosing two different products, containing different ingredients, and alternating them every six months. For example, long-term daily use of an AHA cream or Retin-A is not the best regimen for your skin.

Our skin sometimes builds up a resistance to the constant use of a single active ingredient. Think of it this way : Your body wouldn’t maintain its optimal condition if all you ate was spinach or broccoli for an entire year, even though these are healthy foods. Like the rest of your body, your skin needs variation in nutrients to maintain its optimal health. Aging is caused by so many variables that decrease the regenerative power of skin and reduce facial volume. It is difficult to pinpoint a particular pill or cream that slows the process for everyone across the board.


Gregory Bays Brown, M.D.,
About Skin


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