May 10 –
Beauty tip of the month

.. Why Your Skin Goes South Aging, particularly of the face, is characterized by many changes in the skin, including wrinkling, discoloration, mottling, broken blood vessels, and a decrease in radiance. But the face doesn’t show age just because of changes to the skin’s surface. Another very significant factor is the loss of firmness. When the skin under the chin and on the nose and the jowls begins to fall, lots of people yell “face-lift!” and run to the nearest plastic surgeon. That response makes sense given that we’ve all been taught that surgery is the only way to address sagging skin. The skin itself does not actually come loose from its moorings and give in to the force of gravity. There’s more to the process than that. As we age, the chemicals and nutritional precursors that give muscles that hold the skin maximum tone start to diminish as a result of years of free-radical damage. When a plastic surgeon performs a procedure designed to tighten the skin, he does not really focus on the skin itself as much as on the muscles underneath. He works deep below the skin’s surface, pulling those muscles back into place, suturing them so that they will heal in a new position. The overall effect is a more youthful look, because the muscles appear to have suddenly recovered their tone. ..

Nicholas Perricone, MD The Wrinkle Cure ..

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